Love is our new reality

Arcturians (channeled messages)

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, October 23d

         OCTOBER 23,2016

Dear ones, we see many still experiencing confusion with regard to world conditions.  Know that what you are witnessing in these turbulent times is the emerging of old energies long suppressed and hidden in need of exposure in order to be observed, evaluated, and changed.
Never fear to look right at any appearance, not hiding from it or pretending not to notice but instead realizing it to be the material sense of a spiritual universe–pictures formed of the beliefs of duality and separation,  impersonal, and without spiritual law  hold them in place.
Never deny or fear the emotions that may arise, but realize that today is a new time in which you are not the same you of even one year ago  having attained a level of consciousness now able to reinterpret world appearances and recognize the ever present underlying spiritual reality.
The temptation for the majority is to become a part of current consensus consciousness, for  being  part of a group  allows the individual to feel that they  are accepted, and there is a sense of “love” being part of a group.   Most of you are now able to see and act outside of the consensus consciousness which is how the world  will change and gradually  dissolve  appearances reflective of duality/separation.  This is the work.
We wish again to speak of Love for Love is the foundation of all things,  which when  understood and practiced in its truest sense, flows in and through every aspect of daily life no matter how seemingly ordinary.  Once Love becomes your attained state of consciousness  you begin to automatically perceive the world and all that is in it, from a whole new perspective which then allows many formerly accepted concepts and beliefs to fall away.
Love is  Oneness and thus the connecting link between all things–humans, plants, animals, nature spirits, elementals etc.   Even  rocks have consciousness of a sort.  There is nothing not made of the one and only substance–Divine Consciousness.  Spiritual ideas within the one Divine Consciousness are interpreted according to an individual’s state of consciousness.  If that consciousness holds strong beliefs in duality and separation, this is how their outer world will manifest but that never changes the reality of the Divine Idea.
As consciousness evolves,   interpretations evolve.  Horse and buggy used to  represent the Divine Idea of Omnipresence, but now there are  planes, high tech automobiles, and much better modes of transportation which will continue to evolve.  The Star people have interpretations of Omnipresence (modes of transportation) way beyond what the human mind can conceive of at this point in their evolution.
As you come to understand the truth of One manifesting Itself as the many, you must also come to understand and accept that therefore there can only be one power.  God Alone Is  Power.   
In order to attain and begin to practice a consciousness of One Power, an individual  must first examine his concepts of God.  God is a word that represents the idea of an  “Allness of all that is”, but any word you choose will suffice because the finite human mind is simply not capable of understanding that which is  infinite.  IT, God, fiddlesticks,  or whatever you wish to call It can only be experienced.
The human mind is able to understand the attributes of the Divine– qualities forever held in place by Divine law and expressing  outwardly as peace, joy, completeness, wholeness, abundance, harmony, etc.  These constitute the essence of the One Self sustained, Self maintained “Something” and since there is only One of this “Something”,  all that it embodies has to be the only reality.
Mankind unaware of truth and experiencing a world of duality and separation throughout many lifetimes has come to accept a power for good or bad with regard to any and all outer appearances.
It is time to move into a consciousness of One Power.  “God alone is power” must become the  inner response to every situation be it  physical, emotional, or mental.  The Divine and all facets thereof must come to be seen and accepted as reality and thus the only power.
Where is this power?  It is my very Self hood–the I that I really am, the I that formed and maintains this body I use .  The I that which beats the heart and  draws to me what I need when I need it. The I that I am manifests as guidance and comforts me in crisis for IT is complete and whole, needing nothing.
God alone is power.  You are ready now to live, move, and have your being in a consciousness that knows that every quality of Divine Consciousness is also embodied within every individual expression of that Divine Consciousness.  It is the I AM.  This is what the master Jesus meant when he said; “I of my own self can do nothing” or “Greater works than these you will do.” He never purported himself to be the only son of God,  but an ignorant world seeking  power outside of itself  has declared Jesus to be the only son of God.
God alone is power.  Let this become the mantra with which you meet every experience throughout the day.  An attained consciousness of One Power is a  healing consciousness for it recognizes no power in disease.  It is the peacemaker, for it knows only the ONE appearing as the many.  Those who have attained a consciousness of One Power are able to allow the world around them to crumble in the realization that it can never touch the reality.
Begin to practice “God alone is Power” in every seemingly small event of daily living.  You have a sore knee…bring to mind the fact that God could not express Itself as pain for that would be duality within the ONE that is infinitely complete and whole.
Pain in all its forms  reflects an impersonal belief in a self apart from God.   God alone is power…then take whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take.  Your realization of God as the only power opens the door for Divine Completeness to manifest  as whatever the best solution may be for you.
The process of withdrawing power from all appearances no matter how horrendous, is a necessary step in everyone’s evolutionary journey, but one you are now ready for.
There will always be difficulties while living in a world that still supports a three dimensional belief system  but you now have the tools with which to meet them on a higher level.  Disasters happen to evolved individuals because 1.- They are a chosen part of the person’s life plan to help awaken others, or 2.-  to bring about a deeper realization of some truth necessary for their own spiritual  growth.
Evolved souls do not live lives of random events formed from the energies of duality and separation much as the un-awakened do, but must learn to look for truths hidden in difficult life events.
There comes a point of choice in every spiritual seekers journey  when he realizes he cannot worship both God and man. Free will allows everyone to take as long as they wish but most of you are recognizing that the time has come for you to step into living your truth.  A time to step away from assigning power to three dimensional concepts be they personal or global and irregardless of whether they appear good or bad.  Realize that good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones and that  God alone is power.
Those who keep themselves plugged in to technology in all its forms 24/7, or never take time to be silent, simply will not hear the still small voice within and thus continue to deny and reject the idea of there being a still, small, voice.
Those around you will not know exactly what has changed,  but will notice that you have become quieter, more centered, and less reactive.  At this point you will probably find others coming to you for advice, drawn by your energy of peace which is what they seek. This is when the spiritual work begins and you become  Lightworkers  in every activity of work, play, relationships, duties etc.
Many so called religious teachings taught that the ordinary world was not spiritual and must be left behind if one was to become “holy”.  Thus were born  the monasteries and convents of all  religions.
There was a time  when these places were the only places where peace, solitude, and spiritual seeking could take place without struggle  but because everyone takes their state of consciousness with them,  many convents and monasteries devolved into places of dogma, structure, rules, and ms-information.  However, many of today’s convents and  monasteries are serving to provide a flow of Light and Love to the world through the evolved consciousness of those  members  who understand and practice deeper levels of truth.
It is a new day, and new time, and the spiritual life must be lived in the world but not of it.  Life on earth must no longer be separated into the profane versus the  spiritual for that is old false and misleading energy of the past.  There is only ONE.  One power, One reality, One law, One cause, One effect, and that ONE is YOU.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                       10/23/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, October 9th

                             OCTOBER 9, 2016
Greetings dear ones.  We come in the Light of a new day and meet you in that place.
Do not expect anything to continue as you have known it in the past.  This is because the material world you are familiar with was formed from the energy of beliefs  that no longer exist.  Be open to and  embrace change instead of resisting it, for nothing real is ever lost and  ideas based in truth (reality) will always reappear in new and higher forms of expression when needed.
The Arcturian group wishes to speak of justice which in reality is a spiritual idea, a facet of Divine  Consciousness the concepts of which are now shifting into higher expression.
In a three dimensional  world–one based in duality and separation, justice is commonly thought of as an “eye for an eye” and many religious belief systems still teach this concept using the bible for their reference.  What is often  ignored  is that this quote is from the  old testament of the bible, written long ago for the unenlightened consciousness of those times.
There is truth hidden in many of the stories for those who read them with “eyes to see, and ears to hear” but a most still interpret them literally.  The concept of and “eye for an eye” was supposed to have been moved beyond when the master Jesus taught; “I come to bring a new testament” but the people of those times and even now, were not yet ready to embrace this.
Justice is a balance of energy. Since there is only One Energy, that One always seeks to align with Itself (come into oneness) and  is experienced as fairness within a world that does not yet know about Oneness.  It often manifests though what the metaphysical world calls Karma, which is a balancing of energies and not the  punishment or revenge that many believe it to be.
Karma is the experiencing of energy formed and held through ignorance by an individual, and often carried over lifetimes until the person is spiritually ready to experience and learn from their creations.  Karma has been a part of every  souls’ learning journey–up to now.
Karma becomes irrelevant once you have evolved beyond that state of consciousness.   Let go of any concepts about  karmic retribution you may still hold for yourself, for you are now able to clear, balance, and resolve issues on a higher level, through your attained consciousness of truth.
Moving into a higher sense of justice often presents a dilemma for serious students of truth trying to “do the right thing”.   In their zeal to be open and spiritual, and believing that they are practicing unconditional love, they often end up ignoring or “sweeping under the rug” activities that need to be brought to light for the good of all involved.
True justice means helping another in ways that their attained state of consciousness can relate to (which can be anything from prison,  probation, or just a good lecture).   It does no good to quote the bible or, speak of the innate value of personal rights, if the individual’s consciousness is simply unable to align with that approach.
Justice is a spiritual activity, a facet of everyone’s daily life and not limited to the law and courts.  Teachers, parents, family, and friends all experience opportunities to  practice justice from the  smallest of events to the most profound.
Justice in today’s world remains for many,  an acceptable excuse for revenge, hatred, anger, etc.  However, world consciousness is quickly opening to the understanding that everyone is connected and that what you do, see, believe about another, you do, see, and believe about yourself.  This is why you are witnessing intense clashes between an old belief system struggling to remain in power and the new consciousness that values all within the One.  Never fear for one with God is the majority.
Justice  is unconditional love expressed according to the need of the individual.  There cannot be a “one size fits all” within the higher sense of justice, and as evolving souls you must come to understand and accept justice in ways that reflect this.  Justice seen simply as punishment reflects duality and separation, but justice seen as an opportunity to help another grow beyond their present state of consciousness reflects the new and more evolved awareness.
When you observe others suffering, the temptation is to wish revenge upon those causing it.   The belief in separation remains strong having been a part of everyone’s belief system for many lifetimes.   When you experience these negative emotions, try not to push them away in an effort to bury, deny, resist them, but simply acknowledge them as a part of who you are at this time. then…
Without self judgement or criticism examine and begin to shift your belief system–“What beliefs am I still holding about others?  Are these beliefs truth in the Light of what I now know and profess to hold as truth?”,  After honest examination simply move on about your day, not giving any lingering old concepts and beliefs a power they do not have.
Again, we must emphasize that certain individuals do need to be removed from society and  very firm actions may constitute appropriate and loving action for them.   The un-evolved state of consciousness, one functioning fully in third dimensional energy,  is simply not yet able to grasp the concept of oneness.  Solutions are provided at all levels of consciousness because solutions are actually the material sense of Divine completeness.
Those in positions of dispensing  justice who have attained a consciousness of true justice, are able to recognize (they are often not aware of this) the true essence of every person who comes before them,  and are then intuitively guided as to what that individual requires  for learning and growth.  The  punishment then reflects as best it can what is most appropriate and will flow with higher energies.
At this time, the whole of the three dimensional belief system is shifting–old ideas are being let go and new ones are being accepted, known, and practiced from perspectives never before considered.   Some are unable to accept a higher sense of justice and for them there is confusion and conflict for they are as of yet unable to separate justice from punishment and revenge.   Justice, like all Divine Ideas,  must be understood in its deeper sense if an individual is to spiritually evolve.
The higher sense of justice is one that assists another to learn, grow, and evolve from his actions.  It involves creating  situations in which a person can  begin to open his  heart to love for him/herself as well as others through methods  not based in self loathing but in ways that assist the person to see a bigger picture.
An example of a simple idea that reflects the higher sense of justice can be seen in the those prisons that bring in homeless shelter dogs for care and training by inmates.  For many them this is the first time they have ever experienced unconditional love.  They must first experience and understand what love is  before they can begin to live and practice it themselves.  This type of program is a good example of how the energies of Light flow in a practical ways according to what is needed, helping to shift those receptive into a new place, and opening them to the idea that perhaps after all they are loveable.
Lack of self love and acceptance is the root of almost all crime and violence.  Individuals  taught to believe that they are “less than” or unlovable, or who carry these energies in cellular memory  lash out to all around them physically, emotionally, and mentally  in an effort to prove that they are  worthy of respect.  They pass this energy to their children and it continues from generation to generation.    There are also those who believe that they have all the right answers about God and life and that it is their duty to force these beliefs on others–simply another attempt to prove that they are worthy of respect.
As with all facets of life  on earth, love is the only solution–not some emotional, melodramatic concept of love, but real unconditional love which is nothing more than the conscious realization of Divinity as the true essence of every living thing.  Continually practiced, this awareness gradually becomes your attained state of consciousness allowing you to easily recognize the Light within every person–even those deemed unworthy of love by society.
Vote for judges who have attained a consciousness of mercy and uphold the spirit of the law versus the letter of it.   Support those in law and order who do their work with an open heart, even when strength or force is needed.  Try not to automatically condemn those working  to make the world a safer place for you, putting them all into the same category because of the actions of an un-awakened few.
This is the new consciousness and is what you have worked so hard to bring about.  Some expected the new energies to mean they could sit back and enjoy life with no problems or bad guys or change, while maintaining their comfortable belief system.  You have discovered instead  that you have become the workers and the ones most often catching heat for honoring changes that a majority may not like.  Stay brave and trust that you are doing exactly what you as an evolved soul came to do.
As you allow each day be new and fresh, letting go of any concepts of how things “should be” you will quickly begin to have experiences that are totally new and will soon find yourselves in  peace, joy, wholeness, and abundance in spite of what may be going on around you because you have attained a consciousness that knows those things are the reality.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                       10/9/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, September 25th

 SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

We speak to you in joy for many changes are coming to your world.  New events are soon to occur, but try not to anticipate them with third dimensional thinking and solutions.   Change often unfolds in very subtle ways making it seem as if nothing is happening.
The majority of news sources at this time are only presenting third dimensional concepts of “news”–almost always negative and in alignment with old energy.  For the most part the news sources still have no awareness or interest in higher ways of seeing and knowing.
Change is inevitable because world consciousness is changing.  You will recognize this as you observe many heretofore accepted concepts and beliefs within the political, religious, medical, scientific, educational etc., fields beginning to dissolve, opening to new and higher levels of thought.
Your job as an awakened soul is to be an observer, resting in truth regardless what presents itself as you go about your day.   As you learn to be in the world but not of it, you soon recognize that everything  done to or by others is a reflection of  their state of consciousness but does not change the fact that regardless of appearances, their true essence is Divine, for there is nothing else.
God alone is.  This realization  is the key to spiritual evolution.  It is what every soul has sought in all the wrong places lifetime after lifetime.  Much of the world is now spiritually ready to cease seeking  good in the outer scene  and realize that everything they have been seeking is already present within.
Ascension is the attainment of a higher level of consciousness from which one then begins to see the world and everything in it from a place of knowing that there only ONE and that ONE is forever expressing itself in infinite forms and variety.  Every soul will experience many ascensions.
We wish to speak of power, for in truth there is and always has been only One Power.   Through lifetimes lived in the energies of duality and separation  mankind came to accept and experience many powers, some good and many not so good.   This in turn gave  birth to the consciousness of fear.
The world in general is still being  programmed to believe in and fear many powers (disease being a big one) which when accepted into consciousness as truth will manifest outwardly and lend validity to that particular “power”.  All the “war on this…war on that” promotions simply imbed certain beliefs more deeply into the general consciousness.
In the third dimensional belief system  personal power is usually seen as  power over something–some person, place, or situation, and frequently manifests as some form of dominance.  It is a mental attitude, personality based in which physical, emotional, and mental action is often forced on another–sometimes for “good” and sometimes for “not so good”.
Spiritual power is a quality of Source, a state of consciousness that once attained manifests as an inner strength that cannot be shaken in spite of outer circumstances.  It is an inner knowing that despite any outer experiences  “I am safe because I am”.  Spiritual power is  easily recognized  in the words and actions of those who seem to have the ability to say and do exactly what needs to be said or done with strength and power, but always in a loving and respectful way.
There comes the time when every  seeker must examine his or her belief system with regard to what they still hold as power because whatever you give power to will be  power for you.  Belief in a power other than the One Power always results in fear of some sort–that a person, place, or thing has  power over you.
It  requires deep and honest self examination to discover what  people, events, circumstances, and experiences you may still hold as powers, but anyone hoping to move beyond  fear,  must be willing to recognize what it is they fear and why.   Most fears are buried deeply, having been carried, protected, (“it is just who I am”) and held in place through lifetimes, stored energetically in a person’s cellular memory where it remains until cleared.
Inordinate fears are usually based in some traumatic experience of the past or present. The energy of the experience usually lies dormant until activated by some ordinary experience of daily living.  The  alignment of the energies then reactivates  emotions of the trauma causing the individual to act in fearful ways that appear to others as silly and unnecessary.
When you feel  resistance or actual fear of some person, place, or thing, ask yourself; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”  You will quickly discover the personal belief  causing your reaction.  Then ask yourself; “In the light of the truth I now know, is this true?”
Gaining an understanding of what  it is you still give power to is the first step in moving beyond  fear.  Once a belief is seen for what it is–a concept or belief about something, the accompanying fear must dissolve for it will then have nothing to support or hold it in place.  Practical solutions to the situation  will then be able to manifest if they are needed.
You may not enjoy and may continue to fear encounters with certain people, places, or situations, but avoidance and 3d solutions no longer work for anyone ready for the next step of their spiritual journey.  The undesired experiences will continue  until a choice is made to meet the situation on a higher level through the honest inner examination of one’s beliefs about the people, places or situations that bring about fear.
Some may require outside help with deeper examinations–professional, a good friend, as well as always asking spiritual  Guides and teachers  for assistance.  Intention is the key.   The goal must never be to cover up or “learn to live with” some fear, but to plumb the depths of the belief system and bring to the surface whatever has been ignorantly endowed with power.
With time you will find that those feared people, places, and situations no longer hold power over you.   You begin to live from  a place of mutual respect even when the other person may have no respect for himself.  You are not afraid to speak your truth when necessary, having evolved into a  state of consciousness that is never tempted to give away its power.
No one can manifest your life for you and nothing outside of you can be  power over you unless you believe it to be.  You are the creators of your experiences.  Because you are consciousness, and not just  physical bodies,  you hear, see, taste, touch, and smell  through your state of consciousness .  Mind appears as matter.  The ” powers” of the world cannot touch you once you have attained a consciousness of oneness with Source for you are no longer in alignment their energy.
We are not saying that there will no longer be  unpleasant, scary, or negative experiences in your life or that you can now just ignore the suffering of others,  but what we do say is that the purpose of every lifetime is to awaken out of the dream–to understand and live out from a consciousness of ONE POWER and that this ONE  POWER is you.
The three dimensional  world is a world of many  powers, some good and some bad, formed and held in place by the energy of belief.  It is time to stop adding energy to these manifestations of false power.  As you do, you will soon find yourself attracting others of like mind who are also standing, living, and moving in the Light of truth.  Your enlightened energy will draw to you the people and experiences that align with your state of consciousness and life experiences will begin to change.
The awakened soul no longer gives power to people–criminals, politicians, military, the rich and powerful, or the un-enlightened through the realization that the only real power is Divine Consciousness even as these people act out from the hypnotism of duality and separation.
The awakened soul no longer gives power to things–money, appearance, or material possessions for he knows that in and of themselves, these things do not have the power to bring  happiness, satisfaction, peace, or joy–qualities of spirit which can only flow from within.
In its un-awakened state, mankind will continue to seek fulfillment outside of itself, because that is where he believes it to be.  You readers, know where it is and always has been–within.  As this realization deepens and becomes your attained state of consciousness, the qualities of Source cannot help but begin to appear outwardly as the abundance,  health,  healthy relationships etc. you previously sought from the outer world.
When Grace appears in your experience it will be in forms that are personally right for you which may not be what the world would say is right for you.  The surgeon will not manifest ideas for how to be a better dog groomer nor will the  dog groomer be given ideas for some new and innovative surgical technique.  A consciousness of oneness with completeness and wholeness will appear outwardly in whatever forms necessary as fulfillment for you at the time.
False beliefs are like the paint colors an individual may choose to put on  himself.  One person’s painting may appear very lovely, with coordinated and interesting colors while another’s may be dark, inharmonious, and difficult to look at.  The job of every illumined individual is to know without doubt that the paint is never the person who in reality is and always will be a perfect expression of Divine Consciousness.
Evolution is the painstaking task of removing accumulated paint from yourselves and others, some of which has been re-painted in many lifetimes and will thus take more work to remove. As each little bit gradually over time is washed away, the real self becomes ever more apparent physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually making the job much easier.
Remember who you are in every situation until truth becomes your state of consciousness and without conscious thought you begin to find yourself  healing a world of illusion.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                            9/25/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, September 11th

SEPTEMBER 11, 2016

Greetings dear ones on this day that commemorates an event so many still remember and mourn.  Know that nothing happens for naught and that those whose physical bodies perished, chose pre-birth to be a part of some event that would help to awaken others.  No one ever dies,  although their coming home so suddenly created tremendous grief and loss for loved ones left behind.
These dear ones chose to serve in this way for the purpose of helping to awaken a complacent and somewhat “protected” society to the horror and pain that violence causes as well as to open those sleeping eyes to many heretofore hidden issues.  This event was an important lesson for the country of USA which has often under the guise of  “actions necessary for peace” and  righteous protection,  brought about this same suffering to others.
The event called 911 brought forth a new and higher awareness of the meaning of peace, of oneness, and how violence even when far away and out of sight never brings about peace back home, for there is no “far away” and  there is no us versus them, there is only ONE.
Peace is an evolved  state of consciousness, and thus can and will never come through third dimensional thinking, plotting, planning, and scheming.  Real peace can only come about when the substance of it, a consciousness of peace,  is present to manifest outwardly as peace.
Peace is your job as Light workers.  You are awake and thus carry the Light of Oneness with you into every situation of daily living–the awareness of Source as being the only power, only presence and only reality present within every person. Too many still sit back waiting for others to make peace.  In spite of good intentions (there are a few leaders who do understand this), true peace cannot manifest outwardly without the substance necessary to form it–a consciousness of peace.
Many “leaders”  as well as  individuals  pretend to want peace while acting out from a consciousness of violence in order to achieve  self serving and self righteous goals  without care as to how many may be hurt in the process.  They justify their actions by telling themselves and others that what they are doing is for the “good of mankind”.   It is past time for  “pretend peace” to end, for all involved to be honest with themselves, and for obsolete concepts of the past be allowed to dissolve into the nothingness that they are.
Many of the world’s so called actions for peace are not,  but are simply three dimensional goals disguised in words of explanation that will cause the least resistance from the majority.   However, the world is waking up and  quickly becoming aware that the old ways no longer work.  Promotion of and false information about peace efforts continue because there are those who profit from violence and war and will continue to promote the false as long as a sleeping society allows it.
The awakening world is quickly growing weary and no longer resonates with the  propaganda of violence and war. The “glamour and glory” of it  is beginning to be seen even by those fully involved in it,  for what it is–pain, suffering, and death, in spite of all the “rah rahs”,  flag waving, and promotion by those who stand to benefit.
When the world was fully third dimensional, war and violence was seen and understood by the majority to be a natural and accepted solution to disputes.  We do not denigrate the sacrifices of those who lovingly give their lives in the service of combating “evil”.  The majority of these dear ones willingly have and still are doing it from a place of love for others.
Warrior energy is a powerful and positive energy that every one of you  has experienced and integrated through events of other lifetimes. Do not think of warrior energy as violence, but as strength, power, and fearlessness.  Those still needing to experience and  integrate the warrior energy will have opportunities to do this as warriors for peace, truth, and love.
Up to now, the world has seen peace only as an  absence of war.  However, IT IS NOW, TODAY,  A NEW TIME in which mankind is  evolving to a higher level of awareness with regard to everything.  In order to do this, the tools, beliefs, and actions based in duality and separation consciousness  must be re-evaluated within a new and higher state of consciousness.  Holding to solutions that represent what has been outgrown only serve to keep individuals locked in ideas and solutions that will no longer work.
Many believe that the world must  remain as they have always known it, and that it must not change.  Evolution is an infinitely ongoing process guided by each person’s Higher Self in order for an individual  to awaken to the reality of his true Self.   Evolution happens when a person is spiritually ready for the next step in their awareness.  Some awaken quickly, others need “wake up calls” but all will at some point awaken to truth, perhaps many lifetimes from now.
The world  is in the midst of intense energies of evolutionary change and you are all feeling this.  Hold to your Center in spite of what happens in the outer world.  Release the need to know about every bit of news or gossip floating through the airwaves, and practice seeing reality behind  both good as well as bad appearances because both are illusory.

What is the reality?  Only the attributes of Source are reality, and these forever held in place by Divine Law.  Peace, abundance, joy, completeness, wholeness, intelligence, creativity, etc. are only some of the aspects of the Divine lying unrecognized within everyone.  Claim your Divinity dear ones, for you are ready.
There are many young people of evolved states of consciousness on earth or coming in at this time.  They have lovingly chosen to assist with earth’s evolutionary ascension.   Their Light is reflecting throughout the world in new ways of seeing and thinking  for they do not see things the same way that those still holding old energy do.
Parents, teachers, and families are rapidly  becoming aware of  bright little ones and teens who do not buy into  beliefs  of duality and separation, or  old ways of doing things, often causing consternation to those around them who believe that their way is the only right way.
Listen to and heed the messages of these old souls in new bodies, and do not try to force them  into cages of conformity because they are young and you believe you know best. Yes, they need structure and guidance, but most of all they need to be loved and listened to with respect for they are here to help birth a new world consciousness and a society of peace.  Trust your intuition for you will recognize them, and know that you are blessed if you are the  parent, teacher, or guardian of one.
Practice peace.  Pet the dog who looks longing to you for some affection.  Smile to the street person who may receive nothing but disgust throughout his day while putting a dollar in his cup.  Be patient with the lonely neighbor who  rambles on about nothing in a desperate need for companionship.  Treat those who work with or for you with respect and recognition no matter how obnoxious they may seem.   Learn to be gentle to all forms of nature.
The energy of these  seemingly small actions flowing outward creates peace, for peace is nothing more than unconditional love and where there is unconditional love, there cannot help but be peace.This does not always mean that an unpleasant person will stop being selfish and unpleasant,  nor does it eliminate the need for some people spend some time away from others.
When presented with the nonsense of a three dimensional belief system, the awakened individual does not buy into, ignore, or blindly say; “God is all, it doesn’t matter.” He does not deny, but acknowledges what he sees, while at the same time recognizing the  underlying truth.
Example;  You come upon a car accident.  You don’t say “Oh, this is all illusion.” and then  leave,  but instead you realize that you are witnessing  the expression of energies based in duality (bad vs good)  and separation (each driver separate from other drivers).  You then proceed to assist as you can.  It has been said; “Be in the world, but not of it.”  Let this be your motto for living the experiences of each day as a spiritually awakened person.

A spiritually evolved state of consciousness   automatically  serves to bring  Light into every situation no matter how seemingly mundane,  often manifesting as the perfect solution to any problem.  In this way, you  gently, silently, sacredly, and without conscious thought, add peace to world consciousness.
Peace is a state of consciousness at rest in oneness and is often seen in persons who seemingly have no interest or knowledge of spiritual matters, having attained this state of consciousness in previous lifetimes. They  are here on earth at this time to serve  through action or example, their peace fully established in consciousness.
Many find themselves drawn to these individuals because their  consciousness  radiates a gentle energy felt by those around them.  Throughout the ages many of these evolved souls have been  ignorantly  worshiped and pushed into undesired places of spiritual authority by those who did not and still do not understand that they themselves  carry the same qualities they seek from this other person.

As more and more people awaken and begin to  radiate the energy of unconditional love, the consensus consciousness of the whole world will gently move into peace.  This is your work.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                 9/11/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, August 28th

Dear ones, we observe the confusion and emotions causing many of you to think you have somehow lost your way. The spiritual journey has changed from the way you have known it in the past for it is no longer a path of seeking and searching, but is now an action of realizing, accepting, and living; “I already am everything I have been seeking”.
The process of evolution can leave a person feeling lost and even panicked if they have no idea of what is taking place as their comfortable but illusory foundation begins to dissolve. Familiar ways of processing the world no longer “feel” right because his new state of consciousness is resonating differently from what he was used to.
Spiritual evolution is guided by the Higher Self as an individual becomes ready for new levels of awareness. If he is not consciously aware of his readiness or even interested in spiritual matters, a great deal of confusion and upset may result as the experiences necessary for his spiritual growth begin.
Solutions for a third dimensional world were perfect and necessary for that consciousness, but because so many have now moved beyond a third dimensional state of consciousness the solutions of the past no longer resonate. Solutions built from a foundation of truth (healing) are shifting and opening into higher and better forms of expression but those based in duality and separation (war) will simply dissolve as there will no longer be the energy to sustain them.
If feelings of being lost have been or still are your experience, know that you are not losing your way, going crazy, or spiritually regressing. Each evolutionary level of Consciousness attained is yours forever–you can never regress to an old state of consciousness. Many attempt to do this thinking it will solve a relationship issue or help them “fit in” better, but within themselves they will remain their attained state of consciousness.
Likewise there are those who pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained which why it is important to trust your intuition when choosing a teacher or path of any kind. The only true teacher is within and your realization of that will manifest outwardly as the teacher, book, class, or path that is right for you.
Truth must move from being intellectual knowledge into a living, breathing state of consciousness. It begins with an intellectual seeking of truth followed by the accepting and practicing of it in even the simplest of daily activities. This does not mean taking a rigid stand in absolute truth which would be pretending of a state of consciousness not yet attained. It means living out from one’s highest attained state of awareness which will begin to manifest as new truths and deeper awareness. Evolution never stops or becomes stagnant, it is an ongoing journey both on this side and the other.
As you learn live in acknowledgement of your Oneness and completeness you will soon begin to experience synchronistic events, ideas, solutions, and a new peace of mind ranging from the simplest of daily activities to the most profound of problems needing solutions. Source knows nothing about larger or smaller, it just IS–complete and whole at all times. The mind then interprets this outwardly as what is needed.
The temptation is to try and make that which worked in the past continue working in the same way. At this time there are higher frequencies of Light pouring to earth which are serving to dissolve and replace the old. You who read these messages have chosen to evolve and be a part of this, having already attained a state of consciousness that is able to understand and resonate with truth.
Analyzing and trying to understand God with the human mind is a three dimensional activity of futility because the human mind simply cannot do it. The mind is an avenue of awareness able only to bring forth what is already out there floating about in the universal consensus consciousness until an individual evolves to where his mind is able to access the contents of Divine Consciousness. From this Source the mind is then able to bring forth the deeper truths, new ideas, information, and as of yet unknown facts. This is well from which great artists, musicians, and scientists drink.
A human mind will draw upon what it has known or can easily access which is why individuals often find themselves reverting to old habits and beliefs in times of stress. The mind is simply presenting what it has been programmed with. Express love and gratitude to your mind for it is a perfect tool of awareness while never rebuking yourselves for an occasional slip into old habits. This will simply give it a power it does not have. Slips happen less and less as you loving redirect and reprogram the mind with truth.
Never punish yourself emotionally for thoughts that may pop up or drift through your mind as you go about your day. Thoughts, concepts, and beliefs are never yours until you accept them as yours. They are impersonal energy floating about in the universal world consciousness.
However, a person’s personal programming and past life experiences can attract specific types of thoughts and beliefs (energy aligns with like energy).
For example; a person who has experienced many lifetimes involving health and disease issues, is more open and receptive to impersonal but universal suggestions having to do with disease vs health. If he embraces these suggestions he will probably experience a lifetime of real and imagined illnesses and health issues.
There is no unexpressed consciousness. You create with every thought you think and every belief you hold.
Humans have attained a spiritual readiness to realize who and what they really are and start living it. There are those who still refuse to move beyond the obsolete belief system they know and love in the belief that the world they see with their eyes is real and cannot or must not change. Free will allows all to evolve at their own pace, and the right time comes for everyone. Your time is now.
You must now leave behind any outgrown dependencies upon a person, tradition, ritual, or object that may of helped you in the past. This does not mean that you cannot love, hold, or work with crystals, or that you can never attend a class or read a book you may be drawn to. It means that you are now ready to let go of believing you need or are dependent upon anything or anyone outside of your self in any aspect of your lives. It means living from center, from that still place of wholeness already present within.
As you witness chaos and pain in the world at this time, remember that every soul chooses before incarnation, those experiences necessary for their own or the world’s learning and evolution. Some dear ones are experiencing very difficult but necessary lessons right now. Others facing the same situations have chosen these difficult experiences in order to assist the evolution of mankind as a whole.
All is proceeding according to plan, there are no accidents. Consider yourselves privileged to be part of the birth of a new world consciousness. Gaia is evolving and will do so with or without your support. Divine consciousness is, always has been, and always will be the only reality and the only Power but at this time many who are ready but unwilling, learning it the hard way.
Dear ones, in spite of the appearances that confront you personally or globally, never forget that you and all others are and always have been perfect, whole, complete, and can never die. This has been the goal of every lifetime and you are there.
Your time is now.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                     8/28/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, July 24th

