Message from your Hostess of Light | September 2021

Message from your Hostess of Light | September 2021


September 2021

From your Hostess of Light

As we exit the summer months we enter places of deep pools of emotion, like leaves changing color in the fall, we are not prepared for the transformation as we enter emotional seasons. All places and times seem to merge together in a collage of feelings that cannot be ignored or driven away. Spontaneous eruptions of tears and fears come to the surface as we walk forward into more shifts and awakenings. We weep and mourn for things that have not even occurred, yet we see them clearly as if they are ghosts of the future haunting our days.

The biggest part of being human is feeling. All the senses of Earth wrap around each other in a perfect heavenly DNA spiral. Feeling is what makes us human and yet at the same time very Holy. We are blessed in our construction just as all life on earth, no matter where its origin. We as human try to run and escape the feelings by whatever means is available and deemed necessary. The escape plan usually turns around and bits us in the spiritual butt.

We should have figured it out by now, but we as humans cannot escape emotions and feelings no matter how far we fly or how far we drive. During this coming cycle of shift we will feel the Presence and Light of the ‘Great Comforter’, the one that holds the hearts and hands of Earth, saving every tear, washing away every fear. Like the Presence of a beloved Mother never leaving the side of her earthly children, always being a guardian and protector, this Light comes to help.

We all keep holding good thoughts and doing good deeds, trying hard to kick the karma cops out of our lives. We follow all the rules of light and life playing accordingly. We accrue blessings that seem to fall into a sinkhole not to be retrieved so easily. Karmic interruptions of life and others keep us on bended knee praying for all outcomes to be blessed. What do we as a planet need to do to get the big bad wolf to leave this place and time! It seems like karma is quickened, time is quickened and our nerves are shot. We seek the sweetness and simplicity of life. We feel time running past like a ‘sixties streaker,’ loose, free, and unrestricted. Our personal and family dramas are self-consuming as emotions run amuck, making a muddle of things. Free-will seems to have left the building as the lights of Vegas dim.

It is not that we are doing anything wrong; we are probably trying too hard. Like a smart phone dialing a 1950’s phone number, no matter how hard you try there is just no connection available. The nanoseconds dance by as you question your ‘human ability and divine right’ to intervene on the behalf of those that need it. There is not a wrong or right way but there is a more effectual way to move thru these changes. As Emotions spring forth from the inner abyss of the heart, Hand over what is heavy in your life and heart to that which we once sprang from. Whatever your beliefs let go and allow what is Holy to drive this segment of the divided highway of your life.