“Exploring Awareness and Rejecting Surrender” by Victor – 10.4.17

“Exploring Awareness and Rejecting Surrender” by Victor – 10.4.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 4:39 AM EDT on October 4, 2017

Exploring “Awareness” and rejecting “surrender” should be the first gift to yourself after the RV or you could start now also, since this will be the way to escape the Matrix. We are in a Matrix for sure. We are very much like in the movie under the control of a an alien entity who is using mankind’s Soul energy as a battery or a parasitical Life force for itself.

This 4th dimensional alien power has tricked man kind with technology and and all forms of deceptions. One of those deceptions to keep us enslaved is the concept of “Surrender”. This has been promoted here lately at nauseum with no understanding of the implications. I say no understanding because if I did not say that, then the implication is that this misunderstanding of the word “surrender” was promoted deliberately to further your enslavement in the Matrix.

“Surrender”…….is exactly what the word says. Surrender your sovereignty. Its intent is exactly as it sounds. There is NO Liberation there. NO God or NO Source needs to have its creations (YOU)…..”Surrender”……its sovereignty and YOUR very…..”LIFE”……the Life that Source Created, “surrender” who you are, back to itself. That is a contradiction and twisting of the concept of Free Will, to make it sound like the two, “surrender” and “Free Will”are the same thing, when they are not.

Spiritual “Surrender” can imply letting go and becoming “Aware” and “Awake” of negative states that bring your energy down to levels below “integrity” and you start to experience things like fear. Like the fear of these recent False flags events, that are staged to keep your energy low and in Fear.These staged events are not “man” made when they are inspired by 4 dimensional negative aliens who seek to keep us in their artificial holographic world.

These events do kill people and do cause harm, but this form of suffering is not from mans nature, It is the opposite. The source is from the creators of the Matrix……”Awareness”…. will be the first thing we will ALL have to really understand after the RV and after Nesara and Gesara, since that inquiry and self “Awakening” is part of the first purpose of a financial liberation. This financial liberation is just a small tool and first part of the liberation of mankind from slavery. Knowing “Awareness” and why you where held captive to abuse that awareness is the Key purpose of the RV.

We are in a slavery where these captors can work with “time”…….in that no time exist in a 4th dimension and things can manifest instantly and not like in a 3d world. This advantage has been used against us and requires the “Self Knowledge” that we……..”Lack”…..as a species. That is why becoming “Aware” or our very “Awareness” and how that power has been stolen and subverted from us in the matrix is crucial. How we have given that power away by loosing our knowledge of Free Will and forgetting our power of Awareness and the huge implications that it has for us when we agree to be “Abused” and enslaved.

That is why “surrender”…..when used in the wrong contexts as it has been promoted here is part of the “Enslavers tools”. It is one of the “ignorance’s ” that they have been promoting by corrupting religions with and using them over a very long time as a source of Trigger words that keep our energy low and in abuse of our own Free Will in order to keep the……..”LOW”……..energy in place here and keep the “Vampire” ways of the Matrix intact…..while “They Live” and Feed off US.

That is why we need to ….”Wake Up”….. after the RV to what is really going on. It will be easier then when the positive energies of financial liberation will be demanding that we do this Self Exploration of our own power in order to really know “Ourselves” and how we are connected to Source…………so much connected and so powerfully eternal, that a whole parasitical 4th dimensional Alien force has created a huge holographic artificial prison world for us to live in and we did not even know it.

The shock will be great and it will also require that we look carefully how the RV has been sold to us and avoid incorporating further distortions in our lives, to promote more……..”Lack”……through further twisting or good concepts so that they become enslaving concepts of negative energy. One such concept was that to be a Human Angel or a Service to Other person that you will be forever once again “enslaved” by Service to others. NOT True.

That is another propaganda tool to keep you feeling like you will be…..”Lacking “…….for ever……..again. More of the same BS. Can you feel how it feel s …..”BAD”…. When this distortion was promoted along with the other distortion of “surrender” so that service to Others and to yourself always remains a further source of pain and enslavement. If you live that way and think that way, you defeat the whole purpose of the RV.

This was done by NOT letting you know, or EVER educating YOU on the importance of …….”JOY”…..Since JOY is an attribute of Source itself and carries that high energy of Source. Why was JOY never promoted and the lack feeling of “surrender” always was?

Have you ever noticed how religions never promoted JOY?……NO…..they did not. Religions always promoted……..”SIN”………Sin which kept you in further bondage and in debt to some controlling negative vindictive, judgmental little god. All of this was fiction and lies. Just like the fighting of recent weeks here by Intel providers, was a low energy lie. A lie where fighting with pride and arrogance is promoted as a Spiritual concept that has attributes that are good when in fact they are not. All to confuse and keep the energy low.

Pride is of a low energy below “Integrity”……..So fighting with Pride, it is an energy of the Matrix and energy that once again lacks liberation power that will set you Free.

The proof to the of How Real the RV is …………is how real your enslavement is and how real the Matrix is and how real the “Effort”……..to distort the RV with misinformation is and has been, even here. If you where not enslaved in the Matrix and being used for your very LIFE force by a negative 4d Alien enslaver. None of these negative propaganda efforts to have false Flags or to distort Spiritual Truths, by twisting words such as “surrender” would have ever been promoted.

What is also promoted is ignorance of Free Will and the true Knowledge of the need to know “JOY” and to know the very “Awareness ” of Source that we have already is never mentioned. How that Self Knowledge that we can personally experience through Awareness …………”Will set us Free”……will be the crucial knowledge to make the RV work. when we have the time to rest and to get to know what we are……..”Awareness”…..will re-contextualize our own self knowledge our very world and we will then receive the liberation that the RV will Bring…….through Self Knowing and Awareness.

We will be in a new reality……….Free at last.

Much Love Victor.