Mother Theresa via Ann Dahlberg, December 25th

Mother Theresa

Sunday, December 25th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Mother Theresa and I have the honor to talk to you today. It is a great honor for me as I have a very warm heart for the people of Earth – A people I have walked among and honored and loved. I have never doubted you my dear friends. I have waited and understood that you one day will rise up and take the power in your own hands. This day has now arrived and my heart grows from pride when I can see what happens on our Earth today. It is fantastic all that is happening today and there is such an expectation resting over Earth. It is an expectation that something big will happen. The year of peace that soon enters through your door my dear friends on Earth. Peace and serenity go together and gives peace to souls. It is a peace that penetrates deep down in your souls and creates anew in the world that you belong to now. Earth transforms, you transform, everything is in recreation – a rebirth for the children of Earth.

My heart bursts out in a song of praise for Earth and its children and I am with you now, I help you now all that I can, as this is also my dream that is being fulfilled – This large fantastic dream that we all have carried within us. Now it is here and we welcome it with our hearts and minds. Listen, hear and see, dear Earthlings, your dream is on the way to be fulfilled. Meet it, embrace it, walk with it and be its servant, since it is all that you have fought for generation after another. Do not hesitate at the finishing line my dears, but take the full step now, you are needed, all hands are needed and you are warmly loved and blessed. You have many angels with you now and they sing your song the whole time. It is a song about peace, freedom and love. You have probably felt it many times. It is so that you will not forget that you are love dear children and it is love you need to bring out in your lives now, as the time of love is here for each and every one of you.

I love you so much and I know that we will soon meet. We are all ready for our meeting with you dear children on Earth. It is the greatest thing that will happen and the most longed for. You are all so loved, beyond your comprehension, so it will be a very dear meeting. The meeting approaches with every step forward that you take on Earth. It is inevitable, but you decide the pace of progress in your own development and the development of Earth. You are doing a fantastic job and it might go faster than that you think. When the ball starts to roll it only rolls faster and faster. The Light becomes stronger for each day and impacts many souls on our Earth. All the time more of you work in the service of the light, and my gratitude and love is great and intensive.

I pray with you, I sing with you, I work with you, as I love you so much.

God is with you and blesses you.

I thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you.

Much love,

Mother Theresa




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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