​                                                                 July 24, 2016
Dear friends, as we observe the struggles and confusion many of you are experiencing at this time we wish you to know that every thing happening is a necessary part of mans ongoing ascension process–these things are serving to wake people up. It is impossible to fully understand or figure out solutions with the human mind for much of what is going on is simply not what it seems. Instead utilize these times to rest more fully in trust, allowing intuition to be your guide.
On the surface everything seems to be bubbling with chaos. Think of this chaos as a cleansing process exposing buried and long hidden dirt and which in time will reveal that which has always been there but has been unseen–a clean and harmonious reality reflecting truth and oneness. The world in general is experiencing whatever intense and deep cleansings are necessary in order that new and higher levels of awareness may be experienced.
Many find themselves increasingly in a state of sadness and depression regarding today’s outer conditions , but do not for a second believe that the chaos you see has any sort of law to support it or make it permanent. Chaos is the outer manifestation of the energy of duality and separation which will increasingly dissipate as more Light enters world consciousness.
That element that supports the chaos and confusion is making a last impressive stand to stay in power because it can sense (not always consciously) that the world they support is changing and along with it, their perceived personal power. People are rapidly waking up and realizing their own power regardless of how hard certain elements of society may try to keep them under a thumb of fear and powerlessness. As more and more of the world awakens, the outer picture cannot help but reflect that.
Every individual who lives out from a consciousness of truth no matter how simple their everyday life, is helping to create a new and higher dimensional world consciousness. Try not to be discouraged when you observe at the same time, those working very hard to hold on to and continue that which is old and finished. There is a Divine Law that forever holds truth in place, and no laws to support illusion.
Creation is finished, perfect, and whole, but because humans are in reality expressions of Source energy, they form the world through the creative energy of consciousness. The majority of individuals are as of yet unaware of the innate power they hold within, instead choosing to see themselves as human beings who must await, petition, and blame some imagined God “up there” to save them. You did not know that you were the Gods meant to do the saving–but, you know it now.
Be patient with the process, and don’t expect it to manifest in its fullness immediately, for the energy of many deeply entrenched beliefs take time to surface, be recognized for what they are, and released. Evolution does not happen in a minute, but is well on its way at this time.
It is important to make a practice of observing and acknowledging the Light of everything in your lives, feeling gratitude no matter how seemingly small or insignificant something may seem–the song of a bird, a beautiful flower or tree, a friend’s smile, a baby’s laugh–everyday things usually taken for granted. Begin to express gratitude even for the things you would rather not have in your life remembering that every experience holds a lesson if you are open to receiving it. Gratitude acknowledges; “I have because I am”.
We wish to speak of Oneness, for the understanding and acceptance of Oneness as truth is the key that opens the door to ascension. There is only One Divine Consciousness expressing itself in infinite form and variety. Can there ever be a person or living thing apart from ONE? What would it be made of?
Every problem human beings have ever had throughout the ages has reflected a sense of separation manifesting as disagreement, hatred, and discords on all levels between people, countries, businesses, families, friends, and animals. Permanent peace can never and will never manifest from the energy of duality and separation because real peace is not in alignment with the energy of duality and separation.
Oneness may still represent a spiritual leap for some of you, but you are ready. Anyone reading these messages is ready. You made the decision to incarnate and experience the powerful energies of evolution that are taking place right now. You chose to clear, awaken, and then help others awaken and because of this choice you are now experiencing the very things that can lead you into your deepest awakenings.
Many belief systems continue to perpetuate beliefs of duality and separation through rigid dogmas and teachings that reflect earlier and less evolved times. Examine your personal concepts of God. Do you believe God to be a man hanging on a cross, sitting quietly under a Bodhi tree, or maybe even a woman? Do you still see him as a man with a long beard sitting high in the clouds, enforcing human values of good and evil, punishment and reward?
Concepts of God act to block understanding and the experiences of Reality for that part of your consciousness is already filled with concepts. God can never be understood with the human mind no matter how many classes, meditations, or books an individual has accumulated. The human mind is limited to what is already known, what is already floating about in consensus consciousness.
True spiritual understanding as well as inventions, ideas, solutions, art, music, etc. can only be fresh and new when they flow from the infinite well within. When there is receptivity heretofore unknown solutions, ideas, and truths seem to bubble up into conscious awareness when least expected. This is how it works.
Those who shout to the world that they know all about God and what God is, speak from their own personal and limited concepts. Those who have experienced God, do not brag about it but hold these sacred experiences safe and protected in the heart.
God/Source/Universe just is…period. That is all the human mind can or needs to know. What IT is, must be experienced, and because it is the very essence of every individual’s being, this will happen at their point of readiness (which may be several lifetimes down the road). Let go of trying to know and understand and infinite God with a finite intellect, it cannot be done. Trust that there is a “Something” and only One of IT whatever IT is.
Accepting oneness is the first step toward living unconditional love, for how can there be animosity and hatred when there is no “other”? The world in general as of yet does not know this and is still creating from energies of duality and separation.
Never deny the discords you see, but learn to look through them, knowing that in spite of how horrific an appearance may be, there is no law to support it, that no one ever really dies, and that you are witnessing an illusory expression of dense and false energy.
This does not mean you stand back and just watch a situation where you could offer help, it means you silently acknowledge truth while doing it.
Oneness eliminates “us versus them” from consciousness. Do not try to humanly love the perpetrators of heinous actions, or the irritating neighbor but love them spiritually by recognizing the terrorist, the road rage person, the animal abuser, the suicide bomber to be spiritual beings who are as of yet very unaware of who and what they are. Instead of judgement, send them Light and a recognition of their true selfhood. This does not mean they should be allowed to continue with their nefarious activities.
Perpetrators of horrendous acts see the world through skewed beliefs based in duality and separation and until they are consciously ready to open to more, they will continue to act out. War and violent solutions only align the energy with its counterpart–the same energy. The world still has need of prisons and law enforcement but fear and desire for power has caused many these services to deteriorate and function at a lower resonating energy.
Light energy is bringing many into a sense of personal power but everyone is interpreting the experience according to their level of understanding. Some are beginning to have more confidence and less fear, while others have become bullies. This is the energy behind the plethora of conflicts between law enforcement and the public. New energies are bringing to the surface deeply buried fear, anger, and resentment for all parties resulting in “us versus them” reactive actions.
It is all about the old order rising to be recognized for what it is. These events are revealing that old energy is no longer in alignment with the majority of an awakening society. Because many old and previously accepted ways of doing things are often deeply ingrained in society, it may take the shock of certain events to bring about change.
As more Light flows to the group consciousness of those doing this type of work,
whether of law enforcement or military, it begins to filter into individual consciousness and from there comes an inner nudge to work differently from what has been done in the past and where respect for and from the public as well as for and from the police is the norm. All work is Light work if done from a consciousness of love and respect.
Many facets of the world as you know it today will seem not to change, but as world consciousness steadily evolves, the outer forms must evolve as well–employment, entertainment, medical, food, etc. will be of new and more enlightened levels of awareness. You are witnessing its beginnings now as people become aware of and are demanding cleaner food, natural medicines, and in general, change.
These powerful energies of change are being felt by businesses, service industries, governing bodies, corporations etc., prompting them to start thinking about and making changes without the heavy resistance that would have taken place a few years ago.
Many in the world are already performing their work from the higher levels we speak of. They came into this lifetime having already attained a state of consciousness that was supportive of unconditional love and thus their intention has always been to serve from the highest level. Some of these dear ones have even sacrificed their own lives for the purpose of awakening others to the need for change within certain systems.
Your work and your mission, is to bring Light to wherever your daily activities take you. This is why you chose to be here at this energy intense time. You brought an already evolved state of consciousness into a world ready to evolve. There are many, especially children who have no karma to resolve, but have simply chosen to come and add their Light to world consciousness.
You who are awake are the head of an energetic arrow so to speak, and because of this may often find yourselves catching the heat. In many ways you are “bucking the system” and making it uncomfortable for those who like the system just the way it is..
Do not despair or believe that the situation is hopeless for evolution is inevitable. Reality is–period. It may be taking what seems to be a long time, but the underlying and never changing reality is that in spite of any appearances to the contrary, this remains a spiritual universe peopled by expressions of God.
We are the Arcturian Group 7/24/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, July 10th

                                                   JULY 10,2016
Greetings with love from the Arcturian Group.
We come with messages of hope and deeper understanding for you in these times of violence and suffering for so many. Powerful high dimensional energies of ascension are effecting the earth and everyone on it at this time causing those who do not understand what is happening to lash out in frustration and fear, the only tools they know.
These energies are serving to expose all things old and obsolete which is creating the desire for change in all who are receptive. However as we have often said, everyone perceives and acts according to the state of their consciousness which is why you are seeing so much violence at this time. Powerful new energies are causing deeply buried fears, anger, and negative emotions to surface for the un- awakened as well as the awakened. Most are recognizing, clearing, and moving past whatever old energy arises, but the un-awakened who still perceive life fully from third dimensional standpoint act out with solutions based in duality and separation.
Everyone is experiencing the new and higher frequencies of Light, those in positions of authority as well as the “victims”. Every one’s emotions have moved closer to the surface and where there is no understanding of what it taking place on earth right now, reactions to it will vary according to levels of awareness.
Racial hatred is old deeply embedded cellular memory from past lives. It is the result of lives lived fully in the energy of separation as either the victim or bully. There can be a karmic element involved. A person with black skin today may well have been a white racist or slave owner in a previous life. At the same time it is important to know that there are those who lovingly created a soul plan to include the violent taking of their earthly life for the purpose of assisting mankind to awaken.

A racist/bully is an individual filled with and functioning from a place of fear. The racist/bully blusters and uses violent tactics but fear is the motivator. These people often carry cellular memory of dis-empowerment, torture, rebuke, punishment, and death for no reason and are determined to never again allow themselves to be dis-empowered. This deeply held vow is often triggered into action by the smallest of incidents.
The soul contract of a racist/bully usually includes human experiences that would serve to assist him in attaining a consciousness of self love and empowerment. Once in the energy of earth, he is unaware of this soul contract as well as his desire to move into a higher sense of empowerment. Fearing his imagined power or place in society as “better than” will be lost if equality is accepted as the norm he reverts to what he knows, choosing to use three dimensional tools of force or violence in order to feel empowered.
Many, previously happy with the status quo, have become aware of the need for change and cooperation between all people in the recognition that many time honored rules for living are simply concepts based in obsolete belief systems. It may look as if the world is regressing but it is not, rather it is waking up. Blind acceptance of some law, belief, status quo issue no longer holds the power it once did, allowing people to make choices for themselves instead of being forced by pressure or guilt into conformity with ideas and beliefs not their own.
All is in and of the One–always has been and always will be because there is only One. Individuality in infinite form and variety, but always within the ONE. Thus…that which you think, believe about, or do to another you really do, do to yourself for YOU ARE the OTHER. This truth is not just a nice topic for your meditation group to discuss it is truth to be lived.
The energy you align with is what you experience. You align through your beliefs about and the energy you put into these beliefs. What are you aligning with…truth or concepts based on appearances? This is the law of attraction.
Center yourselves frequently in that quiet, still, place within and from there make all necessary choices, decisions, or actions. It is not spiritual to sit back doing nothing while spouting; “All is well, only God is…everything is illusion” because unless you have attained the full consciousness of this truth, it remains just words. However, recognizing and honoring this truth is an important first step, after which you proceed with whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take.
Some will be guided to take no outer action but to simply send and hold Light for all involved. Others may be guided to participate in peaceful protest, to sign a petition, or to take a leadership role but always spiritually inspired actions are based in love (realization of Oneness) and not revenge (energy of separation).
There are some who must be confronted by issues over and over until at some point they become so disgusted they are finally able to say “enough is enough” and it is at this point their journey into higher ways of seeing and being begins. This is happening now to much of mankind, know that everything you are observing goes much deeper than the material sense or outer appearances of it.
The first step to full empowerment as a spiritual being is to understand that empowerment already is. It does not need to be attained for it has never left you. It is the reality of your being waiting to be acknowledged. The time has come for you to see yourselves as spiritual beings having human experiences, not as humans trying to be spiritual.
The third dimensional world with all its concepts and beliefs based in duality and separation is actually the bottom rung of a very high ladder. Most of mankind has been afraid to step off that bottom rung not realizing that there is an infinity of rungs above it all leading to new and wonderful places.
Love is the energy connecting all within the One. The higher dimensional energies are energies of Love, oneness, and wholeness. This is what ascension is all about, but in order to resonate with the higher frequencies, everything still resonating on lower levels must surface in order to be recognized and cleared. Not all clearing is done on a conscious level. Much of it takes place at night while you sleep. It is issues needing conscious attention that will make a dramatic appearance in your life.

The interconnected energy of every living thing is the reality behind what the world calls love but love is interpreted according to individual consciousness. The energy of interconnectedness when interpreted through a consciousness enmeshed in duality and separation will manifest as war, rape, and abuse of all kinds reflective of the belief in separation between all living things. This sort of love is always limited and personal, expressed only to those deemed worthy.
This same energy when interpreted through a more evolved consciousness automatically and without conscious thought will manifest as impersonal caring and concern, reflecting a sense of connectedness between self and all living things. It is not based in concepts of worthiness or limited to those of the right color, language, appearance, or financial status.
Try not to judge others because every individual is only able to live out from their highest attained state of consciousness. Those living on very dense levels of awareness have no idea that there is so much more or that love is all inclusive. The process of evolution is continuously happening for all but does not happen in an instant. It is only when an individual is finally prepared by experiences to open and grow that the journey begins in earnest which for some can take a few more lifetimes.
However, world events are quickly waking many up out of their hypnotized stupor. The time is right and a majority are now ready. The high resonating energies now pouring to earth are intense and you are feeling them in many ways. Some are choosing simply to leave, hoping to come back into the new energies at a later time. This is what mankind has been asking for and is now doing–taking a collective step to the next rung of the ladder.
Ponder the things we speak of, resting often in silent awareness and contemplation. Live every aspect of normal daily living from center, loving the things you don’t really like by seeing through appearances to the reality. Try not to resist emotions of fear, anger, frustration, disgust, etc. as they arise for they are tools helping you to understand your belief system.
All is proceeding according to plan. No one ever dies. No one is or ever can be separate from the Whole, and no one is ever lost.
You are on a grand journey toward awareness of this.
We are the Arcturian Group 7/10/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, June 26th

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ JUNE 26,2016



Dear ones, we come with love, respect, and an understanding for you who are experiencing so much at this time. We would like to remind you that the world is now far advanced toward becoming fully aware and because of this, very few world events and personal experiences are accidental.

There comes a time for every serious spiritual student when “accidents” or unwanted experiences no longer represent third dimensional thinking, but are experiences necessary for some needed lesson or spiritual growth. As we have said before, once a soul chooses to evolve, the “train leaves the station”.

Everyone is feeling the higher dimensional energies now pouring to earth with increasing intensity. These energies are serving to open mankind to a higher awareness that is empowering them to seek freedom of expression, self rule, and new ways of living, being, and governance. Most people as of yet do not fully understand why they are feeling these urges or why their thinking has changed so much on particular issues.

Mankind’s increasing dissatisfaction with “business as usual”, began when powerful and high resonating energies began to replace the old, and personal clearings began. The heart chakras of many have cleared or are in the process, and the high heart is opening for all who are receptive. The dissolution of old energy begins the moment an individual opens themselves to more.

As the heart begins to open, dense self created energetic walls of protection that were formed around it as the result of past and present experiences, begin to dissolve. This allows the heart’s already present frequencies of love to flow forth, the result of which is often a whole new world view for the individual. The “new” person often does not even realize that anything has changed until he attempts to live as usual, and finds that he no longer resonates with much of it.

The majority as of yet do not understand why they are now feeling differently about so many issues. Everyone interprets both inner and outer change according to their attained state of consciousness (their present belief system). For some, inner changes are reflected fully in material, three dimensional ways like feeling the need to improve personal health, join a cause, or serve in some generally approved way.

Energetic change in the emotional body manifests as higher forms of emotional reaction, such as no longer becoming emotionally involved, attached, or blocked to the point of giving away personal power. At the same time there comes an underlying and gentle sense of love that begins to permeate all actions and decisions. Mentally, one’s thinking and belief system begins to shift from self to universal.

You are seeing in the world the outer manifestations of increased heart energy even though much of it is still being interpreted in self serving ways. People are experiencing a “knowing” that everyone is entitled to what is necessary for healthy and happy living, not just the privileged few and are expressing their frustration as anger. Change, change, change, has become the mantra of the majority even though they do not fully understand why.

