GCR/RV Update – “Hospice” – December 28, 2016

GCR/RV Update – “Hospice” – December 28, 2016


GCR/RV Update

The remaining public cabal minions are all  in hospice care right now.  Hard to watch actually.

Israel’s BiBi Netanyahu is the toughest cookie around, but even he’s bed ridden and sucking wind on an oxygen ventilator.

We’ve been watching these cabal children die slowly, for so long now, that we just assume they’ll find a way to keep fighting humanity’s release–until one day, they just kinda die.

Know all their funeral arrangements have long been made for January 1, 2017.  Everyone’s invited.  Send all donations to your favorite charity.

Because in just a few short days we’re all going to be in and out the redemption centers, redeemed and joyous, while they’re prepping to be buried forever never to be seen or heard from again.  Hallelujah!

And just like that our suffering ends.  And just like that, the healing begins.  It’s a moment of transition from death to life for us, and from life to death for them.  What a fascinating turn of events.

Here’s some of the details behind the scenes over this past week:


Confirmed Intel

  • RV redemption order was given on Christmas morning, Sunday, to complete all paper redemption transactions by December 30, 2016.
  • ZIM will open on screen 1:1 at match every retired ZIM note at its printed face value.
  • Only a single redeemer (plus 1) will be allowed into individual redemption appointments.
  • Higher sovereign rates are negotiable, but they must be warranted due to sincere humanitarian project facilitation.
  • Sovereign rates come with stiffer NDAs and a 20 year minimum structured payout settlement.
  • Redeemers can ask for any rate below the screen value to avoid signing an NDA as well as being over burdened.
  • All new currency redemption accounts will have an HSBC “back of the house” override in case of bank fraud.
  • There will be no taxation of any kind on your exchange–regardless of the amount.
  • The goal is to move 2.5 million private redeemers through the exchange process in less than 72 hours without immediate and future general population detection.
  • Existing HSBC clients with SKRs will be hydrated by morning.
  • Private redemptions are also to begin this morning, and continue though the end of 2016.
  • Privately redeemable historic bonds and fiat currency assets will be offered a brief sovereign settlement period in 2016.
  • Redemption center staff has worked through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, and is prepared to work though New Years holiday if necessary–it is in their contract to work all holidays in 2016.
  • Internally, banks are telling frustrated staff that national security is the cause for all delays and extensions.  Yet they’re all making a lot more money waiting than working in their normal bank positions.
  • The China/Russia Security Council “Hanukkah Gift” per the UN resolution with regards to Israel/Palestine dual state solution was long planned and implemented in the Paris Agreement.
  • Russia is intentionally standing down and denying that these clearly terrorist crimes are direct acts of Israel aggression — and in the process curbing international  hostilities.
  • The Pentagon believes Israel is trying to start a flash war between the US military and Russian military over Israel in order to stop the RV.  Not gonna happen BiBi–you must resign along with your blood cousin Angel Merkel.
  • These new UN resolutions are more bark than bite and lay a public legal groundwork for lasting peace in the Middle East.  GESARA holds the binding and enforceable  treaties eliminating all Zionistic plans for absolute domination in the region.
  • However all UN resolutions are seen as a hostile acts against the government of Israel’s BiBi Netanyahu and also supports the cause of his immediate retaliation by rival factions in in the Israeli Keenest.
  • Mossad was behind both the Russian Ambassador’s real private execution and public fake execution in Turkey.
  • The “Christmas Gift” given to that Russian military plane that a heat seeking laser beam that destroyed the hull and dumped 92 bodies into the Black Sea.
  • No exact time has been given by HSBC for the RV’s release start.   It will just happen without warning.  And be over as soon as it begins.  3 days tops to process 95% of private currency and bond holders.  Whooooshhhh!

Global security requires a silent private  period release, whereas the public portion of the RV release will come with an overt  announcement of global financial transition — long after the private redemption period has been completed.

All Is well.


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