Love is our new reality

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One Who Serves via James McConnell, April 15th, 2018

One Who Serves

Om Mani Padme Hum. Om Mani Padme Hum. Om. Om. Greetings to you!

How is that for some kind of a message, huh?! If that doesn’t not to rile you up, if that does not get your blood boiling I don’t know what will!

We do not necessarily have message here at this time because we are saving it up. We are saving up our messages — many messages that are coming — that are going to be available to you when we have our Advance here. And that as you know is very close.

And you are looking forward to this but you have no idea how much we are looking forward to this as well. We being those of us, the One Who Serves, and all of the ones who are mentoring to us and to you. All of the ones you know as the various Ascended Masters and the Galactics and the Agarthans will all be there with you. Won’t that be fun?! Won’t that be an amazing experience! And we have told James to use that exact word “amazing” here. He does not yet know just how amazing this is planning to be. But you are going to leave this Advance different than when you came there. That is for those of you certainly that are there live and in-person, but also to those of you on the phone because if you believe that there is no time and space then there is not any time and space. That you will all be one with us there, one together, one family as you like to say. And yes we are all a family. [Singing] “We are family!” Right?

Get ready because we’re going to be doing some singing too. Not only regular singing that you know of but we’re going to be singing the Lemurian Chant. And that is going to be amazing because it will raise your vibrations like nothing has ever done for you before. Okay? So get ready.

You can un-mute your phones now. We love to hear your witty banter on the other side there. Are you out there? [Phone audience speaks up]

Yes! There we go. Yes we love you too. Hello, hello, yes, yes. We are ready for this. We hope you are ready for this.

And yes I, the One Who Serves, the one you know as the funny one, the comedian, we’re going to have a little bit of standup there as well, so get ready for that. And we have much planned, much to do, many places to go, people to see, you know all that kind of thing. So get ready and get ready to have a great deal of fun but get ready to work. Get ready to work. This is going to be serious beyond anything that you have possibly attended before. So get ready for this.

You have questions here for One Who Serves?

Q & A

Q:  [Emailed question] Is the animal kingdom (insects, birds, fish, etc.) on the Earth a representation of life on other planets? And if so, is that why some of us have a fear of spiders or snakes, for example, because we have fought wars with these beings in other lives and dimensions?

OWS:  Oh my goodness, yes! This is the garden. This is a garden that has been created here with many different species, many from different, many different systems, and there are

those planets and those people and those beings that come from many other systems and many other star systems and all of this is here in the living library of life here. So yes, that is that part of the question. And the other part your fear of spiders and things of this nature, yes some of that does come from some of the battles that you have fought for working for the light that you have fought in other systems. The real Star Wars here people. The real Star Wars. It is very real. We have told you this before. And when you have come here to this planet, to this experience, this evolution, you have brought some of those fears with you. But all of that is going to be ending. You will not have any need of that anymore as you move up higher and higher in vibration you are going to pass any need for holding onto these memories these theories. We have told you before that you are going to lose all of the old memories that are no longer needed, the past that is gone. And you are going to remember those things that are necessary for you to continue on moving ahead in this new wonderful Golden Age of Gaia here. Okay?

Q:  [Emailed question] Last night my partner and I saw a golden orb as we were out for a walk late in the evening and we live in a big city. It didn’t make any sound and it was flying low and coming straight at us. I pulled out my smart phone to try to make a video. The orb didn’t like that and immediately changed course, gained altitude and sped away into the fog. What was it we saw and is it the same we have been seeing at other times?

OWS:  It is the same you have been seeing at other times. The orbs are and many ships and all of these are as Ashtar has said earlier, another time here earlier, that you are going to have more and more of these sightings, these experiences. And from your discussion earlier we find that exactly is the case. You are beginning to see more; experience more; hear more; notice more than you have ever noticed before. And this, my dear friends, my brothers, my sisters, this is just the beginning. Just the beginning. Because can you imagine? Look just for a second here. Close your eyes and imagine. See what is going to be in the future. See what you are going to see as you look up into the clouds. You look up into the skies and what do you see? You do not see planes and jets anymore you see ships. Many different kinds of ships. Different colors, the shapes, the experiences that are going to be showing through the clouds. And they are no longer going to be cloaked. Can imagine looking up and seeing hundreds, thousands, even millions of ships above you? Won’t that be astounding? And knowing that they are going to come and land here in your spaceports — no longer airports but they are going to be spaceports or whatever name will be given to them. You see?

