Love is our new reality

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“My children, it’s the end times. It is time for souls to seek light, to seek healing to continue their evolutionary path. And to all those children of the light who are still there in darkness. Hear the call of the Mother and come, come to Mahindra, your Mother. Come to heal, to lighten your soul, rise in these moments, at this end of the cycle
Beloved Emanuel and Pastora, beloved children of my heart, I bless you and hug you from my heart to your heart. Oh my darlings, I wanted to comment on the planetary situation. Every day the influence of stellar systems is felt more and more. From planet Nibiru, planet X, or whatever you want to call it. Already my son, Master Sananda was telling you, that the whole situation we are living in globally.
Floods, earthquakes, situations you call catastrophic. But they are strong situations, influenced by magnetism, by the energy of this great system, Nemesis, the planet X, whose orbit is getting closer and closer to the planet. All this planetary turbulence that we’re feeling, that we’re experiencing, is already something cyclical. We have already talked about that in other messages.
I do not say this to you my beloved, so that you may come in fear or fear, you always have the total and full assistance of the Divine Hierarchy that assists you from other dimensional levels. But sit back and watch, these are signs. Signs of these end times. And no one should be disturbed, no one should be afraid, I repeat it. For it is not the intention of my message, but that you should come into consideration, which is the time, for all souls to seek the way of the light.
It is time for all souls, for all beings, to seek the light, to seek the way. Many souls break, withdraw from the planet in different parts and have not even heard, that they can heal, that they can be freed from all those burdens and the soul continues and continues stuck there, doing the process manually, let’s call it that, when they could do it automatic form, with the intention and thanking the assistance of their guides, their teachers, that they may assist and help heal and liberate themselves.
How much sadness I get when I see very burdened souls break with all the vicissitudes of these times, of this life. When they leave in a state of pain, they retreat under the influence of pain and difficult situations, the soul remains even more like trapped in that mist.
It is so important my beloved, that you all become aware, everyone on the planet, that we do not bring these messages, nor do we warn you of all these situations to frighten you, no. We only warn you to become aware everyone, they realize what is happening on a planet level. Of course energies help them, but if they are not aware and have no intention, perhaps these energies instead of helping them make them more unstable.
My children, it’s the end times. It is time for souls to seek light, to seek healing, to continue their evolutionary path. And to all those children of the light, who are there still in darkness.. Hear the call of the Mother and come, come to Mahindra, your Mother. Come to be healed, for your soul to be lightened, rise in this moment, in this end of the cycle.
And many think that nothing happens in their places, maybe they are not subjected to catastrophic situations as they call, it’s just that nothing is happening. No my beloved, that’s the big mistake. Look at the whole context. Watch how everything is crashing down, all the existing systems, everything is changing, everything is transforming, even you, your bodies.
It’s a special time loved ones. And with my heart here open, fresh, this love and this help for all the children of Father Mother Adonai, to come to the loving heart of Mahindra. Come, seek assistance, liberate yourself. Release your past lives, release everything that comes dragging so your soul feels free. For the soul to raise its frequency, its vibration my children. That is crucial at the required time, at the key point of this process.
I bid farewell and I invite you with love, come, come to the Mother, come to Mahindra. Seek assistance from the Hierarchy of Light and begin your healing process. Times are no longer enough to keep sleeping. It is time to awaken everyone to the infinite light of Father Mother Adonai.
Love yourselves and amen to your neighbor, your neighbor, which is your neighbor. Be loved my beloved. I love all the children of Father Mother infinitely and we don’t want any of them to be lost, to continue their great process.
I am Mahindra, I am Mahindra , I am Mahindra the Mother.