Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, April 26

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and I am grateful to speak with you today. There is much happening now on Earth. The light shines steadily on Earth and affects everything and everyone living on it.

This applies to animals, humans as well as plants. Everything begins to vibrate at a faster pace and therefore it feels like life is going faster and faster. You the people are changing from the inside and out. It is not just physical changes that occur, but also mental. You grow in maturity, my friends, the process goes faster now. If you think back a few years, you will understand how much you actually have matured. Sometimes you have to stop and think back, to understand how much you actually have grown in maturity. It may be important in order to keep the faith and light up and to know that you and the Earth are on the right path.

Understand that everything is going so much faster now compared to only 50 years ago. It has really accelerated and it accelerates all the time. It’s like Judas says: “Hold on to your hat for now the wind is blowing strong gusts.” Everything negative that is available on earth or in the people are coming up to the surface now. There may come volcanic eruptions and floods as a sign of this. Even people erupt and things overflow a little here and there. Then you need to have the perspective that it will pass and that the peace will soon be restored. The important thing is that you are calm yourselves, have confidence and trust in the light and all the guides that help there. But as we said before, some karma we cannot do anything about. If it is possible, and you ask for it we will of course help to alleviate the situation as much as possible. If w can prevent a disaster we will do so. The help is not far away but you have to be aware and ask for it. Unconscious people can also get assistance but they must like to have that help. Their guides and guardian angels help them if they transmit a thought of wanting help.

Your contract, however we cannot change. That you have decided to go through, you will go through. It is the experiences you have chosen to do for reasons that only you yourself know, and the guides who have chosen to go with you. You are never alone, that’s an illusion. This you will soon understand when your body is vibrating at a higher speed. You will hear your heart speak and feel its rejoicing now when the hour of freedom is beaten. The desire to return to your true self and your loved ones is great for your heart. The closer you come, the stronger the feeling. This is why so many are waiting anxiously now, without thinking about how much they actually already won. Patience my dear children, it is not far to go now. The joy and harmony will soon appear, and then it becomes easier to wait.

The wait will not be so long, as some work will be required and a lot of support for those who have recently woken up. There are many who have woken up and they are at many different levels and need different kinds of help and support. Above all to understand what this new is all about. The opportunity to forgive themselves and others. This is important for their own healing and ability to absorb the light in the right way. The light penetrates the darkness, bit by bit, until the mind and body becomes light and bright. This is what you light workers have done for a long time. This is what you shall remember, when you now have the opportunity to guide others.

With that I say farewell.

I love you so much

Mother Mary