Because of incomplete understanding and an ignorance of the evolutionary process taking place at this time, some are choosing to simply resist all change, seeing it as a threat to their personal comfort and happiness. Others believe they must act to force change. Try to understand that everything is happening according to evolutionary plan, dear ones.

The Light of the higher dimensional energy is serving to expose world wide and personal creations built upon old and finished energy. Many of these exposed issues appear to be new simply because you were not aware of them before the light of evolution began to expose them. Many “houses of cards” are going to fall but will go kicking and screaming. Be not afraid dear ones, all is proceeding according to plan.

Evolution is an unfolding process that cannot be hurried, for it is you the people, who must bring about change through your own attainment of more Light which then in turn adds more Light to the consensus consciousness of the world. There is only One and thus every truth that becomes your state of consciousness serves to lift the whole.

Many still look to Light Beings or evolved extraterrestrials to “fix” the world, but because of free will, they cannot step in and do the work for you. These evolved beings can only guide and advise at this point but are willing, happy, and eager to do it, for they wish to see you move beyond what is old and finished as they themselves also had to do. Every particle of Light added to the whole, shifts it a little until at some point there will be more light than not.

It is important to support yourselves and others in these chaotic times, meaning that as you awaken to deeper understanding you still support others rights to believe as they choose no matter how different from your belief system that may be. Understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey and your place may very well not be their place. Love is patient and allowing, but is never a doormat.

Energy is the substance of everything seen, heard, tasted, touched, and smelled in the physical world. The slower and heavier the energetic resonance, the more dense and material things seem. The physical expression of anything is always a mind formed interpretation of the spiritual reality or Divine Idea being seen as material. This is a spiritual universe, peopled with children of God, but which up to now has been seen and lived through false belief systems that are now dissolving.

Energy is everywhere you go and many of you are now sensing the resonance of people, places, and things more acutely. You will experience increasing sensitivity as your own energy becomes lighter and it becomes easier access and align with higher frequencies. Because of this, many of you are developing new psychic abilities or accessing old ones you had long ago.

Places that previously felt ordinary may now feel dense and heavy to you (bars, malls, slums, even books and films). You may find yourselves being drawn to seek out places that feel more light and refreshing (wilderness areas, heart centered homes or churches) .

Antique stores often hold a dense heaviness that comes from the old energy still held in objects from the past. Places, foods, people, and entertainments that previously resonated with you, no longer do. Let them go, for it simply means your resonance is no longer in alignment them no matter how familiar, enjoyable, or comfortable they were at one time.

If your work or life means you must be in the heavier energies, recognize them for what they are and not resisting, for resistance only gives something a power it does not have. Those of you who work with the physically, emotionally, or mentally troubled (nurses, doctors, psychologists, prison workers, and therapists) must remember to keep your energy fields and working space clear and filled with light. Clear through intention and Light between clients or as you go about your duties, never allowing yourself to align with whatever lower resonating energies may be present themselves.

Everyone occasionally finds themselves in the presence of those who are not living up to the highest standards and because your own energy field is now more receptive you may feel the others energy more easily. Keep exchanges always on a level of compassion and not sympathy, because with sympathy you align with the other person’s energy. Always, in every personal exchange at work or in daily living, pause to remember the true Divine Nature of the other no matter what the appearances.

Many accept intellectually that experiences are necessary for change, yet when these experiences actually occur they quickly revert back to questioning; “Why did this happen to me? What did I do wrong?” then proceed to seek only three dimensional solutions, using three dimensional tools, and seeing the situation as a third dimensional problem. Every serious student of truth must accept that they and the world are quickly evolving and things will never again be as they were in the “good old days”.

The higher dimensional energy pouring onto the earth right now is effecting everyone, not just those aware of it. Many are experiencing a variety of “ascension symptoms”–dizziness, headache, nausea, and extreme fatigue etc. A good sign that something is ascension related and not a serious health issue is that ascension symptoms tend to come and go. One day you may be too exhausted to put one foot in front of the other, but on the next day you feel great.

Take naps or rest periods as best you can throughout the day when needed and try not to maintain some heavy duty active schedule that may of worked for you in your former state of consciousness.

Allow the process, trusting that you are right where you need to be and experiencing exactly what you need for the clearing, resolving remaining karma, and integration of any higher resonating energies of Light you are ready for. Many are choosing to leave both in groups and individually at this time. Honor the choices of others whatever they may be, for all is a part of each soul’s journey of awakening.

We are the Arcturian Group 6/26/16

The Arcturians via Sal Rachele, June 21st

The Arcturians: Soul Fragmentation

arcturiancontactgr-270x270Greetings in the light of the Infinite Creator. We are the Arcturians. The channel has asked us to speak on a subject that is rather complex and misunderstood by most on Earth. We will try to make the best possible use of your language. The channel will attempt to clarify any misconceptions brought about by the limitations of your language.

The subject of soul fragmentation must be approached from multiple levels of understanding. From the highest possible level, there is but One Soul because we are all One Being manifesting as individual facets.

In the beginning, the One Being chose to experience itself as individualized fragments, or facets. The common analogy most can relate to is the concept of a pin cushion or sea urchin, whereby the “ball” or center of the creature represents the Godhead, and the spines or tentacles represent the individual souls. As you can obviously deduce in the sea urchin, the spines are an integral part of the creature, but seem to have an individuality because there are sensors in the tips of each tentacle that experience the surrounding environment, relaying information back to the central core about such things as the location of food supplies, water temperature, etc.

God manifesting as individualized souls can be likened to the sea urchin if you imagine for a moment that each of God’s individual sensor points (souls) reports back to God a unique viewpoint using the physical senses (or in the case of disembodied souls as mental/intuitive perceptions).

When an individual, integrated soul leaves the Godhead to experience the outer worlds as an individualized spark of God, the connection to Source always remains intact. However, imagine for a moment that a single tentacle on a sea urchin splits into sub-tentacles that are all still connected to the main tentacle, but now consist of several smaller tentacles each moving in a different direction.  That is the best analogy we have for the idea of soul fragments.

The first set of integrated souls fragment into 12 pieces, or sub-fragments, in the manner of six male-female pairs. Each of these male-female pairs then fragment again as sub-sub pairs, etc., until you have the current number of individual souls that make up your world at present (and all other worlds inhabited by souls). While there are approximately 6.4 billion individual souls upon your planet, virtually all of these began as a set of 12 primary souls extended from the Godhead.

So far our discussion involves only integrated souls – i.e., souls that are whole and complete within their sphere of influence. But what about non-integrated souls? What are non-integrated fragments? How did they become non-integrated, and can they be made whole again? These are the questions we will attempt to answer next.

The picture actually gets more complex when you consider that the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of individual souls representing integrated fragments is only part of the current story on Earth. Now let us take a look at non-integrated fragments. These are pieces of soul energy that get split off from an individual soul and attach themselves to other individual souls. These fragments are incomplete, meaning they do not have enough God essence to become fully conscious beings. They manifest as apparitions, poltergeists, ghosts, thought forms, discarnate entities and the like. They attach to the auras of other souls and contaminate the integrity of such other souls.

Non-integrated soul fragments occur when the emotional or mental body of an individual soul is traumatized by unhealthy alliances, such as possessive love relationships, karmic contract relationships (such as souls torn apart by becoming war casualties, perpetrators or victims of murders, rapes, etc.), and any form of interaction between souls that results in cording, psychic attachments, or entity possession. When we look at individual souls, we often see pieces of other souls embedded in the aura. These may appear as dark blotches, black holes or geometric anomalies. A psychic healer will often remove these energetic attachments and attempt to return them to the souls from which they fragmented. Therapies that specialize in soul integration often include exercises whereby the non-integrated soul travels the universe in search of its missing parts, discovering other souls that have received its fragments, and negotiating with those souls to return the missing parts.

If you have unresolved emotional traumas, have become separated from a loved one to which you were emotionally attached, or have violent karma with another soul, there is a good chance that you have fragments of your own soul attached to these other souls. There are a number of techniques that can be employed to recover your lost soul fragments. The most powerful and effective tool is simply becoming aware of your lost soul fragments and asking your own God Presence to go wherever it is needed to reclaim these lost parts. If you become aware that you have fragments of other souls attached to your auric field, you must release these fragments into the light and ask God to send the fragments back to their rightful owners.

This process is way too complex for most people to consciously undertake, unless you ask your God Presence to do the retrieval and returning. You may experience sudden and intense memories of past loves or past hurts as your God Presence is returning fragments to their rightful owners or retrieving your lost fragments. Once you have cleansed yourself of fragments that do not belong to you, and once you have retrieved all your own soul pieces, the process of integration can begin. You must welcome back your fragments and merge them within your own being until you feel whole again.

After you are back to being an integrated soul, you can then become aware of your higher soul family – the other 11 parts of your original integrated oversoul fragment. This is a very joyous occasion when you begin to make contact with your soul family. At some point, your soul family will re-unite, while at the same time preserving the individuality of each soul. We know this sounds like a contradiction or a paradox, but the ultimate paradox is the fact that all souls eventually merge back into the Godhead, while at the same time becoming individual gods in their own right, free to create like our original God Parents. It’s kind of like when an Earth family scatters themselves around the globe and then comes home for a family reunion. The family is once again together, but each individual has his/her own unique life and experience. Such is the case with soul families.

At another time we will talk about oversouls and master souls. These are names given to the primary rays emanating from the Godhead that gave birth to the 12 members of your soul family. We will also go into the nature of twin flames, although we understand Leah may be a bit more qualified in that department, as she is the twin flame of the channel.

We hope this discussion makes sense. This is a challenge for us, partly because we have just started working with this channel, and partly because this is a complicated subject to most people of Earth. We have, of course, only touched upon the intricacies of this matter, but you will likely have a clearer picture than when we began this discussion. We leave you now, promising to return shortly. We are the Arcturians. We bless you in the Light of the Infinite One.

Channel: Sal Rachele

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, June 12th

Welcome dear ones.   As the new world emerges  you are beginning to see the beliefs and concepts of past generations fade away regardless of attempts to hold them in place by those who find their security in them.

Looking back even a few years and comparing the thoughts of then versus now and you can see how far you have come.  Animal rights as they are today, were unheard of even as recently as 20 years ago.  Women and men both individually and as groups, are coming to realize that feminine energy is not less than the masculine but that both are equal parts comprising the  whole.
Those raised in or taught  beliefs that they were born less than, sinful, or somehow damaged and in need of fixing, are awakening to their true nature and reclaiming the power they ignorantly allowed to be taken from them through these beliefs.
Many of you are  discovering that some troubling issue that heretofore caused pain, anger or frustration no longer effects you as it once did.   When you no longer carry the energy of something, it simply dissolves into the nothingness that it always was because there is no energy to hold it in place. Only the qualities of Divine Consciousness are held in place by law.
The attained consciousness of this truth  serves to eliminate the desire to resist evil, fight error, and struggle against that which you may believe separates you from what you need.  You begin to understand that everything you seek is already full and complete within you and held there by Divine Law.  Evolution  is about moving beyond accumulated  false beliefs  in order to experience who and what you really are.
Every tiny bit of  spiritual consciousness  attained flows automatically as you go about  normal everyday living because truth realized (not just intellectually known) becomes who you are.  You are consciousness, not just a physical bodies.  As you live from your highest attained state of awareness, new truths unfold as you are ready to integrate them, often when you least expect.   Truth is infinite, there is no end.
As individuals awaken, they become aware of their undesirable habits and qualities and begin to take action  (physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual) to remove the “unholy” qualities they have discovered.  (Picture the flagellation of monks and “saints” or those who glamorize the crucifixion in the false belief that suffering or ridding oneself of the physical, is  “holiness”.)
In reality, these sorts of actions are unnecessary and represent un-illumined concepts of the spiritual journey–the journey from sense to soul.  .  The physical body is a sacred container of your consciousness, formed by you and necessary for living  in third dimensional energy.
Resistance to a person, place, or thing bestows it with power it does not innately have.  This means honoring instead of resisting,  negative personal  habits and qualities. Recognize them simply as facets of who you are at this time and  realize that there is no law holding them in place.  Personal qualities of any kind can be powerful tools serving to shine light into one’s belief system and exposing the very concepts and beliefs now manifesting as those negative characteristics you wish to be rid of.
Resistance is as old as mankind.  The soul is always seeking to be acknowledged for who and what it is and for the un-evolved this will manifest in third dimensional form. The yearning of a soul to be consciously recognized will never cease because it is the reality of who you are.  Freedom and wholeness are facets of the Divine, held in  place eternally by Divine law but cannot  manifest higher than an individual’s attained state of consciousness.  Even the murderer believes he is bringing wholeness to some situation.
Resistance often begins when a spiritual beginner suddenly awakens to a truth but is only able to understand it  through his third dimensional state of consciousness.  These often become proselytizers,  declaring to anyone who will listen as well as those who do not, that they know  truth and everyone must believe as they do or be lost.
In their enthusiasm to spread what they believe is the fullness of the only truth, they urge their followers to resist anything  that does not fit  this limited belief system.  Frequently, these dear ones are themselves struggling with the very issues they condemn and seek to eliminate in others.  This is easily observed in the actions of many organized religions.
Resistance is based in the belief that everyone including self is separate from the Divine (their good) but that  this can be corrected  by various physical, emotional, mental or spiritual methods.  Resistance  is often believed  to be the best tool for eliminating issues  determined to be incorrect, sinful, or unacceptable by those who believe themselves to be authorities regarding  right and wrong.
The old testament is a book of rules and regulations, and was necessary for the time when an unevolved society needed rules.  Two thousand years ago an enlightened teacher proclaimed that he came to bring a new testament.  This new testament was meant to supersede the old,  guiding mankind into a consciousness based in love and oneness.  However, to this day, many still hold fast to the rules of the old testament while calling themselves “Christians”.
Not all, but most people and certainly all who read these messages,  have evolved beyond the need for rules and regulations in order to live in peace. You are moving into that new testament state of consciousness,  one in which self as well as all living things are honored and respected as being in and of the Divine. The time has come and  you are ready to move beyond guilt, low self esteem, and all the facets of a third dimensional consciousness.
Resistance can make something relatively unimportant into a powerful enemy needing to be overcome or eliminated.   Unwelcome qualities and habits usually flow from cellular memory, from lifetimes when  these qualities were necessary for survival. Do not struggle, but allow these things to clear  through your inner work and intention to spiritually evolve.

As you move more deeply into living from a consciousness of truth, you will begin to trust the process.  Never forget, in the face of any discord within or without,  that you have a Higher Self, Guides, a pre-birth plan, and that you are here to remember and experience your true self while on earth.  Resistance  lessens as an individual spiritually evolves, for there is the realization that there is nothing to resist, fight, or try to get rid of for all are images in thought.

As with all activities of daily living, there will be times when you will be guided to take  human footsteps which may appear as resistance to others.  If you are guided in this way, trust your intuition.   Never  remain in a violent or abusive situation in the false belief that leaving would be resistance, that the situation is some deserved punishment, or you must stay in order to learn something.  Removing oneself from such  situations is not resistance, but is the honoring and loving of self/Self.
A fine line separates resistance from taking some necessary action. Which it is, depends upon the individual’s state of consciousness.  Is it a consciousness that sees through appearances to the reality followed by some intuitively guided  action, or is it simply an attempt to get rid  of something seen as  power? You are entitled by free will to your choices, but let them be guided from within.
Try not to feel any guilt over fears you may still hold for it is very easy to buy into the world’s universal fears while on earth.  Things to fear are being presented to you 24/7 from governments, churches, experts, and everyone with an opinion.    Those of you who are sensitive to energy often  experience impersonal world fear and believe it to be your own.  Be alert to this, keeping your energy field filled with Light and never claiming these energies to be personally yours.

