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Pamela Kribbe: Earth Speaks about Joy March 30, 2023


Pamela Kribbe: Earth Speaks about Joy

by Pamela Kribbe

Dear people, I am the voice of the Earth, and I greet you all.

I have come today to talk about joy, the joy of life.

You all long for it wherever you are on your path in life. There may be lighter and heavier periods in your life, but despite that, it is still possible to feel a basic joy flow through your life.

And how do you get to that joyful ground, how do you create that? It is by letting go of control; through releasing and surrendering.

And to what do you surrender? You surrender to something greater than your mind and your ego, with its desires and plans and thoughts.

The movement toward surrender, to letting go, seems to be a step into nothingness, into a deep, dark hole. But that is something you have been made to believe. You have come to believe that it is necessary to take control of your life with your mind and your will. And that is a very human thing to do, because only humans are capable of free will.

Compared with the other creatures of nature, you have many more capabilities, and it is tempting to want to shape life using your will and thought. But if this determination takes the upper hand, your vision becomes narrow. You are restricted by what you perceive from your perspective, as well as the ideas you derive from others.

You develop tunnel vision if you rely only on your wits, on what you know, and on your reasoning, ideas, and the plans you have. And this can happen especially when you do these things without consulting your feelings, your true nature, because consulting your feelings, your nature, is basic to the flow that brings you joy.

And how do you find that? You find it in a very different place within you than in your intellect and reasoning. However, doing so can feel awkward for people who have grown up with the idea that the mind is the most essential part of being human.

Let us see where we can find that natural flow in your body. Take note when you try to take control of life, and observe which parts of your body become activated. Look at what wanting to control your life does on a physical level, how it registers in your body. It is often accompanied by thoughts such as: “It has to be; I want this now, it is time, it is necessary”.

Be aware that there is a pressure behind those thoughts, a certain urgency, and there may also be fear. Feel for a moment what that flow of energy does to you. It is often like a steamroller that wants things to go faster than is often possible. This flow has to do with the energy of the head, and you can also feel it in your solar plexus, the seat of your will.

Now feel what happens when you let go of trying to control life. Take something from your everyday life, something that occupies your mind, such as a problem in which you have already invested many hours of thought, or the things you worry and fret about, and now imagine that you release all expectations about a solution.

Release the problem and look to where your consciousness travels of itself in your body. You can feel, when you let go, how you sink deeper into your body. You become more conscious of your physicality: your arms and hands, your legs and feet, your abdomen. Feel the tranquility that is natural to your body.

Your body goes through many processes during each day: blood circulates, food is digested, breath flows in and out, skin cells renew themselves. All these processes progress steadily at a natural pace. Everything has its rhythm inside your body, just as does the life of nature outside your body. Yet you often have such an anxious spirit: it wants to leap ahead and so loses connection with the flow inside you.

However, your feelings are closer to the natural flow of life within you, so connect with them and let your awareness flow throughout your body.

Now look again at that situation you so often think about, the problem on which you are so concentrated, and it could be anything that is distracting you. Allow yourself to detach from the problem. Feel what it does to you when you say to yourself: “I don’t know the solution, so I will just let it go completely and return to my center.” Doing that is immediately grounding.

Wanting to think too much and to be in control keeps you away from the now. But grounding and letting go brings you back to the present, to being here and now. Dare to rely on larger forces that are helpful and beneficial and want to accompany you in your life, and rely on these forces without being able to see ahead with your earthly senses or being able to contain everything within your human mind. These forces are always and everywhere present and at work.

Animals and plants find it easier to allow this flow. They do it spontaneously because they do not have the kind of thinking processes that humans have. Put your trust in the natural flow of goodness that runs throughout Creation, throughout all life, and listen to your feelings.

At the times you get stuck in your life, you are often full of thoughts. Thoughts that tell you that things are not going well, that things should be otherwise than they are and should go differently. And you work yourself into a state of mental tension doing that. However, the solution never comes from the mind itself or through thinking. The real solution always comes from letting go and stepping back.

