The Crystal Kingdom via Angela Barnett, October 25th

Dr. Angela Barnett
Crystal Magic
These albums were created from the frequencies of the magical etheric spiritual water that all reality is created from.The key to the process of DNA Transformation is bringing back the pre plasma liquid light water substance that contains the 12 coded divine blue print back to the body from deep within the Inner Domains of Aquafarian where our original divine blue prints were stored. This liquid light substance needs to wrap the DNA within the neuronets like a cocoon or a liquid womb to allow the DNA to be re born into a brand new structure of 12 base codes.

When we travel into the realms of Aquafaria, we are swimming in the Cosmic Womb of our creation. The more time we spend in this space of liquid Inner Domain substance, the faster the DNA will process the new divine imprint.

These albums were designed for that process:

Magical Mermaid Journey to the Crystal Caves
Eternal Life Water
Symphony of Love
Heavenly Dolphin Therapy

The Science of Ascension is the exact process of how frequencies are accreted into harmonics. As the frequencies accelerate to a higher rhythm, the density is evaporating. The process can be likened to the ionization of water, because the water is becoming vaporized through the process of negative ions singing in the water.

This is truly the age or time when the original Aquarius Frequencies are tuning us back into our Consciousness. That Aquarius Frequency is deep within the most Etheric part of the Earth’s Crystal Heart. The Aquafarians were the Raceline that began the re-birth of the original Earth 5.5 million years ago. They created a Starry Essence from the Sixth Dimensional Elemental Substance that is the exact form of the Cosmic Vapor at a denser accretion.

That perfect essence is waiting deep within the Earth and deep within our neuronets to create that cocoon around each of our neuronets so that our synaptic cleft will produce God’s Movie of the Ascension Earth when they become activated through enough Frequency Accretion.


Dr. Angela Barnett
Crystal Magic

We swim through these Frequencies of Spiritual Water within the Cosmic Core within the Galactic Sun that threads our DNA into oneness with our entire Soul Matrix by swimming through the Crystal Caves. Take this journey with the Magical Mermaids to weave your DNA back into the pre light and sound spiritual water vapor that transforms the DNA to give rebirth to your original immortal body.

We are going through the final stages of a HARMONIC CONVERSION PROCESS. This means we are being converted into a higher frequency accretion level. Higher Frequencies are made of more etheric structures. All Cosmic Structures are formed from the Pre Light and Pre Sound within the Etheric Vapor that is within the Plasma of the Suns. We are in essence made of the same chemical structure as the the Stars. We had this same structure densified.

However, since we fell into a system that was not NORMAL, our chemical structure became mutated into the Carbon Based Structure.

That is not NORMAL. That is a corrupted chemical structure.

In order for our bodies and our entire Universe to return to the Organic State of Stardust, the Cosmic Guardians had to remake the entire Cosmos from the original Divine Template within the Cosmic Vapor. We must always be created from the Source Template, and then that template is breathed into form first as the song or the breath- the Sound and then that Breath ignites the Light in the Flame.

So, in essence, everything is made from Light and Sound. And then this Light and Sound forms into less etheric forms until it turns into Galactic Structures and Planetary Structures.

So, we have gone from the most etheric form of light and sound into the most dense for of light and sound. Density is not the problem. The Planetary structure would still be a perfect reflection through String Theory of the original Universe it was created from. However, there were Distortions, inharmonics, minor keys, twisting the original Symphony of Pure Love into very bad songs created from pain and hate and fear by Rap Singers who used mostly four letter words that are not considered proper in our society.

And even that was accepted by our society, because we all knew that our Planet was in a state of chaos.

That time is over. Now it is time to Breathe the most Harmonic Breaths directly from the Consciousness of Source and the Symphony of Love that holds us within that Eternal Life Program.

The harmonic conversion of the entire system begins with the spiritual water. Everything is made of water. Now, we are starting a new system that is not formed from Physical Water called H2O. We are now creating an Eternal Life System from Spiritual Water called H2O2HE3.

A natural conversion process is hydrolaise – gelaiziac radiation naturally occurs deep within our cellular templates.

Hydrolaise is key to an intricate breathing process that stars use. Planets can’t breath, but stars can.

We swim through these Frequencies of Spiritual Water within the Cosmic Core within the Galactic Sun that threads our DNA into oneness with our entire Soul Matrix by swimming through the Crystal Caves. Take this journey with the Magical Mermaids to weave your DNA back into the pre light and sound spiritual water vapor that transforms the DNA to give rebirth to your original immortal body.

Its like our process of breathing that keeps cellular process going where we emit carbon diozide.

It is closer to the photosynthesis process that plants do. The natural prana exchange cycle has to do with bringing in spirit body and progressively respiritualizing matter through prana exchange. Buildling charge that allows you to move forward in time by reacreating your spiritual body frequencies through the Eiradonis.

