Sananda via John Smallman, December 25th

Jesus Audio Blog for Christmas Day

On the anniversary of my birth it is always a joy to see so many celebrating it.  As we move forward powerfully toward the moment of humanity’s awakening celebration is a most appropriate activity in which to engage.  To awaken will be stunning for you all.  You have prayed and hoped for this for a long time, and now that it is imminent, celebrations put you in the right frame of mind to accept the wonders that are being offered, and acceptance of them will bring you great joy.  Our divine Source has planned a most exalting welcome for you all, a welcome that we here in the spiritual realms as yet have no knowledge of except that it will be absolutely astounding for all present.

As time ends and all move into full conscious awareness of NOW, all that was not in complete alignment with God’s Will, all that is unreal, will be gone as though it had never existed, which of course it never has.  The now moment, the unitary and only state of Presence, will bring all consciousness together as One and many simultaneously, without any remaining sense or feeling of separation which, over the eons, you have come to consider and accept as the normal state of being.

There is only the One and all will now know that state even as they experience individuality and communion concurrently.  What is a complete and incomprehensible paradox for embodied humans will fill you with endless joy.  You will be fulfilled in the fullest sense of that word, as ineffable peace, contentment, satisfaction, and Love in Its most complete state, as Its complete and vital life principle, becomes your eternal and unalterable experience.  Love is alwayscomplete, but, as humans, you have not experienced that state, not even conceived of that state, in fact it is utterly inexpressible in terms that would make any sense to your limited human abilities to comprehend.

You are, and always will be, the beloved children of God.  You are free because Love does not command, demand, deprive, or control, It ALLOWS!  God is Love, and so are you, therefore you are free, free to accept what God offers you, or to decline.  You were created free and remain free eternally.  You chose to experience limitation embodied as a human in a small and severely limited human body with a clearly defined and therefore limiting life span.  But, in truth you are free, you always have been free, and you always will be free because your Source, God, the Supreme Intelligence, All That Is created you free, and therefore you remain eternally Free!  That body, that form will die, decay, and pass away, but you are forever.

There is nothing to fear because fear is unreal, like your bodies, and it will decay.  But you can nurture it by focusing on your bodies and their imminent dissolution.  Bodies do not last, they are not meant to last, they were formed to allow you to experience the limitation of separation, and to fall away as you learnt that you were and always will be unlimited beings with no need of limiting forms.  As Love you have limitless potential to create diverse opportunities to express your creative abilities.  One of your choices was limitation.  Now the collective, the One of which you, each and every one without exception, are essential aspects, and without which God would be incomplete, have chosen to set aside limitation and awaken from the insane dream that has seemingly crushed and repressed you for so long.

The time for your collective awakening is NOW!  But of course you chose as humans to engage with and be limited by time, itself an unreal concept within the illusion.  Now you are in the process of discarding or dissolving time, and with it the illusion of which it is an essential and extremely limiting aspect.

Freedom is yours, you only have to claim it.  It will never be enforced or imposed because then it would not be freedom.  This is a concept that is very difficult for you to understand while remaining embodied as a human, because to be human is to be limited and to accept limitation.  But you are not humans, you are divine beings, vast and limitless as you were created, and nothing can contain or restrict you in any way once you choose to be uncontained.

That choice has now been made and so your awakening is assured.  Your Father awaits your awakening with joyful enthusiasm because He has missed your joyful enthusiasm creating along with Him.

Although the illusion and your presence within it is and has always been unreal, illusory, your choice to experience that state has always been divinely honored.  Asleep and dreaming within the illusion you had deprived yourselves of the Joy that is Love, that is Life, that is Source, and your Father was aware of your deep dissatisfaction with the limits you had imposed on yourselves.  He has always willed that you awaken, but He has never required that you awaken.  In His infinite Wisdom He has always known that you will choose to awaken because limitation of any kind is totally unfit for divine beings.  He knows therefore that your awakening is inevitable, and because time is unreal, an insubstantial aspect of the illusion, that it has already occurred but a moment after the collective decision to experience unreality was made.

The illusion is unreal, it was never constructed, it was but momentarily conceived of and then the idea was instantly discarded, dissolving into the nothingness from which it had been imagined and leaving not the slightest trace.  However the power of your thought is immense and so it appeared to come into existence, and you chose to experience it.  God’s Love for you is total, and so, while observing your discomfort benumbed within the illusion, He chose not to override your choice to experience that state, knowing as He does, being All Knowing, that your complete freedom desired and needed that experience to confirm for you that there is only God.

Now your awareness of this knowing is bringing you out of the dream and home to Reality where you have your eternal existence in the brilliant Light of God’s eternal Presence.  That is why you should rejoice and celebrate, for you are about to once more know and experience the divine Reality that is You and your Father in your eternal and infinitely loving embrace where all that can exist does exist.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


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