Love is our new reality

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The Crystal Kingdom via Lee Degani, October 13th, 2017

We urge you to come and commune with us and allow us to bring you that which you need at this time.

Greetings dearest ones! We are the Crystal Kingdom and we come as a collective to bring you our love and support at this time of turbulence and turmoil.

Dear hearts, we want to remind you that we are here and we are more than eager to assist thee in your missions of clearing and purging the outdated 3D energies and simultaneously to work with you in anchoring the light and in manifesting the Kingdom of Heaven on Nova Earth.

All of you here, in this forum and beyond, have been reunited with aspects of self and with parts of the crystal kingdom. But besides seeing us as beautiful ornaments and/or future tools, we urge you to come and commune with us and to allow us to bring you that which you need at this time.

Take us with thee and allow us to shield and protect you and your loved ones. You may think of yourselves as deep sea divers that need to have shielding from the density and heaviness of some areas of the third dimension where you want to bring the fullness and brightness of who you are without any alteration caused by the physical conditions.

Take us with thee and allow us to amplify your love and light and to better direct it and illuminate every corner of the earth that you are called to travel to. Or better, let us take you and connect you with the spots on this beautiful blue planet where there is an acute need for healing and restoration.

Let us take you into the past lifetimes and/or into the future ones as well. Let us bring to thee the learned lessons and information that you need to move along further on your path. Allow us to amplify that knowing and confidence that you are on track and that you can bring to fulfillment this difficult portion of your plan, and then the next one, and so on.

Your higher self is always giving you assignments that seems to stretch your boundaries, that have you question your sanity at times, but, in the end you were always able to bring to fruition that which you started. Looking back on your current lifetime you can place some of the pieces of the puzzle together and see how you have been prepared for this intense time of transformation and changes.

Your egos would want you to go into more shielding by closing your hearts and even to remove yourselves from the turmoil. When it is not successful in persuading you to do so, then it will attempt to have you ask for rewards and recognition for your sacrifices and for your hard work.

Dear and brave ones, see the truth as it is, accept yourselves as you are in this moment, knowing that none of the extremes presented by your ego is right. You are exactly where you need to be at this time and you are perfect as you are. You have the appropriate amount of debris and remnant core issues to get you and others of your soul family with the same issues closer together so that you can eliminate and transmute them at the same time, for the greatest good of all humanity. You have plenty of awareness and understanding of your mission of love, so you do not get overwhelmed and dragged down by some of the furious and angry energies swirling around you.

We bring you our strength and fortitude, we bring you patience to deal with that which you have planned to deal with, but without frustration and irritation, and yes, we are with thee for as long as it takes. We have been waiting for thousands of years to connect with thee, we know patience and have been waiting for this glorious time of awareness and unity consciousness.

We can take care of the cleansing and rejuvenating process first. We can start with the healing and awakening of many who are still in the sleep mode. We can send plenty of compassion and loving energies to open the hearts of the ones that have known only darkness and lived in fear for eons.

We know that you can focus at this time only on this part of your work, but know that at the same time we are working on bringing together all the foundations and structures of the Nova Earth. We do have all the information and data needed for this wonderful and more exciting co-creative adventure, that is because you have placed and programmed them into us.

You see, you have all the support and tools needed from the higher realm to keep yourselves in the highest vibrations that you can hold on a continuous and constant base. Your loved ones and the entire human collective, our beloved Gaia, needs your stable grounding and loving power to light up this dense world of duality where the negative energies and fears have been distorted and used for so long to keep everyone in a survival and limitation mode.

We are with you, we are at your service with joy and glee.

Have a sparkling and bright day!

Until next time, farewell.


» Source – Channel: Lee Degani