Feel that you are good as you are. Know that it is possible to experience joy, a quiet sense of well-being even though there are problems in your life, even when there are challenges that demand a lot from you. You can experience the basic current of joy and goodness by daring to let go, but this requires a certain discipline. Not the discipline of concentration and effort, but the discipline of going against this inclination to require a solution, to do it all by yourself, to think you know better.

Sometimes the solution is just over the horizon and it can come to you only when you let go. And if you feel a kind of relaxation occur – a sense of relief when you do let go – then you know things will be okay. Because the flow of goodness in the universe, the power of joy, can be recognized by your own senses. Feelings of happiness and of relaxation will tell you that you are making connection with that joy. Put your trust there, again and again, even when it appears to be against the laws of the mind.

Make regular contact with your body. Observe yourself to make sure you are completely present in your body. Realize that beneath all that worries you is something greater that supports you. It is that which is greater that has caused you to now be here on Earth as a soul embodied as a human being. And it is that which is greater that you will take with you to the other side when you let go of this body.

Trust that this greater reality is also with you during your life. You can call it the soul or call it God, it does not matter. But the language it speaks is one of joy and peace.

And as soon as you feel that, you are connected to the essence of Creation.

I wish you all much joy of life on your path and the courage to dare let go.

Thank you so much.

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 30th, 2023

The April 2023 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

the april 2023 energies - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

The April 2023 Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are very satisfied with the way you all have handled the energies of March, and we are very excited to tell you about the energies of April and what they will be about for humanity. You have seen the way that humans have begun to recognize the futility of segregating and separating from one another, trying to defeat the other side, and you all know that you want to live in peace and in harmony, and the April energies are about bringing you that peace and harmony that you so want and deserve. 

They are supportive of bringing people together, especially those who have typically been opposed to others who disagree with them. It is possible to disagree with someone on a topic that you feel strongly about and still love that person. It is possible to even enjoy that person’s company, even though you know they think differently than you do about a very hot button issue. And so, these energies will be helping people to see those issues from a variety of different angles, and they also will be helping people to let go of their anger and their resentment. These energies will help people to forgive and to even have compassion for those who have very different views on almost every subject.

These are the energies of integration, and so they’re not just about bringing you altogether into one human collective, but they are also about bringing your various aspects into one harmonious whole, also know as your higher self. So what you are seeing right now in the world today that you would describe as polarity and divisiveness is all about ultimately bringing you altogether. You are needing to see everything and everyone that you feel opposed to in some way as an aspect of yourself that you still need to integrate. And then those of you who are awake can do that, you can see it happening all around you.

But it has to start with you. You cannot just complain about how polarized humanity is, and think that by pointing it out you have somehow solved the problem. It has to start with you, as individuals who know better and who can rise above it and see and feel the unity that is available to you at all times. And so these energies will be about you integrating you and you finding unity consciousness, which is also always available to each and every one of you at all times. This is how you do it. This is how you ascend your consciousness. It is through letting go of all that you are resistant to and eventually getting to that place where you can forgive, have compassion for, and unconditionally love all the people that you once saw as those who needed to be defeated in some way.

It is not about any one group being right, but rather, it is about every single person within each and every group realizing that what they are experiencing in that moment is their work. It is their curriculum, and now is the time to do it, because no one is going to step in and do it for you. So what can you do now that you know this about the April energies? You can look for the opportunities to let go of what you have been pushing against, and you can look to be a force for healing and for unity in the world that is truly just a reflection of everything that is inside of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Celestial White Beings via Natalie Glasson, March 30th, 2023

Do You Believe There Is Only Love?
by the Celestial White Beings

Channeled through Natalie Glasson 
Greetings beloved beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We come forth with our celestial light represented by a white colour. We bring forth our healing vibrations to assist and to support you, we are always available to you to be of service. We wish to assist you with your healing and we wish to assist you in gaining insights, understanding and inspiration. Please call upon us when you wish to and we will be present to serve you.

