Sanat Kumara via Christine Preston, July 26th



Sanat Kumara, Shifting as a Pyramid of Light, July 26, 2016
Christine: With André, my ascended twin flame, assisting me by sending thought forms and sentences by telepathic communication, I am trying to recall the communication I have received from Lord Sanat Kumara this morning, as I raised my heart, soul and mind in prayer to the Father, or Father-Mother, not only in heaven, but at the top of the Summit of Being, that emblematic mountain in the shape of a Pyramid which is composed of lightbearers, star seeds and light workers, wo have the connection with the Divine I Am Presence. All of these souls in incarnation, and also those that are ‘discarnate’ awaiting embodiment as they have not ascended, symbolically are the ‘Bride of Christ’, the real Church, and they are giving birth to Christ consciousness. They are souls which are not defiled or whose robes have been washed clean in the sacred fires and the Violet Flame of forgiveness. They have, or have recovered, the Divine blueprint that is an immaculate concept or Design in their outlook and perception of Reality. They are like virgins giving birth by the power of the Holy Spirit to the second coming of Christ, and the descent of the light body is awakening the masses.
Our Father, Sanat Kumara, is in the higher dimensional Sun behind the physical one of our Solar System. He is in the driving seat taking it in the Stargate that reduces the distance between us and the God Star Sirius, or Kachina, the blue Star of the Hopi Indian legends. Some have called it the Dog Star as the Dogons also have knowledge of it. But Sirius is the God Star or Constellation that we are approaching. I raised my mind to Sanat Kumara who personifies our heavenly Father, whose flame within our heart connects us to our loving I Am Presence, the top figure in the chart of our divine Self, who irradiates a great pillar of Light all around us and through us to light our way. It is a divinely charged substance of Light described as a Tube of Light that protects the souls of Light from all negative human or artificially created waves that have been known to be irradiated from the astral plane to affect our psyche, or bend minds, and within this electrically charged circle of Light, is a violet flame performing a miracle of transmutation of all that is less than Christ consciousness for progression upon the Path of Ascension.
I called to our Father in heaven, Sanat Kumara, and by the power of his divine Name, speaking as a representative of mankind, asked that we may be uplifted in our vibrations and given resolutions to problems worldwide.
I asked for that connection with the higher dimension that is an energy circulating from the heavenly realms down to our heart upon a path in the shape of the sacred number eight. I received the idea that this word Eight (spelled EIGHT) becomes the word Height when the letter H is added in front of it (spelled HEIGHT). The vertical lines of the H letter represent the Twin Fames connected by a bar that is horizontal in this letter. So with the action of the energies going from our higher selves in higher dimensions, to our hearts, in a movement in the shape of the number 8, Eight becomes Height, we are being lifted up and become higher-dimensional. I felt a message was coming and heard a voice answering:
Sanat Kumara: My daughter and all loved souls of the Great Central sun, I am declaring that all of mankind will shortly be lifted to a higher dimensional level in the coming shift to a higher denity. You will be uplifted beyond the density that has so far been experienced. You are being taken higher and this is occurring in the shape of a spiritual pyramid that is composed of the souls of Light. This pyramid is transposed over the evil pyramid of the fallen ones and is making it fade away. Your pyramid is one of Light that consumes the shadows of that pyramid of unrighteousness and corruption. The pyramid of spiritual evolution has its base in the four quadrants of matter where reside your density, as well as what you perceive as your reality. Only the base of that pyramid represents your material world, and its sides are the elements of the material world: fire, air, water and earth. In that connection you have in the flame within your heart you are immortal and have existed without any beginning, in the now of a spiritual existence without time, deterioration, or change. The paradoxical element to this matter simply is that at one time you were born in the higher etheric dimensions as twin flames that are inseparable in that moment you penetrated the world of form, the body of the World Mother. In that birth you were still in existence beyond the limitation of time and change that have been affecting your existence on earth. Christ consciousness now descends as your saviour, with its resurrecting effects. Its freeing action will liberate you from mortality as well as the consciousness of this mortality. Hence, beyond this time of Transition close at hands there will be a liberation from captivity through the wonders of Ascension and a recreation of Gaia with your great service and sacred labours.
Christine: Sanat Kumara ended his communication in a way that I have heard before by saying ‘Communication Ended’. André has helped me to recall and recover most of this telepathic communication with Lord Sanat Kumara, our Father in Heaven, the Ancient of Days of the Bible, who was said in the Ageless Wisdom to be the Logos of the Earth, to have been with us for 18 million of years, and to have originated from the planet Venus. Lord Sanat Kumara, who has recently been replaced by Lord Gautama in his office as Lord of the World, has moved on to some vital sacred duties in the sun behind the Sun of our Solar System. The evil pyramid of control is a counterfeit creation created in the material world by the fallen ones who created mock-up perversions of the prototypical models in order to pervert them. All of the replicas of the Evil Lords rulers were perversions of God’s creations because they never had the power of creation. They could only desecrate, corrupt and pervert existing creations. They inverted all life on Earth but this is being turned around now. The missing pyramidion at the top of their symbolic evil pyramid of control on their dollar bill represents the missing Christ consciousness that they have represented as remaining disconnected. But the truths that they have suppressed are being restored. The world is awakening and integrating Christ consciousness by the method that was exemplified by the Master Jesus 2,000 years ago.
With love and light to all, Namaste, Christine


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