Allow the process of evolution to unfold in it’s own way which may be very different from what you have come  to expect.  Each journey is personal, for  your lessons and experiences are not the same as your neighbor’s, nor will your experiences  duplicate those you may have read about in spiritual literature.  Every soul is unique, individualized within the One.
Consciousness unfolds as  gentle and silent steps of awareness, winding at times over rocks, and at other times through fields of wildflowers.  Irregardless of the twists and turns of your personal path, or how overgrown it may become at times, remember that it always remains just for you, and has followed you through lifetimes because it was created and put in place  by you and is a facet of your consciousness.
Every soul is permitted by free will to rest or take  side paths as often as they wish but there is comfort in knowing that one’s spiritual path  is forever present and awaiting you.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                       6/12/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, May 29th

   MAY 29, 2016

Dear ones,  once again we speak of love, for love is the glue that holds all things together.  Because the resonance of the world is becoming ever more enlightened, you are seeing and hearing messages and articles about love from many different sources on all levels of understanding.  World consciousness is beginning to open to  love.
You may tune them out in the belief that you have already heard all there is to hear and know all there is to know about love, and in many ways you are correct.  Human opinions and concepts no longer satisfy the individual  able to be taught from within.  Every hidden, deeper truth about  love will unfold as individual consciousness is prepared to receive it.
Love at its purest level is simply the interconnectedness of  Oneness.  The realization begins simply as intellectual knowledge, but when lived and  practiced eventually becomes an attained state of consciousness.  Every truth realized becomes you because you are not a physical body, you are consciousness, a consciousness that formed for itself a physical body to use on earth.
Examine the events of each day, acknowledging those that left you feeling uncomfortable in some way and then ask yourself;   “What was I believing at that moment that caused me to take the actions,  speak the words, or feel these emotions?”  You will discover that you had forgotten to live out from your highest level of awareness.
Old habits die hard, and there never need be guilt for slipping into an old belief system.  Within every negative interaction, love is the component left out.  Love–the realization that each and every one including self,  exists  within the Whole, regardless of appearances that would seem to negate that.
There are occasions when words spoken or actions taken must be stern.  Every individual comprehends according to their attained level of  consciousness and thus what is spoken must be said in a way the other can understand.  As awakened ones, when you need to speak strongly or take  unpleasant but necessary action, you will now do it from a consciousness that acknowledges the spark of Divine Light within the other.  If there is receptivity, this acknowledgement may lift their energy and bring about a shift of some sort.
The Arcturian group wishes to speak of fear because fear is the subtle underlying energy of all human difficulties.  Many fears lie  hidden and unrecognized, until at the right moment, something on a conscious level will align with the fear energy and manifests.  The fear we speak of is not the fear as seen in horror and violent media productions but is a silent, quiet hesitation that affects  every day choices and activities.
Fear manifests on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.  In reality there is only one energy and it is always seeking to align with itself–same vibration, oneness– (like attracts like).   Fear  is simply the alignment (triggered by some event, word, or experience of daily living) of an energy with its counterpart–those negative beliefs and experiences,  etc. still resonating  in cellular or conscious memory.
There are those for whom some past experience has created a fear so intense that it is ever present. These are the phobias that trouble many lives.   Because spiritual Light is flowing ever more intensely at this time,  fear in all its forms is surfacing to be recognized and released.
It is normal to have hesitation with new experiences.  The hesitation we speak of is when some ordinary activity is always accompanied by a holding back, a tightness, or resistance with no conscious reason.  As students of truth, see these experiences as messages pointing to the need for a deeper examination of one’s belief system.  Fear is often  disguised as common sense,  practicality, expert advise, or information based in personal or another’s experience.
Normal hesitation is looking before you cross a road or choose to enter some area that does not feel safe.  This sort of hesitation is guidance from your Guides and Self that  should be heeded.  What we speak of are simple every day actions often accompanied by worry, dark imaginings, doubt, apprehension, trepidation, inflexibility, and irrational emotions having no conscious cause.
In the human scene many of these feelings  are accepted as normal human emotions, but there comes a point in the spiritual journey when you are ready to go deeper and move beyond the  unreal.  Fear in all its forms, has no law to support it having never been a part of Divine consciousness.   Fear is held in place through false beliefs  representing a sense of separation.

The three dimensional scene offers medication, distraction, therapy, and all sorts of solutions for fear.  These things can be helpful  for those at that level of awareness, but you are now ready to go deeper, to acknowledge your Divinity and lay the ax at the root  of any remaining fears in order to become the free and powerful beings you already are.
When emotions reflective of fear manifest during the course of your day, take time then or later, to examine them.  “What do I believe that makes me feel this way?  Is it true?”  That is the most important question a spiritual student can ask themselves…”In the light of the truth I now know and accept, is this belief that I am allowing to influence my decisions, actions, and choices,  valid?”
Never feel guilt over your fears, but begin to see them as  tools of awareness for they point out current beliefs and cellular memory ready to be examined.   Unexplainable fears  usually represent cellular memory–some terrifying or painful experience from a time when mankind’s awareness was very un-enlightened.  Take time to love yourself, speak to your cells sending them Light and telling them that it is ok to release all old energy because it is finished and will never happen again.
Profound experiences  become a part of your energy field, remaining in cellular memory until cleared.  Much clearing is now taking place  in sleep, but some things must be cleared on a conscious level even occasionally needing to  be re-experienced.  Clearings usually take place over a period of time, energetic layers surfacing as an individual is spiritually ready.  This is why issues believed  cleared and resolved  long ago are now resurfacing for many of you.
Ask your Higher Self and Beings of Light to help you, to work through you. Trying to do everything yourself is an old concept reflecting separation–your Higher Self is you and  not a separate “something”.
The energy of duality and separation teaches fear from childhood on.  Babies are born into a world consciousness of fear.  A belief in duality will always manifest as pairs of opposites.  The third dimensional consciousness will always have things to fear, for it is the nature of duality and separation.   However, at a certain point in everyone’s evolution, he moves beyond long held fears and beliefs and begins to live out from a new state of consciousness, one where there is nothing to fear for he knows there is only ONE.
Many still hold tightly to their favorite  concepts of fear simply out of habit and the world’s promotion of them. We do not say you must pretend  a consciousness not yet fully attained, for that would be  very human.   Our message is that it is time to know the truth behind any remaining fears, seeing them for what they are–concepts and beliefs, while at the same time feeling no guilt about taking whatever human footsteps you may be guided to take necessary for your present state of consciousness.
Once realized, the infinite bounty of a Self sustained and Self maintained  Divinity becomes yours without effort, manifesting as ideas, creativity, solutions, and an abundance of whatever is needed because these things are already within you.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                               5/29/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, May 15th

     MAY 15, 2016

Greetings dear ones.  You would be happily surprised by how much light is now pouring forth from many different locations on earth.  Eyes are starting to open, and ears are beginning to hear.  It may appear as if nothing new is happening, as if the world is instead going backward,  but it is not.
Much of the corruption  you are now becoming aware of was previously kept  hidden from the majority within in an energy system that supported it, and anyone seeking expose these activities was simply removed.  There is not more corruption today,  it is simply that through modern technology and an evolving world consciousness, these things are now coming to light.
The world is  awakening to self empowerment and the understanding that they have the ability to choose for themselves.  This is manifesting outwardly in the political scene of the USA.
This is how evolution works in the third dimension.  Throughout history, very evolved mystics and teachers incarnated for the purpose of “seeding” world consciousness with spiritual truth because the human mind ( mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation) is only able to access what is already present in world consciousness.
These teachers were usually considered  heretics or worse and many were killed because of their teachings.   At the time these truths were so new, that very few people were evolved enough to attain a consciousness of them but because the teachings of these Light workers became a part of world consciousness, they are now available to anyone ready and open to receive them.
There comes a point in the evolutionary journey where you will begin to receive whatever information or truth is needed  from within, by-passing the conditioned human mind, This is the source of  true creativity.  Profoundly talented artists of all venues, do not build on what is already known, but allow something wholly new to flow out from a deeper level.
Weather chaos is Gaia’s way of clearing dense energies of the past and present needing to be removed  as a part of her ascension process.   As long as mankind continues to pollute and create the discordant and low resonating energies of war and separation, she will be forced to do her own clearing.
We speak today about forgiveness, a facet of unconditional love that is proving not only to be very difficult,  but has become a block for many as they try to move into unconditional love.  Many of you have had  experiences that hurt you deeply on all levels in this lifetime as well as in past lifetimes.  As a result, you still carry emotions of resentment, hate, anger, shame, guilt, fear etc. in cellular as well as conscious memory.
Because you are now spiritually ready, those energies need to be acknowledged and cleared are  making their appearance.  Triggered by some person or situation  they will often pop up  when least expected, surprising and embarrassing the individual . Stored cellular memory triggered by some event is the root of road rage,  panic attacks, and inordinate fears, as well as many other human conditions.
Regardless of denial or how deeply buried, old energy resonates and influences an individual’s belief system and choices.  Many  have come to  believe that they can never forgive some certain person or persons even through they want to.  For some,  refusal to forgive is a conscious choice, but for those of you well along your spiritual path, choosing forgiveness for self as well as others, indicates a readiness for the next step.

It must be understood that every soul creates a pre-birth soul plan before incarnation.  A plan that involves all the major players necessary for whatever lesson or lessons have been chosen as necessary for spiritual growth.  These players are usually from the same soul group and have experienced many other lifetimes together in various roles even occasionally volunteering out of love to play the “bad guy”.
At various times within your many earthly sojourns,  some one or many have done  physical, emotional, or mental harm to you.  This is true for everyone.   Cellular memory  stores these experiences and until cleared, they are carried forward into each new incarnation. They rarely all manifest fully  in every incarnation unless it is part of an individual’s soul plan.  Cellular memory is why for no conscious reason, you may react to a certain person with dislike or fear when you do not really even know them.
There are some who spend  lives living and proudly identifying themselves as victims, building their whole identity around  events of the past.  This state of consciousness can provide a first step toward self empowerment for one still living fully in the third dimensional belief system.,  but you are ready to see and act from a higher level–one that does not resist, cover up, or claim some trauma to be personally yours.  You ready to  “lay the ax at the root”.
It takes courage to deeply examine those situations still holding you in bondage because understandingly you  would rather not re-live the painful emotions reflective of your state of consciousness at that time.  No matter how deeply you may have tried to bury these experiences, the accompanying anger, shame, fear etc..must be acknowledged as a part of your energy field.    Embracing every personal emotion or thought  with respect, non-resistance, and even love for the lessons provided,  is an extremely important part of loving self/SELF.
Honor yourselves and your emotions,  never seeking to somehow bypass or eliminate them without examination in the belief that they are not a part of true spirituality.  Do not struggle to attain some concept of forgiveness or use it to override the emotions of anger, fear, shame, resentment, etc. that will arise as you seek to forgive.  Acknowledgement of and respect for all facets of self, even the parts you do not like is necessary because self can never be excluded from the ONE.
When you feel ready, ask yourself?  “What did I learn from this experience?  Is the  interpretation I am holding based in third dimensional concepts as presented by a belief system of duality and separation or  am  I allowing myself to see this experience with my new eyes based in truth?”
For example, in the human scene,  childhood abuse often results in multiple problems for the adult.  However, understand that childhood abuse is  frequently chosen as  part of a soul’s pre-birth plan.  It is often chosen by a soul who feels he is now evolved enough and ready to learn self empowerment, move beyond seeking validation from others, and clear old abusive cellular memory still carried from other lifetimes.
Understand that no soul is allowed to plan a life experience that is beyond their evolved ability to  learn from it.   Everyone is always being lovingly guided by their personal Guides as well as other Beings of Light but since most humans are yet unable to see these higher dimensional helpers with human eyes, they believe themselves to be alone,  without help, and that they are victims.
The darkest moments of life are often turning points necessary for growth beyond an old state of consciousness.  For the individual, these dark moments are not perceived as  positive, but will be understood at a later time (even years) when the emotions have quieted and there is  receptivity to  deeper insight.  Trust the process, knowing that once you choose to evolve, you will get whatever experiences are necessary.
Forgiveness never means that the  one  who caused you pain must now become your best friend, nor does it mean you forget what happened.  Forgiveness is not denial, but is an attained state of consciousness that sees the bigger picture and knows that nothing is random.  It understands that all  situations have been created to either resolve and complete something from another lifetime, or to present those opportunities necessary for the attainment of a higher state of consciousness.
Never forget that you are not human beings, you are spiritual beings who chose to experience separation as a facet of your journey toward remembering who and what you are. The dominant energy of duality and separation on earth often allows those ready for deeper awareness, to fall flat on their face as many times as may be necessary until they can say; “There must be a better way.” thus opening themselves to more.
Karmic situations from past lifetimes often enter into the ability to forgive even when the evolving soul knows they are ready to resolve and clear everything old and finished.  Karma is the balancing of energy and not a punishment as many believe.
Once recognized, karma can be resolved and cleared even if others involved are not ready or able to cooperate on a higher level.  It is a matter of going within, recognizing the innate divinity of the other or others,  removing any remaining energetic cords (state your intention and ask for help if you do not know how to remove energy cords),  and then simply moving on knowing it is finished.
As one’s state of consciousness evolves more deeply into truth, remaining karmic energies  automatically dissolve without effort or even knowledge because karma is no longer a part of that consciousness.  Karma is more of an active issue for those still heavily conditioned with third dimensional beliefs.
Forgiveness is a matter of intention, a choice, the asking for help to understand more deeply, and allowing the process to unfold while living at one’s highest level of awareness.  Efforts made to rid  one’s self of negativity or guilt for past actions are unnecessary  because the higher frequencies automatically supercede the lower, simply dissolving them into the nothingness that they  are.  This is the more evolved way of “self improvement”.
You are entering into more difficult tasks of evolution as you clear remaining  debris–sweeping out the corners of your belief system and resolving long ignored or buried issues.  The years of inner work you have done are now shining Light on everything still needing to be cleared or understood from a higher level.   Forgiveness is a component of this.

It is as if you have chosen to go to a movie.  You make the choice and pay to see the story.  You become involved and often experience anger, fear, sadness, pity etc. as the story unfolds.  You experience emotional highs and lows based on whatever action is taking place.  It all feels very real.  Then the curtain closes, the credits run,  and you leave the theater in full awareness that you were an observer.  You do not personally claim the story to be reality.  This is earth school.
The ONE  perfect and unconditioned Consciousness that you are  holds no dreams of separation.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                        5/15/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, May 1st

     MAY 1, 2016

Dear Ones, we welcome you in these times when new and higher states of consciousness are rapidly becoming the norm within  a growing majority.  Many children being born  at this time are actually very evolved Beings of Light who have come not to resolve karma or clear personal energy but simply to assist the ascension process through the addition of their  Light.
This can be observed as you become aware of the many “child prodigies” that seem to be showing up in the world at this time–children far ahead of what has been considered normal in intelligence,  artistic, and psychic abilities.  In reality there are no children for every soul has been through many previous lifetimes.  Allowing the soul in a child body to evolve into their own person is the sacred task of every parent or caregiver.

Dear parents and grandparents, if you have been blessed with one of these “special” children, do not expect or try and force them into the  societal mold you were raised with.  These “new age children”  need independence accompanied by love and structure.  Many a parent of one of these children has discovered that they do not easily fall into blind obedience to some societal rule or another.  Their views need to be listened to and honored, but within the structure of loving guidance and rules tailored to fit their needs and abilities.
Children must be allowed  to feel fresh air,  to experience nature, and  feel dirt on their hands. They must be allowed to do nothing at all now and then–free from rounds of continuous  activity and technological toys.  Parent’s will find their lives become  easier as well with times for doing nothing.   Every soul needs quiet and peace in order to center no matter what his earth age.  Children need love, not continuous activity and  material concepts of love.    Love allows the bud to unfold and  blossom within an energy of safety and security.
Smaller children are not yet fully integrated into third dimensional energy and so many of them  remember their lives and see  friends from the other side.  Some easily see  discarnate beings and may become afraid.  Do not ignore the tales your child may tell about the people in their bedroom.  It can be an opportunity for parents to teach  them that they are never in harms way, and that they have the ability to tell these people to leave.  Frequently children from the other side come to play because the child can see them.  These are the “invisible” playmates so many children speak of and parents often  joke about.
Many “new age” children  are from  planets much evolved beyond earth and are thus totally bored with what they are expected to learn in the world’s  distressed school systems.  They are often diagnosed as ADD and given drugs.    In order to become balanced adults,  children need the art, music, creative activities, and recess that so many schools have eliminated.
Children need challenges that fit their states of consciousness and need to learn how to deal with disappointment as well as success.  It is not loving to teach a child that every thing they do is perfect and always deserving of a blue ribbon because does not prepare them to live among the many states of consciousness they will encounter as adults.
The world continues to view the idea of doing nothing as a negative thing.   Doing nothing is an activity, a very important activity for  adults as well as children.   Allow time do nothing–to lay in the grass of a field or natural area and watch the clouds and feel the sun on your face.  Touch and experience the healing energy of  Gaia.   Gaia is a living soul who has chosen to serve as a planet upon which mankind can evolve.  Love her, honor her, and show her the respect she deserves as a fellow Being of Light.
Too many parents are trying to re-live their own lives through  their children, and too many parents are trying to assuage the personal guilt of having careers that keep them away from home  by  planning activities to fill every free moment or allow technology to be their babysitter.   This is not love, but is simply the belief that providing more and more activities and material goods, along with very little discipline is love.
We speak of this not to cause guilt, but to shed light on a situation that many well meaning parents have gotten caught in.  With present day technology and its many offerings for activity,  busy parents are easily lured into concepts espousing  what is best for children.   Most parents are sincerely trying to do their best for their children while at the same time express their own individuality.
Women in particular struggle with these issues because much of the world continues  to see them as “less than”–their only role meant to be a mother, wife, lover, or even servant of the masculine.   Many places in the world continue to hold obsolete beliefs of the past,  not allowing women to express their more evolved states of consciousness.
As mankind awakens, the masculine and feminine energies move into balance, for balance is the reality.  There comes a  point of readiness in every individual’s spiritual journey when the masculine and the feminine energies already present come  into perfect balance to form the completeness of the ONE.  The masculine, the active, be-er, do-er and the feminine, the intuitive, receptive.   One half is not now nor ever has been, better than the other half.
As  feminine and masculine aspects grow into balance, people will begin to realize that Gaia really is the mother–the source and fountain of all that those living on her, need.  The title of Earth mother is not just a cute saying  for Gaia unselfishly continues to  provide in spite of the disrespect, disregard, and damage she has been and still is subjected to.
The third dimensional belief of separation and unbalanced  masculine/feminine energies has resulted in a world consciousness that continues to use, take, disregard, and see Gaia as simply  a playground for money making activities.  This must change and is changing, as more and more people awaken into a realization of Oneness.