Today we have a special question for you. It is a question that can allow spiritual development and connection within your being. If you allow yourself to contemplate the question, you may come up with an answer. If you are unwilling to accept any other answer, it is most likely you will not obtain the growth that is available in this question. If you are open to discovering numerous answers and being flexible in your perspective, you will find your inner development accelerating.

The question, we wish to put to you and for you to contemplate is:

Do you believe that there is only love?

Do you believe there is only love within your being?

Do you believe that there is only love in the world?

We the Celestial White Beings understand that your answer most probably will be no, you do not believe there is only love because there is so much suffering, pain and hurt in the world. You may also experience suffering, pain and hurt in your own body. You may think that there cannot be only love because there is and there are so many other energies, emotions and experiences. This leads us to another question:

What is love?

If you are searching for love within your being and all around you, how do you know that you have discovered it? What will it look like, feel like, smell like, and taste like.

You can recognise love between yourself and another. Allow yourself to recognise what this love feels like. How do you experience it? You may wish to ask yourself when you fall in love with someone, something or an experience, where does that love activate from? Where does it come from within your being?

We, the Celestial White Beings invite you to follow and to discover where love is born from, where is the source of love within your being that is sacred, pure and divine, that is only love? What does it feel like? How do you experience it? Does it feel like life force energy, like a vibration,  safety or a connection?

Take time to contemplate what love feels like or how you experience it. Contemplate the true essence of love that exists throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and extends from the source of all that is. It has no complications, no limitations, no boundaries, it is the essence of freedom and liberation, it is the essence of power and grounding. The more you can familiarise yourself with this vibration of love, it will be easier for you to recognise the same in others and the same in experiences. Experiencing the love that awakens from within your being, that fills the entire Universe of the Creator and is born from the source of all that is. Experiencing this love will impact your being tremendously, but it also invites you to recognise that it is your choosing. You are choosing to connect with that vibration of love. While suffering, pain and hurt have their own process, there is a moment where the individual chooses to connect with love and that choice can be tremendously impactful healing and transformational. We begin to recognise that love is in everything and everyone. There is simply a need, a choice to connect with it and to bring it forward and embody to allow the love to assist you, support you and carry you forth. Then we enter into another phase of exploration and another question.

Even if you connect with love, do you believe that it is transformational that it can heal anything or anyone, even in the darkest of situations? Do you believe that connecting with love is all that is needed?

As you begin to acknowledge your beliefs, you begin to recognise the foundations that you create your reality from. These foundations can be shifted, altered, and transformed. It is powerful to contemplate and there is something to remember; there is a need to choose. To step into love, it is your choice. You can choose to step into love and that love will impact you as much as you are willing to receive. You can choose to step into love and be fully willing to receive so you are only one moment away from love. A choosing, a choice, to step into love, the love that is already within your being.

If you can practice achieving this for yourself you will also be able to support others in doing the same. Sometimes when you are in the darkest place, the last thing you want to hear is that you can choose love, because it often feels like love is the one that has hurt you the most. However, if you can encourage yourself and others to connect with love, to choose love, and to be open to receive it, you will allow love in, and the transformation to begin. It may not be instantaneous, but you will be supported in every action you take and so we the Celestial White Beings invite you to contemplate:

Do you believe that there is only love?

We love you eternally,

We are the Celestial White Beings

Inger Noren Channels Her Higher Self, March 25th, 2023

The big flash from the Central Sun is near, closer than we thought because time is running faster.

It will be a big change for everyone on Earth and only for the better, regardless of whether you belong to the lower or higher dimensions. It will be a change that contributes to a higher understanding of what has happened, but also what is happening now. After this flash, life becomes different for everyone for better or worse, but above all a freedom for the people that finally frees them from all oppression and slavery.

This freedom can be difficult at first before everyone understands that reality has changed so that everyone has the opportunity to live the life they have always dreamed of. Then there are no restrictions on the creation of what is most important in life. All people have an opportunity to change if they want and with this freedom there is a transition to a higher dimension for those who are destined for a life on the new Earth.

To already start preparing for this life and have a vision of how life will be with smaller groups in a society that is not dependent on what was most important in life before. Not being constantly connected to digital functions, but only being able to get all information with the power of thought and knowing everything that happens in your vicinity and in the rest of the world, life becomes so much easier.

