Andromedans via Vera Ingeborg, September 28th

Message from the Andromedans – New Earth is Freedom ~ Vera Ingeborg / Wake Up Experience

Our dear brothers and sisters on planet earth. We are communicating with you today to share some more details with you on what you will be experiencing on planet earth soon as you move higher in your energetic frequency and as you are getting in alignment with the heightened frequencies on the planet. Many of you are ready now to hear this message. Many of you are experiencing the first big shifts in reality now after the deep cleansing in September. This will still be ongoing until everyone who has decided to ascend while being in a human body has been mentally, emotionally and physically completely cleansed and healed, and the body has been upgraded to a crystalline, less dense and more flexible, lighter structure.

Your Heart Walls will be completely removed

The first sensation for many of you will be the ability to completely make use of your vulnerability with your heart chakras now being wide open. You will notice that you are now fully capable to receive. Many of you thought you were already there, but will notice the difference when the heart wall that had been built up by your lower ego mind for protection is completely gone. You will feel the pure unconditional love of Source as it fully works through you. You will experience an urge to break free of old paradigms, routines and patterns as never before. You can feel the truth and how you have been living in an unnatural environment before that you are now no longer wishing to remain in. Your intuition has become too strong and your vibration has raised so significantly that you are no longer able to still stay in this density of low fear frequencies. You will experience energetic pushes that your ego mind will not be able to withstand any longer. You are ready to leave the old 3D illusions. Your true self will take over the lead and you will be fully trusting in your path and destiny without a conscious knowing where exactly it will take you.

“Your true self will take over the lead and you will be fully trusting in your path and destiny without conscious knowing where exactly it will take you.”

You will experience how the energy will always guide you to the right places and right people at the right time without having to force anything. You will attract and manifest everything you need with ease. You will find more and more members of your incarnate soul family. You will recognize them instantly and will feel a deep connection with them through your heart chakra. You will feel each others unconditional love and you will know that you have known each other forever. There will be an instant feeling of being home.

Source will guide you and you see the Truth about Free Will

You will learn that Source is always working through you perfectly and all you have to do is surrender and trust that Divine flow. As your ego mind has been transformed or is about to be fully transformed, you will find it easier and easier to trust that flow. You realize now that the more the ego tried to interfere with that flow, the further you had been taken away from your true self. You will naturally gravitate back now towards your authenticity and your true heart’s calling and desires. Everything that does not belong to the true you will simply, effortlessly and painlessly drop away. You will see clearly the true purpose of free will. With the shift of the frequencies on the planet, many of you are now recognizing what that means. There are no mistakes. There are only choices. And you create your own reality based on these choices. There are two roads available: Love or fear. By choosing fear, reaching your desires is delayed and you repeat your lessons until you learn to choose love. Once you have mastered to stay in the high frequencies of unconditional love, your growth accelerates significantly and the life of your dreams becomes your reality.

You will live according to the Universal Laws

Living in 5D will mean to live in the absence of fear. All there is left is unconditional love. You will remember your connection to everyone and everything. You will remember that you are part of a larger organism and that you are all one. In a world without fear and without the illusion of separation, there can only be abundance and love. There will be no more necessity for contracts, property, human made rules and laws. There will be no more feeling of duty. There will be no need for pharmaceuticals as humans have mastered the art of self-healing. There will be no more ego desire for status needs. Most of the industrial production of goods will therefore drop away. You will only need about 10 % of the goods produced after the shift. And it will get less. The higher your frequency raises, the less food you will need. Up to a point where your body and system will be able to operate fully on light energy only. This will automatically solve the current pollution and resource issues as well as the mis-distribution of wealth. There will be no poverty. In a world without fear there cannot be scarcity. Life in 5D is for you to become childlike again. Being in awe and fascination of the wonders of nature and this universe.

“Living in 5D is for you to become childlike again. Being in awe and fascination of the wonders of nature and this universe.”

Being playful and in discovery mode. Living completely in the now and only doing what brings you joy. Yes, you will even grow younger the more your fears drop away. Only those low frequencies were responsible for your aging. Your life span will increase significantly, unless you choose to leave this planet earlier. We encourage you to continue your inner work and supporting every soul waking up to recognize that these changes come from within and will inspire others through the energetic ripple effect. Every human being that raises its frequency will have an effect on the collective. You are much more powerful than you think. Just by being in a room with people, you are raising the frequency and you are absorbing the darkness. There is no need to fear the darkness because your light and the light quotient on the planet is too strong now for the darkness to do any harm. It can only do harm when you focus on the darkness and choose fear. Recognize how powerful your choices are for the planet and humanity.

On new earth, the Universal energetic laws will be respected again and people will learn to live according to energetic impulses and flows instead of man made routines and schedules. You will know exactly when to take action and when to be still. You will know exactly when you are called to go somewhere. As your gifts and abilities such as telepathy, teleportation or telekinesis will be reawakened, following the energetic laws will become very easy for you. We know that you still have a hard time imagining it, but we know that your heart already knows, and that your mind will catch up.

The Equilibrium of Giving and Receiving will be re-established

In a world of abundance, love and oneness, there is no need for money. Money will disappear. You are about to learn that it is not your task to manifest money to be free and create abundance, but to get rid of your fears related to it. Many of you still believe that you need a lot of money to make a change in this world. We are telling you that all you need is to know who you truly are. It is your return to the Divine. The great spiritual teachers of the past never used money to spread their wisdom. They knew exactly about their divinity and their gifts and talents. They were relying on the universal laws of energy and knew that people who needed to hear their messages and needed their service would be attracted to them. It is not money that gives you true freedom. It is self-love.

“It is not money that gives you true freedom. It is self-love.”

You will all learn again, that the balance of giving and receiving takes place at a larger scale. It is not necessarily a balance between two parties or people. On new earth, you will share your gifts and services with those that need it, while you will receive what you need by others. As you all learn that you are part of the larger organism, you know that each and everyone is offering their service for the greater good. The exchange becomes direct, so there is no need for a monetary system. You will jointly create and manifest new earth with love.

Our dear brothers and sisters on earth. We are so excited to see already what you are about to realize and experience. Your future is so bright and the time to reap the rewards for your hard work has begun. We are so proud of you. We love you.


The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

If you enjoy what you are reading and would like to support me in continuing to live my mission and share what comes through me, I am very grateful for your donation. Thank you❤


Source: Message from the Andromedans – New Earth is Freedom – Wake Up Experience


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