Assist her in  material ways as well as in the spiritual.  As with everything, send love and Light,  recognize who she really is, and act accordingly.   If you don’t already recycle, then start.  As best you are able, pick up  trash you see  in the forest,  along roads, and on beaches.  Educate those around you (especially children)  about the importance of loving and caring for the Mother.   Much of society continues to believe that these things are “not their job”,  but  it becomes every individual’s job when they awaken to the truth of ONE.
The world is  moving into a new and higher consciousness of oneness and  Gaia cannot be left out.  Those who choose to  throw trash in the forests or on roadsides or dump chemicals into the earth and waters, are unaware that they do this to themselves, their families, friends, and children.   Gaia is a living soul and must be treated accordingly by anyone  seeking to spiritually evolve.
Many of you have already or are ready to move into a conscious realization of Oneness.  Once realized, this truth as with  any realized truth,  must be lived and brought into  every aspect of daily living.  You are ready to understand and act from the truth that all  people, animals, plants, elementals  (water, earth, fire, air),  nature spirits, and much more you are unable to see at this time are expressions of the One and only Divine Consciousness. The very dirt beneath your feet is sacred.
Through lifetimes lived in the dark energy of ignorance mankind came to believe that anything other than the human was not valid or worthy of respect.  You can change that because now is a new time dear ones, a time of remembering, evolving into, and  living love.
Love is all there is.  Love is the answer and reality of all you have sought through lifetimes of struggle and search.   You have arrived.  You have moved beyond obsolete beliefs of separation and are qualified now to live and experience  Oneness-Love.  It is time to claim your inheritance.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                                      5/1/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, April 17th

                                  APRIL 17, 2016

We speak to the many concepts  humanity in general still holds about God.  Beliefs and superstitious ideas regarding the nature of an invisible power took form when mankind was still very ignorant and unable to comprehend  real truth.
General consciousness at that time consisted primarily of fear and survival  and so these dear un-awakened ones created for themselves things, ideas, or people they believed would have the power to save and  smite their enemies–gods who reflected their state of consciousness.  These gods were vengeful and violent–early forms of  god made in man’s image and likeness.
Concepts of God have remained a part of mans’ belief system from the very beginning when souls came to earth and forgot who they were–spiritual beings dancing and experimenting with matter, then believing  themselves to be the matter, and thus creating  a veil of forgetfulness.
Every soul seeks someone or something that will satisfy his yearning for wholeness because mans’ true essence  has never forgotten who he really is, that he was created whole and complete from the substance of the Divine.  The search continues lifetime after lifetime, each experience bringing the soul closer to where he needs to look.
It is the story of the holy grail–years of seeking and searching  after which they  came home to find it hanging in a tree.  The Holy Grail is within,  but it is usually only after lifetimes of searching outwardly  that the exhausted seeker gives up and finally  discovers it has been within him the whole time.
The search has  taken many forms over many lifetimes.  Idolatry is one form, the  belief that there is power in  some object, thing, place, or person and then worshiping it.  Many on earth  are unaware that they are idolaters through their worship of fame, power, or money.
Some still see God as a patriarchal old man in the sky wreaking vengeance on anyone who refuses to follow his strict set of rules.  This is the god of the old testament who still reigns for many who call themselves “Christian” in spite of the fact that Jesus declared he was bringing a “new testament”.   This is the preferred god of those who love an excuse to criticize and  judge others or commit acts of atrocity  while staunchly defending their actions with misinterpreted biblical statements.  Many in this group declare that only Jesus is  Divine, and worship him.  This too is idolatry.
Some believe God can be very loving if his rules are not breached.  This is still  a god made in mans’ image and likeness.  Those feeling very “new age”  might even allow that this nice god could be a woman.   All of you in other lives have lived these varieties of god worship.
Then there are those who in the frustration of seeking and never finding,  simply decide that there  is no God.
There comes a time at which the spiritual adept must leave behind all the gods made in mans’ image and begin to understand and embrace the Divine reality of all things as manifestations of the one omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Consciousness that is God.  Sincere people the world over to this day still seek to find and worship the God of their own making through rites, rituals, beliefs, rules, and an arrogant sense of rightness about their personal belief system.
Hundreds of  journeys over hundreds of lifetimes prepare every individual to consciously awaken at some point.  After lifetimes of fruitless seeking outside of themselves, the prepared soul just gives up, often simply deciding that there is no God.  This is the powerful turning point, the end of searching outside of oneself which serves to unblock  and open consciousness to where everything is–within.
God can never be understood or known with the human mind.  There are those who believe that they do this, but God is too vast to be encompassed or understood by a limited human mind, which is why so many concepts of God were created in the first place.
All of you reading these messages are ready to move beyond any remaining obsolete “pie in the sky”  God concepts you may still hold.  Any remaining concepts can act to block  the full realization of yourself as an expression of the One Divine Consciousness which is what you have been seeking  over lifetimes.
You are not a little  bit of God, you are the wholeness of IT,  for ONE cannot be divided.   You have been accumulating the experiences and knowledge necessary to understand this, it is what you have been seeking.   You  are ready  to clear and move beyond all accumulated doubt and false beliefs about yourself and God.
Man is still being taught that he is  sinful and flawed and must follow some set of rules and rituals in order to be cleansed or  he will  be punished.  Divine consciousness does not embody man made concepts.   IT does not recognize what mankind  may choose to be dreaming for  IT only knows what is real.    God is infinitely  being what  IT IS and all that IT IS  is held in place forever by Divine Law.
Ascension is about graduating into a conscious realization of Oneness.  It is about knowing that whatever is the truth about God, is the truth about you.  It is living from a place of knowing that the One Divine Consciousness is manifesting Itself as every person, animal, tree,  and rock regardless of illusory appearances.
Truth is all there is.  What you see as the outer, good or bad, is a mind interpretation of some spiritual idea.   Everything is spiritual, but is perceived  according to each ones attained state of consciousness.  There are those who see trees as living Light, and that Light flowing from one tree to the next, while others simply see the tree as wood to be harvested.   This is a spiritual universe, peopled with sons of God even though to the human eye,it does not seem to be that way.
Your work now, is to live the truth you know in each moment.  Remind yourselves that everything you see,  hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept of a spiritual reality.  Enjoy the beauty of the rose, while  remembering that what you see, smell, and appreciate  is a concept of ever present Divine perfection and beauty–Source continuously pouring Itself forth in infinite variety of form.
Powerful energies of  light are pouring onto the planet at this time and are available to all who are receptive.  You are ready to begin the next and deeper phases of the journey.  It has been a pleasant journey of classes, discussion, and ritual but it is time to go higher now.
An unwillingness to move beyond  some outgrown state of consciousness  usually results in a “wake up call” experience, not  pleasant, but effective.
Living truth can be difficult at first,  often resulting in someone choosing to continue being a student.  It seems  easier when someone is telling you how to be “holy”.   Making the shift from student to master must come at some point whether in this life or another, but powerful energies are in place at this time to make it easier than ever before.
As masters, many of you have already discovered that people are drawn to your energy wanting to know what it is you know.  Some will only be ready for spiritual  baby food,  while others will be ready for the “meat and potatoes” of truth.  Always use discernment and be guided by your intuition as to which is which.   Some can only handle a  tiny seed of truth–something as simple as saying; “I think in  a past life…”.    A tiny  seed of truth has been planted which may or may not take root, but that must never be your concern.
Your concern is only that you  live out from your highest attained state of consciousness,  not holding yourself back  in an effort to please some other person or out of doubt that what you know is really truth.
Living  truth is often thought of as a choice between enjoying life or spiritually evolving.  This concept simply reflects world beliefs of  duality and separation.  The energy of joy is the closest to Divine energy.  Spiritual growth is not the end of having fun, doing the things you love,  or being with others unless you believe it.  The belief of suffering as a quality of spirituality is a lingering false belief based in ignorance and  false interpretations of truth.
Begin the changes you may need to make, gradually.  The spiritual journey is not a race, but the loving, gentle, and gradual awareness and integration of truth.  One person may recognize a need to gradually wean himself from watching or listening to constant news coverage while another may realize that  his habit of continuously seeking to  accumulate more “stuff” is just the belief that this guarantees  security.
It is usually the small and seemingly unimportant habits  that keep one stuck in old energy.  By staying alert to whatever people, acclivities, and beliefs no longer resonate with you, you are able to move beyond them.
Free will is a law, forever honored and respected regardless of whatever choices you make. All are deeply loved and admired by those on this side for the courage shown by humans each day.   Never is or will there be  judgement, for the choice of how you live and believe can never be taken from you.
We simply remind you that the time you have been hoping for is here now, and you are ready. Your hard work over lifetimes has brought you to the brink of a new state of consciousness, should you choose it.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                         4/17/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 3d

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, April 3, 2016.

Arcturian Group April 3, 2016Dear Ones, once again we come in Love with messages of support, for we know you often grow weary within a world that seems to see things so differently from you.

The chaos you observe daily is reflective of the breaking apart of old manifestations as the energy that supported them dissolves. As these manifestations crumble and disappear many struggle to hold them in place through whatever ways they believe are necessary – often violence. These dear Ones can only fail, for nothing can manifest without the energy to form it. New and higher forms will replace them if allowed.

This is where nostalgia often enters in. A weary soul begins to yearn for some imagined past time, believing it to have been better and much easier. This can be a slippery slope for those seeking to spiritually evolve for it has the potential to hold one in bondage to concepts. However, for the enlightened, nostalgia can serve as a path into a deeper understanding of self vs SELF. A sense of nostalgia when recognized as such can illuminate deeply held concepts and beliefs still needing to be seen and cleared.

Nostalgia is simply the material sense of that yearning for peace that all souls unconsciously know is their birthright. Because now is such a powerful time filled with new energies pouring to Earth, clearings of old belief systems – and change – it is understandable that many have become world weary, even choosing to leave, especially those who do not understand what is actually going on. No one can recreate and live in the past – although many have tried.

Every generation reflects the consciousness of that particular time – the clothes, transportation, morality, laws etc. but all these things evolve as consciousness evolves. There was a time when the only mode of transportation was a horse, when women were not allowed to vote, and when humans were used as slaves, but the world in general has evolved and will continue to evolve as individuals awaken, each adding more Light to Universal consciousness.

Living in the past or the future is life lived on the level of the three-dimensional mind that sees everything as either good or bad. It can never be true living for that can only take place in the now moment. If you are one who enjoys books and films about other times or fantasy, that is fine but enjoy them without nostalgia or yearning, seeing them as the entertainment they are.

You are only required to live out from your highest sense of right in each moment and that is different for every individual. Do not expect an unevolved person to be loving and happily getting along with everyone, for he has not yet attained that state of consciousness. This awareness allows you to move beyond the personal guilt and resentment that comes up regarding roads not taken, angry words said to others, or unloving actions taken in some past time.

You were expressing your highest attained state of consciousness at that time. If you were to say or do those same things now, you would not be living out from your highest attained state of consciousness because you have evolved. Allow experiences of the past (the good ones as well as the not so good ones) to take their place as finished and move on, knowing they have only the power you give them.

Try not to fear or panic as you observe chaos in the outer scene. Limit your involvement with television news and much of its programming. Media in general has become simply a propaganda tool for promoting violence and the idea of humans as ignorant and stupid, all of which is serving to keep fear and obsolete concepts alive and well.

It is often only through what appears as chaos that change can happen. Much of what you are observing at this time represents the effect energy changes are having on the un-enlightened. Confused and angry, they lash out in whatever ways they can for they do not understand nor do they care to understand the deeper issues of energy and change taking place on Earth at this time.

Try not to despair when you see scenes of chaos in the news or hear the words of politicians so desperate for power and your vote that they say whatever they think you want to hear instead of having any original or new ideas of their own. Not all, but most see the world through concepts of the past and are thus unable to move into anything higher than what is already known.

This is the reason a totally-unqualified candidate appeals to so many – he represents change, albeit backward change, but change. The political arena does not want change for change may lessen their personal power. Most are incapable of seeing solutions other than through what is already known and it is the consciousness of the public that allows these old energies to remain in place. As the world becomes more enlightened, these self-serving so called “leaders” will disappear. The energy will determine who is elected.

Living each day according to your highest sense of right automatically guides you into whatever higher levels of consciousness you are ready for and in turn adds Light to the world-consensus consciousness. This is how mankind evolves. Try not to get too involved in the nonsense of an unaware world. Stand back and allow them to shout and play their games while you go about being, living, speaking, and knowing your and their Oneness with Source.

When you engage in anything, you are automatically giving energy to it, no matter how righteous you believe your position to be. You have entered into a new time, a time in which you must move beyond your old state of consciousness or be left behind. Opinions can be offered when appropriate, but do not give them a power for good or bad.

How is it possible to love those I really don’t like? Trying to love others humanly can be very difficult because the human consciousness will always interpret some as loveable and others as not so loveable. As awakened individuals you are ready to understand that only God is love and only God can love. Humanly you have no love to give. Abundance, joy, peace, creativity etc. are God qualities and to seek them outside of one’s self or claim them as yours personally is duality and separation. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes not.

As you learn to get out of the way and let God love through you, you will find yourself loving and expressing the qualities of Divinity without thought. How to do this? Through your inner work and the realization of yourself and every living thing as Divine, this awareness gradually becomes your state of consciousness. As you begin living life from this higher state of consciousness, you will find yourself expressing love automatically and without thought or struggle. It is who you have become and many of you are already experiencing this.

Trust that all is proceeding as it should, knowing that you are spiritual Beings who came to Earth with a plan you yourselves created, and are being guided throughout your Earth stay, even if it does not seem that way. The things that seem to be so difficult represent illusion, the misinterpretations you created throughout many unawakened lifetimes, much of which you may still hold in cellular memory.

This is why you are here. You recognized that the powerful energies of these times on Earth were perfect to help you remember and discover who you really were while allowing you to finally end the cycles of unawakened lifetimes and clear remaining obsolete energies from cellular memory.

You all have come a long way through many lifetimes of struggle, but that is ending. You have awakened. Much that previously seemed so real and powerful no longer holds power over you and long-held fears are dissolving into the nothingness that they always were.

Never deny appearances, good or bad, but simply acknowledge them for what they are – mind interpretations of a Divine reality. It is fine to rejoice in the birth of a child, but know that this is just as much an illusion as the weak and dying. Appearances of both good and bad are illusory. Only God and the qualities of that Divine consciousness are real, lasting, and held in place by law.

Rest more, relax more, trust more. Most of you are clearing old cellular memory at this time which can leave you feeling flu-like symptoms. Taking drugs or trying to “fix it” in some way will interfere with your clearing process. Just go with it, knowing that you cannot take old energies with you and rejoicing that they are being cleared.

There are those who continue to take classes and study long past the point where these tools are needed. There is a point at which the continuous seeking and searching must end as it can only serve to hold you as a perpetual student and thus one who will never become the master. It indicates a consciousness of separation. To live a consciousness outgrown is very human.

Some of you have been serious spiritual students throughout your life, and are comfortable with studying and seeking as it is familiar and is what you have always done, but once you find what you were seeking you must begin to live it. Some may be guided to become teachers at this point.

Do not misunderstand. We are not saying you must never take a class or read spiritually-inspired books. We are saying that once you awaken to who and what you are, the tools must become the “added” things, no longer holding the importance they once did because you are now ready to be taught from the Self within.