The Internet and other digital forums will no longer be relevant. All this information can still be obtained because everyone is part of the multidimensional consciousness where everyone gets to know everything they want, everywhere in the world. Life for humanity will be so very different in all respects, but above all it will be a loving togetherness and the love of Our Lord will be something that everyone will experience with many miracles that will occur, just as Our Lord has promised.


The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 29th, 2023

Ready to Stop Waiting for Med Beds (Medbeds)? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council
are you ready to stop waiting for medbeds? the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
Ready to Stop Waiting for Med Beds (Medbeds)? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are absolutely certain that you are ascending and that everything you are experiencing is a part of your ascension. Nothing is just an inconvenience. Nothing should be seen as a blockage or something that is just getting in your way. Everything is happening for you and is happening because of you. It is also accurate to say that everything is happening inside of you. 

So everything you experience as a blockage is meant to get you to grow spiritually. First, you create an obstacle or a hurdle, and then you find the power within yourself to go over it, or around it, or through it, but you always move on. You always get past whatever challenge you put in front of you, and that is true for everyone regardless of how it might seem to you right now. It might seem like you are embroiled in a bottomless pit of something, but there is always a bottom. There is always a continuation of the expansion of Source Energy through you. 

And so, at times you just need to remind yourselves of the simple truth that, ‘This is temporary, and it serves me,’ no matter what it is you are facing, no matter what it is you are going through at the moment. You have the ability to relax and breathe into anything that is happening, and when you exercise that ability, you get the positive results that you want. You get to move on; you get to go to the next level of your ascension. And there will always be challenges. There will be challenges in the fifth dimension as well, because you will not be done ascending. 

You will keep ascending from the fifth to the sixth to the seventh and so on. You want to stretch yourselves; that’s why you came to Earth, where you knew there would be myriad challenges to face. You are ready for all of that. You knew you were a master when you signed up for a series of Earth incarnations. And yes, everyone is playing their part in the ascension, and that includes you. In order to play your part, you must be you. That means being true to yourself is another way you take a gigantic step forward on the journey to the fifth-dimensional you, the fifth-dimensional Earth.

Be true to yourself, and be true to your feelings, and you give everyone else permission to do the same, and you start living in a world where everyone is doing the same, and you start seeing more signs of an ascending society. It all starts with you; you are the master and the creator, and you have every tool imaginable inside of you. That’s why we say stop waiting for med beds. Stop waiting for any type of bail out, and take the challenge that you have set before yourself. See it as an opportunity to become more of you, because that’s what it is, and you put it there because you knew exactly what you needed to go to the next level of your consciousness. 

Are you ready to do that? If you answer in the affirmative, then again, you don’t need to wait for anything or anyone. Just look around at your life, the people in it, the world, because they all contain exactly what you need to rise up to that next level. And we have said this many times, but it bears repeating here. You are the ones to lead the way because you agreed to awaken first and to show the others the way. You don’t have to show them by getting up on a soap box and preaching. Show them by doing it first, and then you will have many brilliant stories to tell them, and trust us when we say you will have an audience for those stories. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Saul via John Smallman, March 29th, 2023

The Illusion is Being Recognized | Saul via John Smallman

The illusion is being recognized for what it is – ILLUSORY!


(John Smallman)

Here in the non-physical realms we are all looking forward most enthusiastically to humanity’s imminent collective awakening, and to then joining with you all in the celebrations that are planned and that will ensue. Truly, a most magnificent event is about to unfold, and the joy that you are about to experience will indubitably amaze you, as the unreal times of fear, pain, and suffering dissolve into the void from which it seems that they arose into actuality. You are to awaken into the Joy that has always been, is, and always will be God’s Will for All of Her divine Creation. You are always present in this state of limitless joy, it just seems, while you are in form as humans, that this is not and cannot be the case, and that is because of what the illusion, the dream state, or game of separation is all about. You built it for this very purpose, and it has served its purpose extremely well, but the ‘time’ has arrived for its termination – dreams and games do not and cannot last, there is always a termination point – and that point is NOW!

