Republic Intel Update – October 28, 2016

Republic Intel Update – October 28, 2016
“Pencils Down”
Republic Update
October 28, 2016


Psalm 75:2

You say, “I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge with equity.


800# packet couriers were dispatched sometime after noon with a set delivery time to multiple locations.

We know also multiple teams are already they’re in the area of their deliveries.

Reno’s T3 payouts have completed.

70% of the long awaited Prosperity Packages were also sent out for delivery after the noon hour today.

ZIM 12,808.

The Republic White House is following Dinarland calls and Intel providers closely.  Any monkey business will result in a swift penalty via special forces ghosts units.

UN Operational Rates can flip anytime.

The Hillary Clinton scandal and soon to be campaign termination is the distraction flash bang for the RV.

AIIB/BOC/HSBC representatives are monitoring Wells Fargo procedures in hub cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Reno and New York City.

Anyone disrupting the RV process in North America will immediately be detained or worse depending on their infraction.

Redemption locations are not where you think they would be but right under neath your nose.  There are multiple redundancy locations should any one location get compromised.

Security is stifling tight around all major financial centers.

Put your pencils down, meaning whatever preparation you have committed over the last months and years will have to be enough now that the pre-RV test has completed.

God bless America.


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