Practice what you know in every experience that comes your way – physically, mentally, emotionally. Hold to the Truth in all appearances and situations and gradually Truth will become your attained state of consciousness.

Live each now moment remembering I AM.

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group. Channelled by Marilyn Raffaele. April 1, 2016.

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, March 20, 2016.

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele. March 20, 2016.

Arcturian Group March 20, 2016Dear Ones, welcome to a time when things seem the same for much of the world, but not for you who are awakening.

Many of you are beginning to have new and unusual experiences as well as deeper insights that the others are unaware of. Keep on keeping on for evolution is moving toward a new Earth and a new state of consciousness for those who choose.

We wish to talk about money, a topic that seems to cause much chaos and many problems for the world. The human belief system regarding money is built around duality – the consciousness of money as a “good” that must be attained or an “evil” to be rejected. Both are false being based in a general ignorance of truth often along with the desire of many for power. Money is a medium of exchange in and of itself having no power other than the power you give it.

Every soul is seeking to find and remember Itself, to rest in the peace and joy and love of once again experiencing who and what it really is. When an individual incarnates into third dimensional energy, he comes with a plan for whatever experiences are necessary for his evolutionary process. Once in the denser energy of the third dimension he forgets this, but retains that deep yearning for completeness. Not understanding that what he is feeling is spiritual, he begins to seek outwardly for whatever he believes will bring him happiness according to his attained state of consciousness.

Seeking and struggling for some perceived good (often money) in the outer, no matter the cost to others, is how much of the world still functions. It is the source of all criminal behavior, power struggles, dishonesty, religiosity, and on and on. Every individual is seeking to experience their innate wholeness, but not yet aware that it lies within, they turn every which way in the outer until in some lifetime at some point they give up and start looking within to where it is.

Money, as well as all forms of abundance, is a mind interpretation of the ever present completeness and wholeness within every individual. Mind can only interpret and manifest outwardly according to the attained state of consciousness and personal belief system of each. If Divine wholeness was not already embodied within, it could never appear outwardly, because the outer is the inner.

Abundance is an infinite and always present Divine law, but the universal belief in duality and separation has resulted in a world of lack and limitation. In duality there will always be the pairs of opposites (abundance and scarcity) and with separation there will always be some who have and some who do not. These beliefs are being continually reinforced by the consensus consciousness.

The Law of Abundance is easily observed in nature – the leaves on the trees, the blades of grass, the flowers in the fields and the birds of the air. Nature when allowed, always functions according to a Law of Divine Abundance. The time has come for evolving mankind to begin the process of moving beyond obsolete beliefs of lack and its many forms, for in reality there is no such thing as lack.

Lack, especially in the form of money, is a very difficult belief to move beyond. It and lessons of relationship represent the two most difficult blocks for the human consciousness. Beliefs of lack and limitation have developed to the point of becoming human laws because for the most, all previous lifetimes were lived fully enmeshed in third dimensional energy.

Cellular memory – until cleared – still carries energies associated with experiences of poverty and starvation from some of those lifetimes. However, human laws – as real as they may seem to be – are only beliefs that can never supercede Divine Law.

Gratitude is a powerful key for unlocking of abundance because it is the acknowledgement that “I have”. Start with what is familiar, giving gratitude to the Divine within you for everything no matter how mundane or seemingly unimportant it may seem. Begin to acknowledge abundance everywhere around you even with something as simple as noticing the nice suit someone is wearing or a beautiful home you admire.

Start saying grace before meals if you don’t already, making it a recognition and gratitude for your Divine wholeness manifesting outwardly as food. Allow the simple mealtime prayer to move beyond the memorized and rote thanking of some far off concept of a God who picks and chooses who to bless – the God man has created in his own image and likeness.

In expressing gratitude to another for anything, you automatically acknowledge and honor Self when you realize that this has not come from the other but through them. There is no “other” and within the realization of ONE, all things simply move from one pocket to the other. This is why it is so very important to stop looking outwardly for anything – your good, happiness, or fulfillment. An evolved state of consciousness knows that all good flows from within, but appears to come from others.

As you begin to accept the truth of who and what you are, honoring and loving yourself as Divine Beings, you will find yourselves automatically feeling gratitude for everything. This happens because you are now able to recognize every physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual experience (the pleasant as well as the not so pleasant), to be a teacher.

Abundance appears in infinite form and variety according to the need of the moment. Money is only one form of abundance. When you open a bill, or look in your wallet and declare; “I don’t have” you can be assured that that is exactly what you are creating, for you are creators. Even if you have only one meager coin of the lowest denomination look upon it without judgement and acknowledge; “I have.”.

As with every aspect of spiritual evolution, intellectual knowledge of a truth is only the first step. You cannot sit in the absolute waiting for a bag of money to drop from the sky (although this could happen if you had the consciousness of it). Know the truth and then take whatever human footsteps you are guided to take, be it employment or assistance of some sort. Let your actions be what resonates with you, and not what others may be telling you to do for their guidance – as well meaning as it may be – is representative of their state of consciousness and not yours.

Keep yourself open and guided with regard to all employment opportunities, not just the “perfect job”. Taking a job that you consider to be beneath you and performing it to the best of your ability, sends a message of intent to the Universe that you are serious about experiencing more abundance and are ready to receive. Often another more suitable form of employment will soon present itself. All employment is service and any job you hold can be Light work when done in an energy of Love.

Begin the flow of “I have” through giving on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. It can be as simple as taking time to find used clothes and items to donate. Let go completely of the belief that when you give, this automatically means less for you. You have moved beyond that state of consciousness and now understand that everything flows through you from an infinite well of abundance and not from a limited personal stash.

Use every giving as an opportunity to realize “I have” because “I am”. Let the energy of your Divine wholeness flow where you are guided to let it flow in the realization that you are not expected to lift the whole world, for there are still many who need the old. Remember always to listen closely to your intuition for it occasionally happens that an enthusiastic student unknowingly becomes an enabler.

Lack must be understood for what it is – a belief based in duality and separation having no law to support it – illusion. The fear and panic that arises from not having enough is what drives crime and perpetuates the sense of separation. We understand your struggles. Our message today is that you are now ready to begin seeing and experiencing money as energy and not material even though it appears that way.

Take some material money and feel it, hold it, and realize that it is a material concept representing the completeness of the Divine Consciousness that you really are.

Divine Consciousness is Self sustained and Self maintained embodying all that is and holding it in place eternally by Divine Law. It can never be more or less, nor can it change or be absent for it is all there is and must therefore be the substance from which you were formed.

“I am the substance from which money is formed.”

We are the Arcturian Group

The Arcturian Group via Marylin Raffaele, March 6th

       MARCH 6 2016

Dear ones,  we speak from a place of love and respect for  you and the tremendous work you have undertaken and are now manifesting.  We also observe many of you  feeling weak, sad, and even occasionally distraught as you begin to see with new eyes and hearts open which  allows you to recognize how differently life on earth could be.
During the unavoidable  “down times” of this intense journey, try to avoid slipping into negativity by acknowledging that everything you witness has no real law to support it.  Never deny appearances, but learn to see through them.  Love all involved  (by recognition of their true nature), and move on.  Resistance to anything simply endows it  power it does not really have.
We wish to return to the topic of change.  There are many embracing change for the world and others but forget  (ignore?) change for themselves in the belief that they are right where they are supposed to be already.
The new and higher energies are serving expose everything old, dense, and finished–the innate errors of much  that the world and individuals still hold as truth and acceptable behavior.  When some world belief no matter how widely accepted is recognized as being false, the person must then begin to live out from this new awareness instead of choosing  to ignore it as an inconvenience to what has become his way of life.  This is why “wake up calls” occasionally need to  happen.
At first, living out from some new awareness can result in a bit of inner as well as outer conflict.  Inner change  automatically creates an energetic separation from those who are now of a different resonance. These are usually people you know well and often companioned with  who still know and love the “old” you.  Discords can occur because you are no longer on the “same page” energetically with certain members of your family, friends, or organizational group.
This does not mean you suddenly refuse to be with those people you have known and still love.  It simply means that when you are with them you will discover that you have less in common and see many things differently which often results in a gradual falling away of the previous closeness.
There are some who attempt to return to and continue in a state of consciousness they have outgrown.  These dear ones  hold desperately to some person,  place, or thing, trying to recreate the past.  This happens often in romantic relationships where one will pretend to be who they used to be in order to please the other and  keep the relationship going.  You cannot go back asleep after awakening and to ignore this is very human.
Awareness and love of self manifests as a new sense of courage.  Courage to try new things regardless of what others may think or perhaps the courage to finally leave an abusive situation you had believed was fulfilling some karmic debt or teaching you patience.  Being spiritual never means allowing yourself to be treated abusively.
Learn to recognize and move beyond common forms of self abuse as well.  Many do not consider the mental, emotional, and even physical, abuse they inflict upon themselves to be real abuse.  You are the Divine in human form,  would you abuse the Divine?
Spiritual enlightenment attained on earth is not for wimps.  It takes great courage and strength to do it and is why you are observed, admired, and loved by so many on this side.  The journey is difficult especially in the beginning because everything  previously held to be truth begins to dissolve  and the awakening one feels as if the “rug is being pulled out” from under him.  As the security of his whole belief system collapses there follows an extremely traumatic period of doubt and fear.  He has one foot in both worlds so to speak.
This experience can be  intense and very frightening especially for someone committed to a particular belief system.   Everything previously held as ultimate truth is falling away, but they have not as of yet attained the strength of the new state of consciousness being birthed.    As higher levels of truth become familiar and not so frightening, the person gradually embraces his new awareness  evolving into  a new and higher state of consciousness.  Know that evolution is an ongoing process–earth experiences represent the lower rung of a very high and ever unfolding ladder.
When a person is ready to evolve into a new state of consciousness it happens, like it or not.  He will get opportunity after opportunity to embrace the higher truth he is ready for and if ignored they will simply continue in new forms until he  “gets it”.  “What about free will?” you may ask.    Yes, free will does enter in to it and can serve to delay the process, but the purpose of all experience is to awaken to who and what you really are which is why you chose to be here.
A good example is that when an individual is spiritually ready to move into a more evolved sense of relationship  (choice versus need)   he/she will usually experience one relationship after another which fail, ending in hurt and confusion.  The individual compares himself to others and tries to bring about a happy relationship in all the three dimensional ways promoted by society not realizing that he is has evolved beyond these concepts.
Heartache and failure will usually turn the individual inward where he  begins to understand that he is whole and complete already and not half of a couple  as he has been led to believe.  His new awareness of self completeness can then  without effort manifest outwardly without as a perfect companion–if it that is still his choice.  Completeness for many is simply the freedom that comes with not having a partner.
Everyone on earth at this time wanted to be here.  It is a powerful evolutionary time.  Each day more and more awaken while at the same time the Light is exposing a tremendous amount of pain and discord.  Try not to be discouraged by what you observe in the world but recognize it for what it is–the long hidden dense energy of conflicts and experiences  going back hundreds of centuries  in need of clearing.
Send and see ever present Light whenever and wherever you observe discord,  not resisting or believing it to be the reality for the third dimension is a dimension of illusion–outer appearances reflecting the  un-awakened consciousness of a majority based in beliefs of duality and separation.  The world is NOT the illusion,  how it is perceived according to ones state of consciousness is the illusion.
It is as if you are viewing the world through a dirty window.  Each new awareness of truth, wipes a bit of the dirt off.  There will always be  pairs of opposites in the third dimension regardless of how hard one may try to change  bad appearances into  good ones for they are simply two sides of the same coin.
Your job as awakening souls  is to see through these appearances.  See the Light within every individual even when you can only perceive a pin point.  Know that all  are in and of the ONE regardless of how they act or the depth of their unawareness.  Recognize the truth about every person who comes to your awareness–strangers  as well as family and friends.   This recognition can actually cause a shift in another’s consciousness if they are receptive–no words being said and no actions having been taken
As you observe U.S.  politicians playing  “king of the castle”,  acknowledge their innate Light.  This does not indicate an agreement with them or their antics, but means that you are seeing with a higher vision.  Doing this with every person,  place, or event throughout your day makes you a Lightworker.  You are training your  mind to interpret in new ways and helping it access  deeper sources of information.   An  un-enlightened  mind  can only draw upon what is already present in the universal consensus consciousness.
This is why dreams  seem to be very bizarre at times.  You may be having a profound spiritual lesson or experience while asleep but the mind is unable to connect it with available knowledge and so it simply makes something up.  A great deal of clearing is taking place in the sleep state, so if you find yourself dreaming about some person or event over and over, it may well be the clearing of lifetimes of energy related to that person or experiences.
The intense periods of clearing taking place at this time may involve people and issues you believed long resolved or some totally new physical, emotional, or mental issue may suddenly appear in your life.  Cellular memory accumulated through hundreds of lifetimes is often energy you no longer relate to in any way,  but still unknowingly carry.  Any intense experience remains in cellular memory through lifetimes until you are evolved enough to clear and move beyond it.  You are there now.
The clearing and integration of new energy often leaves an individual feeling tired and drained.   Rest when you can, never believing that you have failed in some way because you seem to be doing nothing.   There often comes the sense that  nothing is happening during the integration process but on the spiritual journey, something is always happening.  Allow yourself more breaks in your normal everyday hectic schedules with no guilt about it.  Beliefs that declare resting or doing nothing as laziness are simply carry over concepts from times past when  those who didn’t work hard, didn’t eat.

Love yourselves fully including every part of your physical body–every organ and every function regardless of how things may appear.  Let  go of the obsolete habit so many still hold of withholding love to self until some accepted criteria of perfection can be achieved.  Love your emotions regardless of how they may shock, embarrass, irritate you when they pop up.  Love every person you see, every animal, plant, and rock.  Love the devic, elemental, nature spirit kingdoms as well as Gaia herself for you are each and every one of them.  You are ONE.
Love is the key–the resolution, the ending, the opening, the fullness of all things.  
You are ready.
With great love and appreciation we are the Arcturian Group                        3/6/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele

           FEBRUARY 21, 2016

Dear ones, greetings from the Arcturian group.  We see you eager and aware and growing more so each day.  It is a time of celebration on this side as we observe the Light of mankind becoming ever more bright.  These times have been anticipated eagerly by all on this side working with Gaia and her people.  Know that you are loved immensely and honored for the courage and bravery you show in the midst of so much turmoil and struggle arising to be cleared at this time.
We wish to speak of the great gains you have made in your journey because many believe nothing has changed.  This is because without your realizing it, your evolving consciousness has become your ordinary.  Take a moment to examine the you of ten, five, or even one year ago and you will see how much you have grown and changed in attitude and beliefs.  Issues that seemed important, valid, and unchangeable to you, no longer seem even worth the effort of concern.  You have moved to new levels of awareness.
Some of you still believe that a powerful religious  experience must take place or you are not truly evolving.  No dear ones, the spiritual journey consists of one footstep at a time (some of which may be “bloody” footsteps),  each one bringing you ever forward into a new and higher state of consciousness.  Some will have powerful inner experiences and others will not, but do not seek them as proof of your spirituality or believe that they are necessary.