‘In time,’ where you are presently experiencing life as humans in form, we have, for quite a ‘long time’ been telling you that the moment for termination of the illusion or game is ‘very close,’ and that it will happen ‘very soon.’ And this has always been true, it has not been some fanciful illusory idea that we have been offering you. However, because you are experiencing life ‘in time,’ and because, naturally enough, you believe in and submit yourselves to the ‘flow of time,’ this moment of ‘closeness,’ ‘of soonness’ seems to have lasted a ‘very long time.’ But, as you have so often been told – and as modern physics has finally realized – ‘time’ is unreal, there is only NOW. And so now is when you are going to awaken, and even as you are experiencing the apparent ‘reality’ of the unreality of time, that moment of now is extremely close. I would remind you yet again that all is divinely taken care of, that God’s divine plan for you is absolutely and precisely ‘on time,’ because there is no other possibility!

You are awakening, and many are actually experiencing delightful moments of being awake, during which they feel happy and joyful, and are realizing that there is no need to doubt what has been divinely promised because they can feel it, and therefore know that it is happening. The illusion is being recognized for what it is – ILLUSORY! Yes, there are many who are still fully engaged with it, and suffering enormously as a result, but that is, of course ‘NORMAL!’ The normality that you have been experiencing for eons is about as far removed from Reality as it is possible to be, as your collective egoic mind continues to encourage fear, and the resultant expectation of future catastrophes and disasters. The seeming reality of the unreal has been most cleverly maintained, while the scenes and the actors change, and the seemingly unending story continues to unfold.

This time of waiting is being experienced extremely intensely by many because of the unfolding dramas to which the media are drawing the focus of their attention, because so many are fully aware of the need for major changes in the ways you live and interact with one another, and because many are also feeling that these essential changes are occurring, but not quickly enough. In fact many are indeed wondering if the necessary changes will actually be brought to fruition, or if instead some catastrophic disasters could throw you back into the maelstrom of violence and corruption in which humanity has been collectively engulfed for eons. This anxiety is completely understandable because it is deeply ingrained within you all, due to the eons in which the collective way of living has been step by step from catastrophe to catastrophe, and as conflict was chosen as the only way forward, instead of engaging in dialogue and deliberation for the benefit of all involved. However, the collective has finally, irrevocably, and most definitely chosen and taken the decision to awaken. Therefore, because of the love and the wisdom with which that choice/decision was made, fully supported by Mother/Father/God, there is no way you can fall back into limitation, conflict, and confusion.

All are becoming aware that there is only Love, that their true and only nature is Love, and they are most willingly and enthusiastically embracing this divine Truth, the only TRUTH. You all are Love, you have never departed from that state, you have just momentarily fallen into a state of amnesia, while asleep and dreaming, and from which you are about to awaken into full conscious awareness of the eternal joy of your true and changeless nature – One with each other and with your divine and holy Source.

Please continue to make daily visits to your own individual holy sanctuaries where you will enjoy feeling the Peace and Love that is always present within you, awaiting your acceptance of It. Doing this enormously empowers your constantly and powerfully reset intent to be only loving whatever arises during the day. You then quietly and most beautifully, by living through and as your true nature without any fanfare or egotistical display, very effectively demonstrate to all with whom you interact the amazing power of Love to maintain an energy of peace and calm that is felt by all of those with whom you come in contact. Doing just this is your purpose now, because being you is the most effective and expeditious way to bring all of the human collective into full conscious awareness of its true and divine nature. This is the state of complete and most joyful wakefulness – without any possibility of interruption – in which all are eternally present and most beautifully focused in and on the divine Presence of Mother/Father/God, which is a state of unsurpassable joy.

With so very much love, Saul.

