Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, April 18

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I’m looking for you all today to thank you for the fine work you have done on Earth so that we now can continue to sail upwards into space. It me joy in my heart that you now are beginning to wake up and understand that you are part of the Earth and that Earth’s challenges are also yours. We belong together and in order for everyone to feel good, we have to take care of each other, regardless if it refers to nature, animals or people. A well-functioning ecosystem provides a well-functioning life in both the microcosm and in the macrocosm. One cannot live without the other. Everything is born out of Our Lord Creator’s creation. Everything he creates is perfect and born out of the largest and deepest love that exists in the universe. Therefore everything is perfect from start to finish. There are no disagreements or mistakes committed by Our Father. Everything is lovingly thought out in every detail.

When we separate us from Him we embody disagreements and problems. Somewhere along the way we loose the eternal love or we are hiding it deep within us and have trouble finding it again. We’ll have to throw away a lot of junk before we get a glimpse of it. After several trips to the waste disposal it begins to look brighter and we understand where we belong. The journey home is becoming easier and easier the more trash we throw away along the road. We begin to understand our own center of light and love and you are now firmly walking back home, at the same time as you provide light to others who wish to walk the same way.  No one will be happier than our Father who always has been waiting for you to return home.

Love is the greatest of all that exists and the love embraces you all the time even though you are not aware of it. It shines and glows trying to get into every nook and cranny. It is relentless and gives never up. Sooner or later it hits its target. Be assured that you are the targets dear earthlings. You have already been hit by several arrows. Light can flow light here and there in the body now. It stings and burns a bit, but it will pass. Afterwards, you´ll have a better spirit. One or another clear thought has also taken root.  Now it’s time for a hail of arrows. Some of you have already had a tussle with them and have a strong sense of different sensations in the body. Short vibrations can occur here and there in the body but this is nothing to worry about. Would there be any major discomfort you may consult your doctor.

You cannot avoid feeling some kind of symptom because everything is now fundamentally changed. The light crowds out the old and the new comes in. Who does not get tired from changes, and this is a big transformation process. We transform our bodies from heavy carbon-based to light crystalline. This cannot be done in a jiffy – it takes time. Your bodies will gradually get used to this new material or they will break. It is bit by bit that is required, otherwise your whole system will break and it is not the purpose now. You should be able to move forward in your bodies and then some precautions must be made. But the work goes on and progress is made step by step.

I’m so proud of you and so glad you’re on board. I have been waiting and longing but now the train finally can begin to run from the station.

I´m so happy now and I love you all.

Mother Mary