Never judge your spiritual worth based on stories of the “saints” and sages. Their miraculous experiences more often than not, have been exaggerated and embellished by those wishing to impress others and validate their own personal beliefs.  The mind forms energy.  If a seriously religious  individual were to dwell on the wounds of crucifixion continually, it is very possible he could  manifest them for himself.  Just a thought to ponder.
Arcturian group wishes to discuss awareness– physical, emotional, and mental awareness.  What am I aware of on each of these levels?  Awareness serves to illuminate the belief system–the ideas you may still be holding that resonate with old and finished energy.
Physically, do you  believe that the body governs you, that you at the mercy of it?  Are you giving inordinate power to  the medical profession, drugs and treatments?  How completely do you accept the many beliefs regarding age and deterioration, many of which are promoted simply for the financial benefit of drug companies?
You are  evolving into a consciousness of Oneness with Source.  You cannot be Divine consciousness and at the same time be a victim of the  body you yourself formed for use on earth.  What are you creating, what do you wish to create?  Are you aware that you– YOU/consciousness formed and govern your body?
Begin to understand that this YOU is in charge and is the power and energy maintaining and  sustaining the body. The body does not govern you, YOU govern it–manifesting the outer according to your soul plan and attained state of consciousness.
The general public is not aware that every bill board or action promoting some fight against a particular disease, establishes it more firmly in world consciousness.  The choice of when to leave the physical body is made by each soul on a level they are not consciously aware of.  Their disease may be their chosen “out”.
Now, many of you are saying; “My friend was very spiritually evolved and she/he died.”  Yes, this is not to say are to ignore a problem or are never to consult the medical profession because to stubbornly stand in absolute truth before it becomes an attained state of consciousness is very human.
These are the steps we speak of.  Firstly know the absolute truth– I am Divine Consciousness and therefore complete and whole in every way.   State your intention to find the solution that most closely resonates with your energy.  Go within, listen, and then take whatever human footsteps you feel guided to take. You may get direct information on how to handle the situation without outside help or you may be guided to the medical person or  holistic practitioner that is right for you.
Intuition speaks very softly like a nudge or an “knowing” guiding you to the right person be the need legal, spiritual, or medical.  Guidance comes in unlimited ways; as a name that stands out  in the phone book, someone mentioning a person in conversation, or your remembering a particular professional that you resonated with at another time. The manifestation of a consciousness of completeness is limitless.  Believing that solutions must or can only come in a certain way limits the flow and acts to block the experience.
Awareness of the emotional body is the process of honestly examining any issues that “push your buttons”.  When you find yourself reacting to some person, place, or thing, and  judging it as good or bad, it indicates an issue in cellular memory needing  recognition.   Reactions are gifts, tools not to be shoved aside with guilt or repression, for they serve to make you aware of issues needing deeper examination.
Emotions of anger and hurt from some  past experience long believed to have been  resolved can and often do reappear even when the experience was many years ago.  This never indicates failure on your part but instead indicates your attained spiritual readiness now to go deeper and more completely realize, release, and move beyond  the experience.
Powerful experiences leave an imprint in cellular memory and continue to  manifest as inordinate fears, attractions, desires  etc. until cleared.  Much of what you are now spiritually resolving you have  carried with you through many other lifetimes but only in this lifetime were evolved enough to address.
Awareness of the mental body means taking time to seriously and honestly examine everything you think and believe to be  truth.  Beliefs presented and accepted by you through   parents, schools, churches, and  “experts”, as well as strongly held beliefs brought with you from past lives serve to form your belief system.  However, much of what individuals hold to be true simply represents whatever beliefs are popular at the time.
Examination of one’s belief system often results in recognizing a need to detach from some organization or group– one that served fully at one time, but no longer resonates with the individual’s new state of consciousness.  There are those who choose to stay in outgrown places simply for companionship and familiarity but this will serve only to stagnate the evolutionary journey.  The window on earth for ascension is NOW.
We  remind you of the importance of self examination on all levels because it is a powerful  tool for discovering beliefs you may be ignorantly still holding. The material world manifests concepts of the spiritual reality–interpretations of a collective consciousness  conditioned by beliefs of good and bad and separation.   You are ready to pull aside the curtain of material sense and fully embrace the realities you will find there.
Some, after discovering God and being “saved”  choose to coast through life in the belief that once “saved” they need do nothing.  They then wonder why their lives may seem to fall apart at some point along the way.  No dear ones, it is true, your innate Self does embody all the qualities of the Divine but this must become your attained  state of consciousness before it can fully manifest outwardly.
It is important to have quiet time at least once a  day in which you contemplate and rest in truth after stating your intentions and sending Light to your cells, chakras, and the world. You will be intuitively guided to other actions as well because in silent awareness, you become receptive.   This is the evolutionary journey, and these are the footsteps.
Examine your belief system on all levels, discovering for yourselves the areas  in which you may be more susceptible to world beliefs.  Past life experiences and cellular memory cause individuals to be open to some beliefs more than others.  A person who has experienced many lifetimes of poor health is often more receptive to world concepts of disease while another  tortured in one or more lives for speaking out may be more susceptible to beliefs regarding laws and regulation–always fearful of not doing what they are told.
A person who has spent many lifetimes committed to organized religion may still blindly and without question, be drawn to it again in the belief that all religious doctrine is truth.  The ability to recognize one’s deeply held false beliefs and move beyond them comes when you start to seriously  work with and trust your intuition, not dismissing what comes to you as unimportant.
If you have not already done it, state your intention to evolve, to clear and move beyond all remaining obsolete cellular memory.  Withdraw attention from all the third dimensional promotions and hype that constantly bombard you.
Become your own authority, taking back the  power you ignorantly gave away, and be who you already are.
We are the Arcturian Group                                                              2/21/16

The Arcturians via Marilyn Raffaele, February 7th

FEBRUARY 7, 2016

Dear ones,  we greet you in love with information and encouragement regarding your spiritual journey.  For most of you, all is proceeding according to plan even when it seems nothing is happening.  The process of clearing everything  old and finished while integrating the new involves time and energy for the human form and this often manifests as a lack of energy, tiredness, and malaise.  Honor the process by allowing yourselves to rest more.

The moment an individual  chooses to evolve no matter how many years or lifetimes ago it may of been, the “train leaves the station”.   Many of you specifically chose to be here at this time of  powerful ascension energy in order to complete any remaining third dimensional lessons and “graduate”.
This is why some of you have had so many painful and difficult experiences during your life.  Know that the moment you say “Show me the way.”  and began to seriously seek truth,  you are giving permission for whatever remaining experiences may be necessary for your full awakening.
Revisit the most painful experiences with your now more evolved awareness and ask; “What did I learn from this?”  You may well find yourselves blessing and thanking those who gave you your most difficult times for these experiences serve to force an examination of one’s belief system followed by an ability and willingness to begin releasing whatever concepts and beliefs were involved in the situation.
It is time to let go of whatever traditions, rituals, and actions you may still believe  necessary for your spiritual growth.  This belief imbues things or actions in the outer with  power they do not innately have as all power is within.  In the beginners journey, the tools are  important and serve as a bridge to deeper awareness.  Once an individual attains the consciousness of all power being within, he no longer needs the tools, they have served their purpose.
We do  not say you cannot enjoy these things.  It can be uplifting and exciting to attend some service or ceremony, light symbolic candles, work with crystals for their energy and oils for their healing properties.  Chant, drum, dance, etc. etc. as much as you wish, but do it with the understanding that these things cannot make you more  complete and whole than you already are.
We see many sincere students of truth  still struggling to be “perfect” according to some societal concept of spirituality and then believing themselves to be failures when they are unable to live up to the criteria.  Concepts of spirituality for the most part represent a world that itself does not understand that everything is spiritual, not just certain things deemed to be spiritual by some “expert”.
There is no purpose or benefit in struggling to meet some human standard of perfection and you will understand this fully as you move into the realization that you are already innately perfect and whole and always have been.  The consciousness of mankind in general does not know this and thus  perfectly manifests myriad universal images of duality and separation.
It is only through loving yourselves–warts and all,  that you can come to love others unconditionally.  A common misconception is that love is always be accompanied by a “loving” emotion or it is not love.   Then you see someone doing something despicable, and think, “I cannot feel love for this person.  I must be a spiritual failure.”
It is ok to acknowledge when  someone is acting like a jerk, even when you discover the jerk to be yourself.  The ability to observe does not disappear as you spiritually evolve but need not be accompanied with guilt, for sincere observation and then examination is a powerful tool for growth.
Living unconditional love does not mean you must invite every person to your home,  try and become their friend, or vote for them, but it does mean acknowledging the spark of Light within every living thing including self, regardless of how unawake they may appear to be.
No dear ones, unconditional love is not always accompanied by a loving emotion (although that is often a part of it)  but is simply the natural flow of a consciousness that understands the core of all life to be Divine regardless of  appearances to the contrary.  It is a state of consciousness that  recognizes all negative actions to represent  a consensus consciousness of separation–from God and all others.
The evolved consciousness also understands that there are some  who need to spend time away from society or be disciplined according to their level of awareness if that person is to spiritually grow.  Unconditional love never means being a door mat, nor does it prevent you from leaving some situation that may be physically, emotionally, or mentally harmful.   Unconditional love is the process of acknowledging reality in spite of any appearances while taking whatever appropriate actions you  are are guided to take.
There are no failures, only learning experiences.  If everything was perfect all the time, how would you learn?   You chose the energy of the third dimension as your path of evolution specifically because of the challenges and learning opportunities within duality and separation and when a soul graduates from “earth school” they will be powerful guides for others.
There comes a point where the very difficult personal lessons cease as you no longer need them in order to evolve–life becomes easier.  Many of you have arrived or are quickly  arriving at this place in your journey and are enjoying being guided from within instead of frantically  seeking and studying in the without.
Many serious spiritual students continue to experience a sense of failure  when they stumble or revert to some old habit.  Loving yourselves includes non-resistance and agreement.  Whenever you find yourself saying or doing something unloving, just say to yourself “Oh, that was interesting…yes, I could of handled that better.”  You make amends if any are needed, but then pick yourself up and move on–lesson learned.
Everything has only whatever power you imbue it with.  No human word or action can alter or change Divine Reality.   Take time to examine whatever beliefs, issues, trends,  concepts,traditions, laws,  etc. you are still giving power to.
Learning to love self  is frequently blocked when a student starts to compare himself  with societies’ heroes and saints.   No one can ever know the inner world of anyone else–their struggles or who they really were.  What you know of them is often simply someone’s biased opinion  representing whatever current concepts of greatness may be in vogue.
Being famous  is often part of a chosen pre-birth plan for the purpose of learning some necessary life lesson and has nothing to do with being better than another.  In reality, no one person can be more “holy”, better, more blessed, or gifted, etc. than another for all are in and of the ONE.
The ONE  manifests Itself in infinite form and variety but over lifetimes and through experience everyone becomes very good at certain things. There really are no child prodigies, it is simply that these young talents have had lifetimes of doing it.  You all have certain abilities that are easy for you which others may find difficult–you have done these things before.
Everyone who is extremely good at what they do has spent lifetimes getting to where they are now. It begins  simply with a craft, a dance, a play, a song, or interest in something scientific.  Then in following lifetimes they pursue more information and techniques, seeking out,discovering, and practicing as best available for the time. Each lifetime builds upon the previous.  Hence is born a prodigy or child genius.  You bring your attained state of consciousness with you.
Learn to accept and honor who you are right now–the not so aware you just as much as the aware you.  You are only expected to live from your highest awareness and when you do,  more is given.  As you learn to trust your intuition, you will discover that you are immediately aware of  when something could of done or said in a more loving way.
Love is the  answer to every issue facing mankind on earth at this time.  Every seeming insurmountable problem, large or small could be resolved with Love, which is why you may have noticed that the topic of Love seems to be increasingly pouring forth from  spiritual teachers representing all paths and modalities.
Pollution, war, and lack or limitations of every sort can not manifest from an energy of Love (Oneness).  The more the people  embrace this truth, the more light can and will shift the old paradigm into the new.

In and with much love for our courageous sisters and brothers assisting Gaia and her peoples at this intense time–
                                                  we are the Arcturian Group                        2/7/16

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele, January 24, 2016

The Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele. January 24, 2016.

Arcturian Group January 24, 2016Dear Ones, we come in Love with greetings to all of you who are working so hard to assimilate the new energies now pouring into you and your dear planet, Gaia.

As you are well aware, these are times of change and questioning. Everything you once held as true and unchangeable seems to be dissolving around you with replacements that do not seem to be much of an improvement.

As the old concepts and beliefs dissolve, new and better ways will/must appear – but understand that those guiding the changes are often themselves struggling to see and understand the bigger picture.

Send Light to the leaders of all governments and when voting be guided by your intuition and not media hype or perceived personal benefit. Vote for the candidate best qualified to bring forth a new and higher sense of governance that serves all people and not the candidate who refuses to acknowledge or move beyond ideas reflective of what is quickly becoming old and obsolete.

Some are called to simply be still and hold Light for the world, while others are called to do hands-on feet-running, work. Both are necessary, both are serving as Lightworkers, and neither is more spiritual than the other. The garbage man who carries away your trash with love and friendliness is a Lightworker.

Every seemingly mundane action of daily living when done with Love is Light work. Know that in truth you only serve your Self, for there are no “others”. Let go of any concepts you may still hold regarding the belief that only those who teach, heal, or channel are Lightworkers. Unconditional Love must be lived on all levels – this is what you came to Earth to learn.

Examine and release any remaining concepts you may still hold about Love. This is easily done through remembering that Unconditional Love is simply the activity that flows from a consciousness of ONE and then examine your belief system by this standard. It is not necessary to know the all, the how, or the whys, it is only necessary to live ordinary everyday moments from a place of Oneness and connection and soon this will be your attained state of consciousness.

There are those who are the essence of Unconditional Love and yet seem to have no intellectual knowledge or even seeming interest in spiritual truth. These souls attained their state of consciousness in previous lifetimes and are now simply living their lives from that place. When truth becomes your state of consciousness it becomes who you are and there is no longer any need to even think about it. This is evolution.

Learn not to place limitations or qualifiers on Love and release all beliefs regarding your or others worthiness to be loved. Patting the dog who doesn’t get much attention, holding the door for someone who needs it, or giving an honest compliment to a child or adult with low self esteem are actions of Unconditional Love.

Conditional love is what the world is most familiar with. “This person is not worthy of love.” or “If you act, dress, look, or behave in a certain way, then I will love you.” Many in the quest to be loved, surrender personal power in exchange for so called “love”. Conditional love still predominates in relationships of all sorts including many marriages.

There comes a point in every soul journey where the individual must embrace and begin to practice the higher sense of Love – Unconditional Love – or the spiritual journey can go no further because Unconditional Love reflects a realization of Oneness, the foundation of all Truth and goal of the journey.

You have all had the experience of feeling cranky and down-hearted and then feeling a lift when someone you may not even know very well patted your hand, spoke a few kind words, or simply smiled. This is Unconditional Love and always flows without care or interest as to whether or not the receiver was “worthy” or even interested.

Unconditional Love becomes automatic after attaining a consciousness’s of Oneness and often goes unnoticed until the individual begins to realize that the “should’s” and “musts” have disappeared from his thinking and daily living seems to hold a new sense of joy. This new state of consciousness has become who you are – you are your state of consciousness.

The whole spiritual journey is one of remembering who and what you are, and each Truth – integrated and lived – becomes your state of consciousness until there is no longer need to practice, read, study, search, for you simply are it, IT is living you.

Divine Consciousness IS and never can be limited in any way because IT is all there is. Many still hold to the belief that ordinary human experiences are not spiritual. Everything “ordinary” is every bit as spiritual as the things society has deemed to be “spiritual”. Individual consciousness interprets outer appearances, so as you evolve and begin to understand that nothing is or can exist outside of the ONE, you will begin to see the world and have experiences that reflect that.

There comes a time when all the seeking and searching must end. Many of you are already there but you do not trust this and continue to seek and search outside of yourselves in the belief that you are “not there yet”. It is time to live Truth. You already know what you need to know and more intellectual knowledge will not change that. As you begin to actually live Truth, more is always given and comes when you least expect it. You may be mowing the lawn or washing dishes when suddenly a truth, insight, creative idea, or something relating to your work, interest, or need is revealed.

This is how you learn – to be taught from within with no middle man to add his/her concepts about the issue. It is time to move past always seeking answers from outside of yourselves. You are ready and able to get whatever information and answers you need from within. The only thing holding many of you back from doing this is the belief that you are not worthy, spiritual, or evolved enough. As long as you believe that you are just a limited human, you never will be worthy, spiritual, or evolved. Ponder seriously and honestly what you still hold regarding who and what you are.

The answers to all things that concern you lie within. Do not label your inner work “for spiritual answers only”. A consciousness that knows self completeness to be SELF COMPLETENESS will begin to manifest this in ways that represent completeness for him – the surgeon won’t get ideas for a car repair unless it is something he is seeking. An artist may find himself guided to paint in new and creative ways. A hair stylist may begin to get images of the perfect style for each client. The scientist will get insights he could never have imagined when working simply with scientific facts already known. It is Infinite…

Ideas may come visually and powerfully, but more often come simply as a “knowing” about some facet of your life, or something you have been seeking more insight into. Individuals must learn to be more still if they are to hear this still small voice, which is why so many deny that there even is a “still, small voice”. Anyone going through each day hooked to phones and other electronic devises will never hear the still small voice.

Anyone serious about their spiritual growth must learn to be still. Make it a habit to have a quiet time each day where you can be uninterrupted and spend time simply pondering truth, and then resting it for about 10 or 15 minutes. This need not be long – just long enough for you to center and make a conscious connection with your Self. It is during this time that you state your intentions and choices, always then allowing time to simply listen.

Prayer is you talking to God and is often preying not praying. Mediation is a quiet and centered receptivity. Never believe you have failed if you hear nothing or do not have the same experiences someone else may of had, for the action of sitting quietly and listening indicates to your Higher Self that you are ready for more, seeking, and receptive – you have started the process.

Make time during the day – and even at night when you wake up – to simply be still for a second or two, closing your eyes, focusing on your Divinity within, and just listening.

You are all well along the Way or would you would not be resonating with these messages. Know that, trust that, live that, believe that, and be that.

We are the Arcturian Group