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 28th, 2023

Which Future Are You Creating/Choosing? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

which future are you creating choosing? - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

Which Future Are You Creating/Choosing? ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We have been exploring all of the many possibilities that you have in front of you right now, as a collective, and we have been feeling very encouraged by what we are seeing. We know that more and more people are waking up to the truth that they are the ones who determine which timeline they are on. We hope that all of you who are receiving this message right now remember that truth at all times, because you will continue to see people telling you what is going to happen as if there is only one future, and that future is set in stone. We will keep reminding you of this because we keep encountering people who talk about the latest predictions that are floating around out there on the Internet.

We invite you to join us over here where we are seeing the very positive futures that you have been aligning with as awakened souls. You all want to see everyone thriving, and you want to see everyone receiving what they need, and you don’t have to know exactly how any of those things would happen in order for you to align with those realities. That is the beauty of where you are right now. 

You are just stepping into your power as conscious creator beings. And while you may have been very specific in the past, wanting to create a particular job, or relationship, or car, now you can think about the very ambiguous concept of the future, and instead of getting very specific about what will happen that will be that first domino to fall, you can just feel very generally into the future reality that you want to experience because you have lived enough life. You have lived enough life at this point to understand that you prefer certain feelings over others. You have felt enough feelings to know that. 

It is time for you to recognize that there is so much more that you could create, and that you are creating with energy more so than with specific thoughts. Your thoughts are helpful; they help you focus. They can help you to align, but when you are working with the unknown of the future, you don’t have to figure it all out with your very limited mind. Instead, you can focus on your feeling centers and trust that the universe has myriad ways to bring you realities that feel exactly like the vibration you are activating inside of you. 

And you have the ability to activate any vibration you want to, because they all coexist inside of you at all times. Which ones you activate, well that is up to you. Just know that free will is about more than just your actions and your words. Free will is about choosing how you want to feel and then putting your attention on it, putting your attention on the feeling, not the circumstance that will evoke that feeling. 

That’s what you are meant to do, and that’s what you need to do, and that’s what will put you on the timeline that contains the future experience that is a reflection of your vibration in the now moment. And yes, it really is that easy, and you really are that powerful. Start owning it, and you will see all of the magical moments that you can create for yourselves and for others.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 27th, 2023

Update: You’ve Avoided Many Catastrophes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

update - you've avoided so many catastrophes - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

Update: You’ve Avoided Many Catastrophes ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you. 

We are very proud of humanity at this time, because of what you have been able to avoid there on Earth. You have been making it through this most difficult time on your planet without escalating the negativity to such an extent that you have had to see that reflected to you in a variety of nasty ways. The truth is things could have been much worse during the pandemic, and things could have gotten much worse with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Things could be much worse in terms of natural disasters as well. And so, when you look around at the world and you wonder how you all could have gotten yourselves into such a mess, trust us when we say this is nothing in comparison what you have avoided. 

You also avoided large scale wars after 9/11. We are not attempting to diminish the wars that did follow that event, but we are telling you that it could have gotten much, much worse for humanity. What this means is that you are making progress. What this means is you are always doing better than you think you are doing individually and as a collective. You have grown and evolved so much in the past two hundred and fifty years. It is remarkable to see how far you have come. And even in the past twenty-five years, you have grown exponentially. Now, does that mean that your work is done? No, it does not. You still have plenty more work to do to bring yourselves to that point of ascension. 

It also means that at this point, ascension is going much better than it could have gone if you had followed different events with different reactions. You should all feel very good about where you are right now as a collective, and individually we know you are far too hard on yourselves. We know that the answer to many of your problems is just to forgive yourselves, to let go of guilt and shame, and to move forward from whatever you’ve been feeling bad about. That is the only way you can build the new world you want to experience. It starts with you letting go of all that you’ve been experiencing that you don’t feel very good about, including your own thoughts, words, and actions.

Instead, look for the positive. You all talk about wanting a news network that is dedicated to positive things that are happening in the world, but you don’t need someone else to create that. You can be that. You can spread the good news, you can look for the good news, you can focus on the good news in your lives and in the lives of the human collective. This is a wonderful time to start doing that because you have come so far and because there is much for you to feel good about, and you will feel good about where you are if you change the way you are looking at your lives and at the world at large. 

