Love is our new reality

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Alchemists – A Poem by Galaxygirl, February 13th, 2018

Alchemists, a Poem by galaxygirl 2-13-18

Alchemists 2/13/18

The winds of time, of change, of rebirth
Blow with great purpose and ferocity – yet –
Despite the blustering of the weather
All remains calm within the still point;

Within the eye of every storm
Is the silence of the wait.
I feel this is where we Lightworkers reside
In this time of triumphant, invisible change-

As God’s hand of mighty force
Extends the offer of renewal and of love
For our enemies
And in turn offers to us the chance to forgive, and to expand in the process.

For there is truly much, much to forgive
And it breaks my heart to even think of it –
By whatever the offense
Gods love is greater,
As our forgiveness must be as well.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness
But of utmost strength of character and of purpose
For one cannot forgive unless one understands the brokenness of the offender through the gaze of wisdom, of compassion;
It takes true angelic strength to infuse the offender with love, with light –

And when I do this act of mercy
To heal my own heart, and allow peace within
I hear their hateful, screaming
As the love-light blasts through their shells,
Welcoming them home again;

Yet, I know it is the calling we must do,
For this is the battle we are fighting
For our precious Earth and for our survival,
While the asleep are blissfully unaware.

For true, Einstein talked about evil as simply the absence of God –
Not it’s own entity,
Just the absence of God’s love and light.

And so, light workers
When we breathe God’s love into it –
Whatever “it” may be,
We transform the darkness into light!

And we, in turn, become stronger in our own compassion,
Leading to the further demise of the darkness
As we watch mercy, grace and forgiveness
Be birthed into form.

I hear of other timelines and Terra IIs;
But what matters most is that we learn to live
In this place and space, this Now
That bears the mark of our energy signature.

We are making our mark –
And making it beautiful!
And I’m so proud to be part of this glorious Now moment,
That we will look back on in fondness and say,

“Remember when I was worried about the mortgage?”Or
“Remember when I had to work those extra hours? And I did it with a hum of happiness
As I knew it was my mission to be loving in the process?”

We dove down here, headlong –
Into the nothingness of forgetting
Into the implants of division, karma and pain
Willingly –
To lend or light, our mettle, our passion
To weave our journey into light, and in so doing uplift the planet.

And as I have the glimpses of remembering,
I see the pure audacity of faith
Of love, of Christ’s love in form,
For you and for me
And in you and in me;

And maybe, just maybe, we Lightworkers
With exhausted heavy feet have been doing it!
And doing it well!
Lifting the broken – sending light to the dark
And illuminating the dross with violet fire;

Alchemists of old come forth!
Arise, and be the Christ light we promised we would be,
Before we came into this place of misty confusion;

And now, confusion has cleared, the fog lifted;
We are awake Now.
We are here Now.
We are intending Now
To be our higher selves in form,
To share the crystal Christ-light and to infuse it into Gaia with loving purpose.

It is time to roar, as Mother Sekmet says
It is time to shine as Starlight the unicorn says,
It is time to be that who we are,

Of one passion and purpose
To restore
To redeem
To heal
And to be healed in the process.

Healing the soul of the world is heavy stuff!
And we are ready to begin

~ galaxygirl