Hydrolaise conversion is natural to a living star.

Every living atom on the Atori side has activation on the Adori side.
(adori and atori are spiritual and physical, female and male) Certain interactions that would naturally take place and form certain substances that are of the natural Christic Universe are considered the heliomation of water.

Hydrolaise converts to aquafarion water. This water is is liquid light energy. We can walk on it, breath it, swim in it, fly through it. It is always aqua color and always perfectly clear.

Hydrolaise conversion is the natural process in breatharian body. It is the healing water.

Water will be the most valuable future commodity on the New Earth. Everything will soon transform  into a crystal form and a hydrolaise form.

This new spiritualization of water creates from taking in certain things from the air that have to do with the oron crystals of the old Net Earth.  There is a breathing process through the Aquafarian Elementas that is literally breathing light and it allows for this conversion
of various things including hydrolaise in the body that  sends parts of the converted energy from hydrophase back into prana seed so you can keep the flows open. One part of the energy is taken into the blood like oxygen and then circulates in our bodies, and then it releases back into the atmosphere in the form of the hydrolaise that then goes through its conversion in the air where some of it becomes water and some of it becomes ligher ( a gas) that goes into the air. They breath the gas into their body and then their body converts this gas into a hydrolaise and part of it goes into fuel the natural body systems of the person breathing it and when they release the remainder of hydrolaise back out it releases a form that puts more back into the air and
creates water emissions. It comes out as air but as a certain point that air splits and some gets lighter and some gets a little heavier and becomes a light form of water (H202HE3A) means spiritualized water.

This is the hydrolaise conversion that takes place during Light Body activation. A
natural set of chemical reactions that take place in an eternally living body and the easiest way to do it is by bringing the Eiradonis Flow of Christ Light Energy from the 12th Dimension.

The frequencies that have been coming in from Aquafaria have been brought here to jump start this hydrolaise conversion in our bodies.

As it kick starts, we can begin to take more than just oxygen from the air.
Very light plasma is coming in. It is a form of air born hydrolaise. It is releasing
now in the spanner gates and coming down in our atmosphere that will create a
process for us. If we use it. If we don’t use it. It will evaporate and loose charge.

There is always a natural relationship between the Chrsitic Beings and the star
they lived on where their natural bio-process would give back something the star
needed for its natural process. So it was always a natural symbiotic relationship.
The solar symbiosis process is a process by which emissions coming from the
central sun send the solar wind- electrons, protons and things like that.

There are supposed to be certain things in the atmospheric layers. Some would be from the choronosphere, some would be below the choronosphere.

Those things are called ORONS (oxygen bound with Helium) the elemental manifestation they pick up solar charge – natural emissions from the central sun
and they store them for a while and after they densify a bit they come down in certain areas. They come down the Alurian chambers – the 12 fire chambers on
our Rasha Body that go into the Light Body Structure. There are Natural phasing cycles that happen several times a day in a normal star environment where you would have the ORONS descending their solar charge with the energy they

They would go into the surface of the Earth and the surface of our skin or tissue of the skin. There are shalons running through all muscle structure. Shalons, Calons and Orons are crystal bands that make up the sturcutre of the body, the
planet, the solar and cosmic systems.

We  are becoming one complete system made of elementals of the Atori Side (the half self we have been living as) combined with the Adori Side (the half of our self that we are now re-uniting with).

If our present chemical state (the Atori half) tried to enter into the frequency or the chemical structure of the real star system that is hydrolaise based we would
pollute that system. They would have to wear gas masks. We smell like methane gas or rotten eggs in their systems. We would presently stink up the joint. This is why they have waited so long to be able to visit our planet. We are a toxic system to other star systems.


Breathing the hydrolaise and doing the ETERNAL LIFE WATER Journeys will speed up this process of uniting our Adori and Atori into one Eiradonis Body which contains the frequencies of ascension into the hydrolaise star system.

Dr. Angela Barnett
channeled from the Crystalai Council

The Focal point of all of this Energy always originates from SOURCE. That Source Field is the outer band or outer Sphere of all Spheres of Musical Light and Sound that is continuously Breathing Eternal Life into the Suns, Stars and Planets. The Energy Flows so Harmoniously that a continuous SYMPHONY OF LOVE is always singing between the Harmonic Universes.

When this flow of energy is broken, the Eternal Life Process cannot function correctly. That is what happened to the Earth’s Matrix. It was broken away from the Correct Flow of Energy.

We are in a very different time and place now with a much higher set of frequencies to work with, a much greater range of Consciousness, a much greater team of Cosmic Angels guiding our arrangement of our Symphonies of Light and Sound, and a much greater understanding of how Healing is as simple as TUNING IN.

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