This is a big part of your journey, believe it or not. You shift your perspective, you shift the way you are looking at things, you shift everything, and then you shift. The shift will be completed before you know it, and those of you who are willing to look at the bright side of things are the ones. You are the catalysts to bring it all about, and you are the ones to lead the way for the rest of humankind.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Making Exalted Choices for Life, March 27, 2023

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel ~ Making Exalted Choices for Life

March 26, 2023, via email

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

This is a universe of free will. The Angels will not step in to assist without being asked. “Ask and you shall receive” was the statement of master Jesus. So it is important to ask for this support in all the choices you make in your life, from moment to moment.

When you make a choice to think in a positive, instead of negative way; when you make a choice to accept, rather than judge, the decisions made by another; when you agree to give instead of waiting to receive; all these choices are examples of opening your heart and mind to receiving your highest good.

When you choose the highest good for all, you signal the available energy in the universe to come to your aid. Miracles will occur naturally all around you, by your willingness to receive them. People will suddenly begin to give to you in a different way. Synchronous events will transpire in ways you never thought possible. This is the natural flow of God’s grace available to all who are willing to work in harmony with Divine Energy and have the forces of the universe align behind them.

There is a Universal Flow of energy awaiting your command. You live in the pure potential of All That Is, a River of All Creation. When you are aligned with what you want to create, and open to receive, that powerful river of creative energy will flow in the direction of your intentions. It is the natural order of life, yet it will feel like a miracle.

These results also come from willingness on your part to have your life be good, and to allow others to love and support you. It has to do with knowing what you want and asking for it directly, as well as having faith to know that there is a greater order and good available to all who believe.

So accept that what is occurring around you in your life is a reflection of what is occurring within you. Begin to make small choices to experience love instead of fear, to forgive the person who has wronged you, even when the action seems unforgivable, to give thanks for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have, and to believe that miracles can occur in your life, when you are willing to receive them.

These shifts in attitude bring a return of greater Love, Joy and Fulfillment in your life. It all begins with you and with your sincere willingness to allow the Angels and the Universal Presence to come to your assistance.

Remember your message from Archangel Gabriel for today:

Make choices for greater Life, Peace and Joy, and all the forces of the Universe align themselves behind you.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, March 26th, 2023

Why You Will Ascend This Time ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

why you will ascend this time - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens

Why You Will Ascend This Time ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are aware of the many instances where humankind was on a more direct path of ascension and where exactly you got sidetracked on those journeys of your collective. Once individuals gain a certain amount of knowledge and develop their skills and abilities, they then have the option of sharing what it is that they have come to master. They can share it and teach others how to do it, or they can see themselves as having more power over others as a result of their mastery over energy and vibration, and they can keep it for themselves. 

And when they do this, they also seek to keep that knowledge, that wisdom, away from their fellow humans. People love to feel special. And one of the ways that people have been able to feel special is when they hone their abilities, when they attain spiritual gifts. And so, if they were to then share what was shared with them with everyone else, they would not feel as special and they would not have as much power. And this is what has happened throughout human history there on Earth, but now the times are changing.

Information cannot be held back from the masses anymore. You all have the option of learning about the various tools and spiritual practices that will bring you into greater alignment with Source and give you that mastery over energy that you all want. You have so many teachers on your world today who seek to empower their fellow humans, and this is a very good sign. Those who want to hold on tight to their power and to that knowledge, that information, they are having a very hard time right now, because they can see how futile their efforts are. 

You all are accessing exactly what you need to and when you need to, and it is a very exciting time to be a human being there on planet Earth. If you truly want to ascend, to be your higher selves, to be fifth dimensional, then you will share when you can, and you will teach anyone who is ready to be taught. You will seek the advancement, the evolution, of each and every one of your fellow humans. There is power in numbers, and your numbers are multiplying every single day. The more of you that have the power, that have the abilities, the closer you get to the fifth dimension. 

So don’t just wait for your fellow humans to catch up to where you are and where you have been for quite some time; guide them. Give them the tools that they need, and invite them to exist in the higher frequency state that you have been so fortunate to have found. 

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”