This is the new age that you are moving upon. And yes, many of you, most of you that are here now on this call will experience this in your lifetimes. We cannot say everyone but many of you, most of you will experience this. It will happen in your lifetime. Don’t think this is going to be like next lifetime or next one after that. That’s done people! That’s over with. You have no more next lifetime. You see? And the reincarnation process that you have become accustomed to here in this evolution is going to be over. You are not going to have this reincarnation again and again coming in and bringing karma and all of this with you. That is over! Okay? [Audience speaking over OWS. One appears to be moaning.] Sounds like someone is either joyful or crying there. We cannot tell quite what that is.


Q:  Can you talk about that Wesak Festival and what’s happening now with that in this timeframe?

OWS:  The Wesak Festival is not yet, it is coming. And it is every year at the same time, predominantly the same time every year. And it is an amazing time where those who are able — and invited for the most part — are able to go there in their physical bodies. It is in a high, high valley in the Tibetan area. And they can go there and experience the vibration change that processes there. It is the most amazing thing that you would experience up to this point.

But that which happens at the Wesak Festival is going to be happening here to all of you when The Event comes and even more so than what happens at the Wesak. Because at the Wesak Festival this is a gathering of many of the Ascended Masters that come there and offer service to the people that are gathered. But even more importantly they offer service to the entire planet, to the entire population. So that there is the Christ comes, the Buddha comes. And they are there to share with the population that is assembled there as well as to create the energies and continue to create the plan ahead for each year to come. And that is what they have been doing for many, many years now. And each time that they come together they raise the stakes a little bit. And they raise the stakes again the next time meaning they raise the energies to the planet to continue to bring more and more and more energies. And this coincides, by the way, it coincides with The Event from the Galactic Central Sun because all of these Wesak Festivals up to this point are leading to that Event.


Q:  We talked a lot about telepathic connections with the animals the insects and each other. As we raise our vibrations higher and higher are we going to be trained on how to use it appropriately with one another and how to use it successfully? Is that something as the Great Central Sun’s Pulse (The Event) occurs, is that when we’re switching to that beautiful communication with one another?

OWS:  We can tell you that you are already in the process of doing so. Even though you’re using the spoken word as you are used to doing, you are beginning more and more to come into your telepathic abilities here. You are noticing that more and more with those that are close to you where you will think something and then they will be thinking it at the same time, and they will say it and you will say, oh I was just thinking of that. Isn’t that amazing?!

But it is not amazing it is just simply fact. It is even science here. Because telepathic communication is the way of the future. Yes it is going to be so. But you are going to have both. You are going to be able to use the spoken word when you want but you also are going to have the telepathic ability. And all along with telepathic ability you will be able to know what everybody is thinking. So guess what? If you know what everybody is thinking nobody can lie to you. You see? Think about that for just a moment. No more secrets. What would that be like? No more secrets. Each of you are completely coming out of the closet people. No more skeletons in the closet. All of these things that you have, all of that is going to come to an end. Not all of a sudden. Is not going to be overnight this type of thing because you would not be able to handle that very well. But you are being prepared and acclimated to these energies and being readied for what we are speaking of. All of these things that we speak of every single Sunday that we have for years now. This is all preparing you for what is coming getting you ready. Not only for within your selves but for you to be the messengers, you to be the way showers, the ones that share the light, the warriors of light as Archangel Michael says. You are the ones that are going forward that are going to begin to share what you know and help those around you to awaken. Just as you have awakened. Okay?


Q:  So you can have a distinction between let’s say a hummingbird, a bee, a tree, and your neighbor next door, and one of the interGalactics, right next to you, right? So it’s just all in a pool of communication telepathically. Amazing.

OWS:  Yes. It is amazing. Get ready for amazing.


Q:  I was listening to some of these videos online from The Event Is Coming Now and I had a couple of questions come up. In one of the videos which was from The Collective message to light workers on March 12, she said the people who are forwarding the dinar and dong scam are going to come to justice. And the other things that she said were so much aligned with what you said I was confused by that because I thought the RV was happening. Can you shed a little light on what she might mean by that.

