Love is our new reality

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Mother Mary, May 8

Channel Ann Dahlberg

I am Mother Mary and you are all my beloved children. Today is a great day for me when also you, on the surface of the earth, have decided to return home. You are many now who start to realizing that a major change on earth is required for us to be able to live here together. Many understand that we all belong together and that we all belong to nature. The difference is subtle between your bodies and nature bodies. Everything is connected and we cannot live without what nature gives us. The journey begins now to restore everything to its pristine condition. Everything must be purified of toxins and chemicals. It destroys both the earth and your bodies. Understand that it is the natural that is best and gives the best effect when something is to be healed. Let your body get healed at its own pace just like Earth heals in her pace.

Patience is a godsend, beloveds. It needs to be trained on Earth today. Nobody has time to be sick, because everything needs to go so fast. Yet time is illusory, you create your own time and do with it whatever you think best. What is best for you? Have you felt it deeply? What does the inner voice say?

You have to listen to hear and understand what it wants. You see It is not so loud, it is humble and whispering. You have to practice a lot to be able to hear it and even more to be able to follow it. Patience and again patience.

Quietness and contemplation are required to reach the peace within yourselves. The more often you are there, the easier it will be to not let yourselves be disturbed by anything that happens out there, let the world run its course and understand that everything is perfect and good as it is. It happens because it needs to happen for reasons that you with the smaller perspective cannot see or understand. Know that if you only follow your heart, everything will be fine and you can do what you came here to do. It is only your own contract that you can follow. You cannot take on the contracts of others, however much you want to help them. They have their own way to go. You can only be their adviser, the decision is theirs. Do not grieve over their decision if it feels wrong. Perhaps it is right for them at that time and in that moment. That was something they would learn. We cannot be each other’s judge and condemn each other to do it one way or another. We do not have the big overall picture and cannot see what is good or bad for anyone. We learn the whole time from our own mistakes. They do the same.

The most important is that you take care of yourself. You’re the most important person in your life. By helping yourself you are helping others. However, we can be kind and helpful to each other. Give support whenever someone asks for it. We all need help some time and there is nothing more beautiful than when many help each other through thick and thin.

So be helpful and give each other support as much as you can.


With great love

Mother Mary