Love is our new reality

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Crystals: Messages from The Masters April 25, 2024

Crystals: Messages from The Masters

On Manifestation

4/11/24 Melchizedek

Greetings Beloved Ones
In the days ahead be ever vigilant of thought word and deed
You have the power now to create from thought
Be wise in your thoughts
Allow the Creator’s love and compassion to flow through you in every moment of every day
Send this love and compassion to all you meet
Never doubt this ability now to manifest almost instantly
You are under the protection of The unseen Forces of Light

4/21/24 Melchizedek

Greetings Beloved Ones
Allow the flow of Light of the Creator to be manifested in all its beauty and glory
Observe the intricacies of each thought word and deed
In doing so you take responsibility for your creation
It is time for humankind to acknowledge  and accept responsibility for their manifestations
Live each moment in the love and joy of who you are
This energy of love manifests as the human collective unity consciousness
The Unseen Forces of light are with you always

4/21/24 Sananda

Greetings Beloved Ones
In the days and weeks ahead much is to change on planet earth
The scales have been tipped
The collective of humankind has made the choice to move on
Allow this wondrous decision to come forth with the joy of you the Creator
Accept the responsibility and acknowledge you are the Creator
Be ever cognizant of your manifestations of thought word and deed
Be the Joy Be the Love Be the Compassion For your brothers and sisters
This is why you are here at this time

4/23/24 Quan Yin

Greetings Beloved Ones
In the uniqueness of manifestations lies great desire
The next step is thought
Then comes the vocalization and manifestation into your reality
This ability to manifest has increased a hundred fold in the last 2 months of your time
Never doubt this for a moment
You are moving forward at an exhilarating pace
Be ever mindful of thought word and desire
Live each day with the Joy and Love of Creation
Magic and miracles will be your reward
A great leap in human consciousness has begun
Be at peace
Love who you are
The Unseen Forces of Light are with you always