Archangel Michael via Erena Velazquez, September 18, 2021

Archangel Michael via Erena Velazquez | September 18, 2021

September 18, 2021

Greetings Beloved Ones,

I am Archangel Michael, and I am forthcoming today with my new message to humanity. First, I want to remind everyone that you are a Divine Being, who came here to rescue this planet.

The moment has come for you to take your ‘’swords’’ and start kicking out the corrupted souls from Mother Earth. The Dark Ones spend enough time controlling and stopping your progress and advancement as a civilization. It’s time to break their chains and send them and their 3D Matrix off this world.

Their ruling days are over, and now you can remove them by using your Divine Power hidden within your soul. I have faith that the humankind is going to win this long battle for freedom. If you are in danger, please call my name and I will come to rescue you.

Let me explain something to you, what it means to actually exist or live in higher dimensions. It’s a continuous experience of love or being in a state of total bliss. So far, only the Masters have such awareness, on how a real happiness feels. The ones, who live in 5th dimension or higher, are in a constant euphoria.

In that reality you can effortlessly construct anything your soul desires. Before, humanity may ascend, they need to completely let go of the ego and start living their lives through the heart. As soon as your life becomes a daily expression of Love, all of your hidden gifts are going to come to the surface as a natural process of your spiritual evolution on Gaia.

Your spiritual growth is based on you consistently connecting to your soul through daily meditations. Nobody ever raised themselves without contemplating, studying and learning wisdom from the Masters. Please, stop following, worshiping and listening to the fake prophets. There are many of them around, who keep confusing and preaching false truth.

They are saying lies about the future of Mother Gaia and humanity. For example, the information about the soul swapping is absolutely not accurate. The soul uses the same body from the beginning until the human shell dies, then finds or creates a new form. This is why the Darkness can’t touch your soul, they can only try to possess someone, the soul is protected by the Universal Laws of Cosmos.

The billions of civilizations are expressions of one Universal Consciousness. I am, Archangel Michael always connected to all of you and protecting you with my sword.

In my previous message, I mentioned about the reincarnation machines, which force everyone to be stock on this planet by making all of you keep coming back to this world. The Good News!!! There is only now one left, the others have been destroyed by the Light Warriors of the Galactic Federation of Light. Please, never forget to express gratitude for your daily blessings in life.

I am sending my Love and Blessings to everyone. Thank you Universal Channel.

Be humble and grateful for all of the gifts that will come your way.
Archangel Michael

Channeled by Erena Velazquez