OWS:  When you say the RV as you know it is in process. It is not happening yet it is not being distributed yet and all of this but it is in process. It is going to happen. Maybe not quite as some of you may think it is not going to be an overnight sensation in terms of one minute you’re poor and the next minute you’re gazillionaires. That is not going to happen because what would that be like. But it is going to happen to bring about a sense of balance. This is St. Germain’s baby you might say. He has been working on this for not only this lifetime but for many lifetimes and has been working to bring about the idea of NESARA and GESARA and balance to the world in terms of your financial stability, and to not be have to rely on the use of money to live, to survive. That is what it is all about. And to be able to have the various monies that are needed to be able to work on the various projects that are in development. And these projects are in development. They are ready to go. The financial system that is to turn over to this new financial system is ready to go. And it just needs the extra push, it needs a few things to occur and then it can be brought forward.

But we will tell you that it will likely be around the same time as The Event. Whether it comes just prior to it or after it or during it, we cannot yet say because that has not yet been determined. We have told you many times that there are plans in the works. There is the plan A, there is the plan B, C, D, E, F, G and so on and so on. And when one plan doesn’t work out quite well or that we see that another plan will work even better, then we hold back and wait for that next one.

When we say, when I say here that we hold back, we are the ones that are preparing all of this. We are the ones that are implementing these plans but it is the Prime Creator, Source itself that gives the go-ahead. The go-ahead green signal, the signal that you are all waiting for.

But I can tell you, we can tell you, do not wait for that signal. Do not wait to live your lives. Live your lives now. Be in the moment now and everything that is meant to be will come to be. That is all you can do. Be in joy in every moment. We tell you that again and again and again. But some of you tend to say, “Well, when the money comes. When the money comes then I will do this. Then I will do that.” Don’t wait until the money comes! Do it now if you can. Do whatever you can now. Live your lives now. Live your lives now as if this were the last moment on Earth. Even though it may not be, live it that way. Okay?


Q:  I just wondered should we still be hanging onto the currency or not. Because I’ve been telling all these people I’m planning to fund this project or that project and now it’s like oh my goodness is that not happening?

OWS:  What we can tell you about that is if you let go of the currency you will not be happy about it later.


Q:  The question is about April 11th. At that night around 2 a.m. some vibrational work was done on my body and I heard like a musical instruments trumpet it was so sharp and so brief trumpets sound in my head. It wasn’t the usual ringing in the ears or ringing in the head. It was different. And after a few seconds I got kind of a second shot of this trumpet. In the morning I woke up really, really dizzy. I couldn’t stand up. I had to walk with baby steps little by little to be able to go for my working day. It would be lovely if I can know what happened with that.

OWS:  We can tell you is that many of you are having these experiences, going to have these experiences where sounds or sights come out of nowhere. And as we have said many times you are seeing or hearing through the veil – that again, is no longer there but you still believe it so it is there. The mind is the builder and you are continuing to build based on the old programming. But those of you that can let go of the old programming you are then building the New Age of Gaia here and you are building your new life in the higher dimensions. So if you are hearing these sounds do you remember in your Bible when in the Revelations where it said that Gabriel blows the Seventh Trumpet. You see? This is what this is speaking of. You understand this? If not, look it up.


Q:  Tomorrow is supposed to be a full moon. Is there anything that we should expect or stand by for?

OWS:  Other than that it is a full moon, no. Nothing special for this. Know that as these times continue, as the vibrations continue to rise, as the waves of energy keep coming in, those cosmic events that occur — not so much a full moon because that is a regular event — but various different types of cosmic events that occur, some that you are aware of here on the Earth and others you are not even aware of because they are happening far out in the galaxy. But everything that happens at the macrocosm also happens at the microcosm. So what happens above, so below. Okay?


Q:  We’ve been given information about 9/11 that NESARA was supposed to be announced at 10 a.m. on that morning. And in the two twin towers was the new financial system and there was also gold stolen from the vault underneath the twin towers. Can you tell us whether that story is true and why the Galactic Federation didn’t stop those attacks?

OWS:  First of all yes that is certainly true. Much of it is exactly as you have been given here. Much of it was of course covered up and kept in secret for long time. But it has been brought out and those things that occurred at that time were what those of the cabal did to hold things off. And they were able to successfully do so for a period of time. But those times are over now. And what they found, though, is it actually even though it postponed some of it it also hastened up the participation, you might say, from those Galactics that you are speaking of. Because when this happened and they did not keep it from happening because it was necessary for the process to occur under the circumstances that it was in in those times. And those of the Galactics, because of this, then they were given permission to come in, not interfere, but to assist in a great much more than they were able to previously. So it had the reverse effect to the cabal in the long run. But the short run it did create a postponement of some sort here. Okay?


