Aita Channels Her Higher Self – Activation Time, August 25th, 2021




Aita Channeling Her Higher Self – August 2021

Good Day to you our dear ones, a very good day to you, our ascending beings our dear lightworkers who have incarnated on planet earth to illuminate the way for humanity.

It is time for you now, in this August of 2021, to come into your own.  It’s time for you to activate your abilities.  It is time for you to remember that you came here to earth, in this unique and wonderful great awakening time, to be leaders.

In your heavenly reality, you trained long and hard for this.  You have great talents, a great knowingness, and you will be using your wonderful abilities to help mankind out of his trap of delusion and dark entrainment.

Know that, since you are listening to this, you are lightworkers, you are wayshowers.  There are no accidents.  You would not find these words, this message of interest, it would not resonate with you, if you were not a wayhshower, a leader, an illuminator of light for mankind.

Your entire awakening experience has been divinely guided.  And now, the time is rapidly approaching where you will be sorely needed.  It is time for you to leave all of your past stories, all of your victimhood behind.

You cannot enter the new and wonderful loving world while you are carrying any resentments against yourself or others.  All blame, shame, guilt, fear, feelings of unworthiness, harsh words and dark thoughts must be left behind.

Love knows none of these low vibrational, demeaning, emotions.  Leave behind the victim story, leave behind all perceived wrongs, all bitterness, all angst and anguish.

These have been your unique dysfunctional way of being in the old third dimensional unloving world where the devil and the divine vie for your soul.  Where the low vibration invites disillusionment and despair, separation and division.

You cannot take them with you.  And you cannot help your fellow humans, your brethren on this magnificent journey,  those you are here to lead, you cannot help them when you are still harboring negative and dark blaming and shaming thoughts.

The new world cannot be created while you are still in such a dysfunctional thinking pattern.  As you well know by now, your thoughts create your reality.

And such thoughts of past wrongs, of self derision, of the inferiority of yourselves and others, merely recreate, moment by moment, the dark planet earth schoolroom separation from which you are ascending.  Leave behind the pains of the past, they cannot go with you.

Choose joy, in every now moment choose that which puts a smile on your face, which makes you happy.  You have choice, in every now moment you have choice.  Yet, it is not easy to leave behind the wallowing in fear and darkness to which you have become so accustomed.

Habits are hard to break.  This negative thinking is what you have been trained into in the the planet earth schoolroom.  It is what you have been conditioned to do.  You have been conditioned to think thoughts that are unhappy and dark and unloving about yourself and about your brethren.

It takes courage to change your thinking, it takes effort.  The ego mind slips so easily into the well worn groove of habitual thought.  In order to create a new paradigm for the new earth, you must first create it within you.  You are going through a purification of your soul.  You are letting go of your earthly dysfunctions.

Find any place within you that is not love.  Find any place within you that still harbors guilt, and shame and blame and allow it to come to the light where it can be transmuted into love.

And then, wonder of wonders, as you release the dark thoughts, as you let go of resentment, as you release all low vibrational emotions, you get beyond the need to forgive.  For, from the upper room of love you see that everyone is on their divine path, doing exactly what they need to do and learning exactly what they need to learn.

Life is happening for you and not to you.  Even the not preferred experiences are gifts, which when you are ready to learn from them, show you where you still need healing.  For there are no accidents, you call forth all that happens to you.

And so, as you leave your old dark thinking reflections behind, as a new world of thought opens up for you, as perfect kindness, perfect love enters, you have raised your frequency.  You now focus on beauty, you amplify light.

Now, as you concentrate on abundance, harmony, communion, and camaraderie – love, peace and gratitude fill your heart.  You are remembering who you are.

You are remembering your mission, to help humanity rise up out of that same low vibrational fear dimension from which you have escaped.  You came to earth to be a leader, to help integrate the human experience into a higher states of being.

To show others what this new paradigm looks like you must first, yourself find your highest potential.  To lead them out of negative thinking and separation, you must first enter the new world yourself.

Be of good cheer dear brethren, your success is inevitable.  Remember that your thoughts and your belief create your reality.  Only believe you are a powerful force of love, lighting the way for your brethren out of the darkness.  Only believe that it is so, and your belief becomes a knowingness that makes it so.

Let us look at some of the changes that you are experiencing as you awaken to the wonderful, magnificent truth of who you truly are.

Your relationships are changing.  You can no longer tolerate the whining, the complaining, the disagreement and turmoil that is part of the old, worn and weary low vibrational reality.

You no longer resonate with your friends who told you repeatedly that you were too sensitive and who took advantage of your kindness, your humility, who poke and prod at each other with heavy words and disapproving  phrases.

You know that they are divine souls, they are on their path of ascension as are you.  Yet at this time, you are no longer at the same resonance.  It is time for you to separate, at least for a while, and when you reunite it will be your job, your joy, your pleasure to show them the light.

For you have not been able to reach them, they were at too low a frequency, in too much darkness to hear you.  Soon, very soon, as the love energies being poured onto the earth increase, they will reach a resonance where they can see and hear your words.  You will illuminate the way for them and demonstrate what love is and how love behaves.

For you are psychologically intuitive and you read the emotions of those around you.  You are empathetic and your resonance, your mood is affected by their state of being. You see clearly how your words and deeds affect your brethren.

And now, as day follows day and we move further along the path of the raising of our consciousness, you find your thoughts concentrating on, reveling in knowing the truth.

You spend your time researching spirituality, researching human history, hearing the words of channelers.  Your life now revolves around revelations of the truth, understanding the human condition and delving into things that feed your soul.

And you wayshowers are coming together.  You are finding like minds, lightworkers who are as you are, of a higher vibration.  It is so wonderful to, to be in each others aura, to commune with each other.

It is instant recognition as you gaze into each other’s eyes and see yourself reflected.  There is no angst, no anxiety in these new relationships for you are now love incarnate.

Interestingly you are also watching numbers.  you see 111, 1111, 222, 333 and other numbers repeatedly as you glance at the clock, as you look at your receipts and pay your bills.  And you search for the meaning of these numbers, for they are messages from your angels,  communications from your guides.

And your sleep patterns have changed.  Many of you are finding that you are waking up at the same time, very early in the morning.  For this is the time for you to commune with source energy, to meditate, to grow yourselves spiritually.

You are finding many changes as your body transforms from carbon to crystalline.  Your eating habits are changing, your dreams are becoming prophetic.  You may find that  clairaudience, clairvoyance and other spiritual abilities come naturally to you now.

You feel powered by love, energized by source.  The human needs and wants you had before, are dropping away.  The physical abundance and material manifestation that you so desired is no longer important.  Instead you desire to manifest deeper, spiritual expressions of love that transform you from within.

Yes indeed, dear hearts, dear souls.  These are great times.  Never before has a whole planet of humanity ascended together in this way.  And you are the leaders, the illuminators of the path.

You have lived this life in humility, put upon by your brethren’s arrogant certainty that they are right and you are wrong.  It is time for you to leave this thinking, this false understanding behind.

You are great and grand beings.  Realize now how powerful you are and step into that power.  Know confidently that your strength your abilities are activating.  It is so important that you have confidence in who and what you are.

One of your biggest challenges is recognizing your greatness, is accepting who you are, for you are so used to denigrating yourselves.

You are the saviors of the world, the illuminators of light for humanity.  You are the leaders, the lightworkers, the wayshowers.

And yes, the best is yet to come as you activate the power within, as you release your entrained dysfunctions and turn your thinking around to creating the new and loving wonderful high vibrating, fifth dimensional world that is your inheritance.  Yes, the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.  We Are Blessed Beings Indeed.