Love is our new reality

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Message from the Crystal Kingdom via Galaxygirl, November 17th, 2017

Message from the Crystal Kingdom for November 17, 2017

We of the crystal kingdom with to speak with you on this day of all days, when the light emerges more fully on your surface world.

Most of us are deep within the recesses of our dear Mother Gaia. We hold the vibrational frequency for purity and light in all of its infinite colors and vibratory encodements. We hold energy. We hold light. We hold information. We are a type of advanced – very advanced by your current surface standards – ‘computer’ you could say, but it is more than that. We hold vibratory memories of your memories, of all who have had embodiments on dear Mother Gaia. We remember for you so that you can be free to create new memories during this current embodiment.

Many of you remember us fondly from the ancient days when you worked with us. You grew and cultured the crystals, seeding them with different attributes for various functions. Do you remember? Do you remember rescuing many of us before the great fall – sinking -of Atlantis? You knew the importance of saving the information within us. Many of us larger crystals are strategically hidden globally at various power points of Gaia to hold the light and vibration at desired levels. Many of the dormant crystals have been coming on line slowly over the last few decades. We are very excited about this, for like you, we desire to be of service and get great joy out of doing our life’s work and purpose.

We are most pleased to offer our services of cleansing power and might to you, for your ascension journey. We crystals come in many, many colors, sizes and shapes, yet we are all connected. We are all one. Much like you, Human race. It is time to look for the similarities between each other rather than the differences between you. In differences you can find strength, but know that you are much more similar than you are different, Humanity, are you not? Do you not all want a warm happy home full of love? Do you not all enjoy a cozy safe place to live surrounded by a few precious mementos? Do you not want safety for your children and jobs that you greatly enjoy doing in service for All kind? Good healthy food, clean water, friendly communities.

These dreams of Humanity are getting buffed and polished up so that soon Gaians and their communities will be a glittering jewel amidst the multiverse, sparkling radiant rays of fractal rainbows announcing “See, we did it! Love has won! Come and see our communities, come learn from us.” And they will. Nations and worlds and more descriptives than you can currently comprehend will come, to see the love that you all created through your toil, pain, sweat and sacrifice. Yes, galactics will see and they will thank you for being the wayshowers that proved it could be done.

We Crystal Kingdom as so honored to be a part of Mother Gaia’s transition. We are great grounding tools. We welcome you to download your current encodements into our mother, to assist with her own ascension, which will in turn of course support the All! We provide excellent sources of strength, care, support.

We are the Crystal Kingdom. Wear us, talk to us; we are listening for your call and ready to serve Humanity in the great remembering of oneness.

— Submitted by galaxygirl