Love is our new reality

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Message from the Mothers via Galaxygirl, January 18th, 2018

Message from the Mothers for January 18, 2018

The Mothers 1/18/18

Greetings dear hearts, dear children , it is I Mother Mary and I bring to you on fresh spring breezes the scent and the feel of pink roses to lighten your weary hearts tonight. I see you with the loving eyes of a mother who appreciates both strength and suffering and we hear you. Your cries are heard in heavens gates tonight, and I shower you with both love and mercy.

Greetings dear ones, it is I, your Mother Gaia. I greet you with a great energy burst from the central sun that is coming children, be ready! Oh, I am so excited to see and to experience this, are you? Feel my warm green energy of healing and light and be ever so comforted deeply at the core soul level, for that is how much you are loved, appreciated and attended to, as Mother Sekmet said the other day. Such a grand task of ascension has truly called in all of the masters, the councils of light, and our galactic friends of the skies. Feel the hope and get excited. Claim hope. Claim peace. Be hope. Be peace and anchor these attributes into me, into the deep center of my body and help create this reality into fruition. The darkness is fading, cracking, demising, retreating, confined. Provide comfort to each other and to my kingdoms. Create with us.

Children, it is I, Mother Sekmet here tonight in concert with Mother Mary and Mother Gaia. For truly in solidarity we are showing our unity of feminine power and strength that we are now grounding into Nova Gaia, into this convoluted matrix that is now dissolved by light forces. Femininity, the Devine feminine, the creative, receptive component to creation, has long been stifled, cut out, smothered and abused but the time for a massive rebalancing of male and female energies is upon us, and it requires the balance of both sexes to achieve this feat. Men, you are being called to action, to a deepening of your compassion, of service to the great Mother, to the Devine feminine within you. It is time to break from tradition and remember your heart space and expand it. Expand your joy, your protective efforts for the Devine feminine and become the white knight championing her as you once were in the days of old. Women, ladies, you do no longer need to pretend to be men to survive, to provide, to push ahead. No. You be your Devine feminine in form, creating, receiving, loving, and find freedom in this. You are all well provided for as the new energies are quite strong, proving and illuminating. But you must find your balance within, and this is the balance of the male and the female within you. Meditate on this.

It is I, Mother Mary. Children it is true. Be at peace and discover not only who you are but who you were meant to be in Devine balance of form. What parts of your lives are overtly masculine? Most of you work and strive and push and power through just to survive – this is the male, albeit misguided energies. Balance must be achieved. Balance of your lives, of your creativity that has been pushed aside so that you could make money and have a career. Instead, create careers that honor the Devine feminine within. Create forums and places where women feel safe and empowered. Create societies where the young are safe and treasured. When the men are able to create this safety, the Devine feminine blossoms. She feels loved and nurtured and supported and in response she shines so brightly and gives so much of her innermost God spark that all around her are blessed. See this in your mind’s eye and create it. That is why you are here. When the great central sun reharmonizes, rebalances, these concepts will seem more understandable but for now, know this to be true and of utmost significance for the future of Humanity and precious Mother Gaia.

It is I, Mother Gaia. Yes! Can you hear your hearts call? Can you feel the burning of truth? Remember Avalon to those of you who were there? My knights of shining armor who defended the feminine, who protected me? Be still and listen and you will feel this deep longing to return to such times of deep loyalty and devotion, of spiritual balance and oneness. It is much nearer now even than it was yesterday, my dear ones. We are sending trifold messages to our precious ones tonight because, because now is time to remember! To hear the clarion call! To cry, to laugh, to be fully human and fully Devine simultaneously! For that is why you are here, angels in form, having a tremendous experience. We are being cheered on from above you know. It is quite exciting. Cling to me. Anchor to me. Allow the Mothers’ love to saturate you, to surround you, and to rebalance you closer to your preferred balance point. Breathe us in. We are ever around you, ever providing for you ever in support of your transitioning towards oneness. Remember your cause, your balance of Devine masculine and Devine feminine. Invite us and we shall ever assist you, for we love you all ever so much. I am your Mother Gaia and I speak for us all tonight. Be comforted and encouraged dear hearts.

I am your Mother Mary and I shower you with light and love. Smell the roses children, and hear my voice of comfort.

I am Mother Sekmet. I am always here for Humanity, as a pillar of female strength for the collective, and of tender love for the lone warriors. Be at peace, in this Now and always. Enjoy the transition and enjoy your transformation.

~ galaxygirl