Love is our new reality


About Sananda

Our site is dedicated to Sananda in gratitude for his spiritual leadership centered on Love. Love is indeed the key to the higher dimensions and our new reality, which Sananda teaches. For those who do not already know Sananda – it is the same loving soul who in previous times was known as Jesus or Jeshua. “Sananda” is now his new preferred name. It reflects how he has expanded his service to the divine, since the time from 2000 years ago. Sananda is today very active with guiding individuals and sending messages through a number of channels to the human collective in order to assist us.

Sananda has a very close relationship with Saint Germain. Both will reappear at about the same time and together, as the new reality is formally introduced. Saint Germain was incarnated as Joseph, the father of Jesus at that time. While Sananda has not reincarnated after his incarnation as Jesus Saint Germain has a number of times since then. His last incarnation was as Count Saint Germain in France at around the time of the French Revolution.

Through various channels Sananda has encouraged us to prepare for his return. He will be accompanied with many other Ascended Masters, such as Saint Germain, Lady Quan Yin, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and many more. This will occur concurrently with the introduction of the Galactic Federation of Light and the Inner Earth Society – Agartha.

Sananda’s return can be seen as the prophesized second coming of Christ, if one so whishes. However, Sananda will have many things to say about the Christian church and the course it has taken, which will astonish, if not outright shock many regular churchgoers. His “second coming” will not be as a lone teacher or leader, but in the company of many from the higher dimensions, where he found a home as an Ascended Master after his last incarnation.

Currently Sananda, Saint Germain and other Masters join other Humans in the fifth dimension in the Inner Earth (Agartha) and they frequently spend time on the New Jerusalem Starship (Mothership), which is under the Ashtar Command. Ashtar Command is part of the Galactic Federation of Light.