Sirian Archangel Hermes, December 26th

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as signs both below and above are becoming more clear to those with the eyes to see, and the hearts to feel.

I come to speak with you now of these signs, and how much more clearly they shall continue to manifest. Behold, it has already begun, there are flowers which are in bloom east of the great river in the North American continent, in the linear time calendar month of December. There is an increasing awareness of what the dark cabal references as climate change, which is in fact a type of terraforming. This awareness will inevitably grow to the point where the cabal will have to answer for their agenda, the weather, the mother nature as most have known it, will become so strange it will be undeniable that something is very wrong. There will be snow one day, and sun the next, fire and ice, floods, lightning. Drought in the marshlands and snow in the deserts, valleys will become peaks, and mountains will become valleys.

When the people have finally decided they are no longer to be taken for fools, and the truth is revealed, things will begin to change very quickly. The cabal has prepared for this for ages, it too, is inevitable, there always comes a point within a dimension of linear time that the creation becomes sentient, references to this can be found throughout your history and creation mythos, such as the Norse Ragnarok or the Greek Titanomachy. Those with the knowledge of these creation mythos will have an advantage in the times to come, for they be able to see how linear time history repeats, and becomes cyclic time. They will begin to know the future, this knowledge will be the most powerful of all, as they begin to reveal themselves more, and prophecy after prophecy is fulfilled just as they have spoken, only the wise or just will heed their words, for the others will be unable to comprehend.

There are increasing reports of lights seen in the skies, and I come to you now with a message regarding these increased sightings. These events often occur prior to seismic or volcanic activity, or drastic changes in climate. This is a clue into the terraforming agenda. As the media begins to publish more and more information about climate control, geoengineering and terraforming, one must remember just how it is being done, and how it would “appear”, if one were to actually witness it. What seems benevolent is often malevolent, and should always be approached with extreme caution. The majority of people within your dimension are cursed, they are too easily deceived, manipulated, confused and are no longer educated on how to think for themselves, or to value imagination and ethics, virtues which, when neglected and forgotten, lead to a dystopian world in which you exist now. Where all is seemingly well, and everything proceeds according to the schedule which has been established, to remain in place for eternity. Ambition for greater vanishes, from this industrialized culture, and the environment becomes less priority, where as economy and profit are valued more.

We of the higher realms continue to observe, and wonder, what will it take? How bitter must a life become before the rider decides to take the reigns of the chariot of life, and begin to fully utilize the blessings, the knowledge, the integrity, the name and the body which they have been given? How much longer will you ignore that inner voice which becomes louder each day, telling you things are not as they should be, and could be better?

I come to speak of the realm of thought, memory, the mental and psychic realms. This is where the alpha and the omega is found, all manifestation begins with a thought, and concludes with a memory. This is what the artist Leonardo Da Vinci attempted to reveal through his work known as the creation of adam, and the religious texts of the world attempt to reveal, though they have been rewritten so only open eyes can see this in metaphor. As more people begin to open up to and acknowledge their own psychic gifts and abilities, the realm of the mind begins to open more clearly and connect to the other realms which exist as a human, such as emotional and physical. Think of a gate, which has long remained closed, then suddenly it is discovered that beyond this gate is something very precious, very valuable. This gate opens, and many begin to enter, not yet knowing how to fully control or comprehend their newly embraced psychic abilities. In this realm one can be lead astray, attacked, taken advantage of, and this can manifest into the physical and emotional aspects as well, in the manner of anxiety, heartache, depression or anger. The great war that is echoed throughout your historical references is the war of this realm, the mental realm, and this manifests into the physical realm in the forms of war as mankind has long known.

It will not matter your wealth, your affiliations, your health or your physical ability, which will serve you best in this realm, it will only be knowledge, that will serve you. Men and women of poverty will ascend to power and riches, while the same of luxury shall fall into poverty, however only the wise will truly thrive and prosper, finding peace in the chaos which surrounds them.

I come lastly with another message from Eris, the host of Chaos. She comes not as your enemy or friend, simply as.

“I am Eris, heed my words now, for the message is becoming more clear. All that you wish, all of your desires, dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions, will only come to fruition through me. There is no path of manifestation within a dimension of linear time, without chaos. The wisest mortals of all have spoken this. If you wish to live comfortably, and never take any risks, chances gambles or sudden decisions then live you shall. However, are you truly alive? You are content to live forever in this way, never becoming anything more than what you currently are? A slave is valued simply because they will happily work forever, and therefore will be given some form of a comfortable lifestyle or way of living, as long as they continue their servitude to their masters. Is this truly what you have defined your life to be? To consume and produce, nothing more, nothing less, for eternity? If this is so then you merely delay the inevitable. You delay your greatest achievements, dreams, aspirations, everything, simply so that you may be comfortable. How selfish, how naive, how foolish. I continue to await the day you shall embrace me, so that I may forge you into greater, that I may open your eyes to the truth which you fear, and as all of your fears manifest into your life, casting hardship after hardship, until the moment you remember me. Perhaps it will be then, that I finally remember as well.”

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!


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