Q:  I was always bothered by the term ‘the thousand year reign of Christ’ because I always wondered why does it have to end. So I’m wondering will our Golden Age end? And if so does it have to do with celestial mechanics and the time that our Earth is within the Photon Belt?

OWS:  Every age at one point or another comes to an end and a new beginning. And you are approaching that new beginning here now. And the Earth herself is yes, moving through this Photon Belt and all of this, but you have to also understand that the entire galaxy has moved into a new area of space, a new higher vibration. So that what is happening here on the Earth in terms of the Ascension process is also happening out throughout the galaxy. So again it is so above so below. So within and so without. So what happens at one level is happening at the other level everything …

have an echo in the background there. Gone. Okay … So this is why there are so many here from so many ships, from so many systems, watching this show because it has never happened before in this way. And they are all curious to see how it goes, how you, those of you that are here on the planet are able to work through this process. And they are astounded and we are astounded at your progress. You may think you’re going pretty slow here. You may think that this is just dragging by and dragging by never gonna happen but we see it as speeding up. We see it as much, much faster than it ever was going to be. That as the plans have changed over and over again. Maybe a delay here and a delay there but actually it is all speeding up the process greatly.


Q:  Okay but is it only going to last 1000 years and then we’re going to have a decline again or will we get to the fifth dimension and Earth will never have to go through third dimension again or will there still be a third dimensional Earth? How about for those that make it up to the fifth dimension? Will they come a time when it declines again?

 OWS:  So many questions here. We will answer in this way. You hear of a thousand years of peace and that is based on the old timelines, the old predictions, the old prognostications that were given earlier. And in some ways it is correct you are going to have many, many years of peace here on the planet once all of this is all of the old 3-D illusion is gone. And the Earth herself is going to hold this three-dimensional illusion for just a little bit longer and then it is going to be gone. The three dimension, the third dimension will no longer be here on this planet. It will be another place we will say at this time. Call it Earth 2 if you want but whatever you want to call it, because many have called it this so we will just use that terminology, but it will not be here with you. Those of you that rise up into the higher vibrations into the fourth higher fourth and into the fifth dimension that is what you will have here and the third dimensional illusion will be gone. Okay?


Q:  My first question is that recently I’ve been doing a lot of meditations to turn on my telepathic communication within myself and then suddenly I happen to, I’m aware of various parts of me, aspects from other dimensions, and other parts of me that are trying to connect with me from [???] to any other types of beings, other aspects. And also for my purpose of using it is for connecting with my star family and my soul family. So one thing that is really interesting for me to bring up is that my senses when it comes to connecting with my soul family, my family unit in the ships, it gets blacked out. Like the whole thing gets censored and blacked out I couldn’t see anything but the sensation that was there.

OWS:  What is your question here though? We are going to ask you what is your question.

Q:  My question is why when I try to connect with specific star family that I care about and also my hybrid children and when I do that it just blacks out. I was wondering why does it do that.

OWS:  We can share with you that you are blacking out because it is something that your ego center is trying to protect you from. Trying to protect you from a time long ago before you even came to this system here where you had, what has been talked about earlier in terms of battling the dark forces in those times, where you have done so and not had such great success. May have even perished in those battles in those times. And because of remembering some of these things now and reconnecting with this that part of you, that lower ego center of yourself, where it thinks it’s protecting you is tending to blackout the connections here that you have with this. This is something that if you want you can move beyond if you are ready to do so. You can simply ask your higher self, your higher God self, to help you move through this process and alleviate this and release the programming that is within you about this. And you will find as you begin to do this that the dark places will begin to lighten up. You’ll begin to get little glimmer through these dark places. In a sense of there being the veil there that has been pulled in front of your eyes, you might say. Even your third eye here. So it is something that you can work through but this is can tell you it is not something that is going to be easy for you because there is much protection keeping you from being what occurred in past times here. That is all we are allowed to tell you here about this. Anything else you must find within yourself.


Q:  I’m currently in this purging of parasites paradigm where they’re coming out of every pore of my body. Is this going to end soon?

OWS:  It will end soon because the energies that are rising within you — and this is to all now — the energies that are rising within all of you will bring you to a point where whatever the maladies that are in you will begin to dissipate. Many of you are going now through what you call Ascension symptoms. You are feeling attacked in various ways and there are going to be continuing processes that are going to keep you feeling not so wonderful at times. And this is what is occurring here and you may continue to have some of this for a period of time. Not to worry about it. It will pass. And it will pass as your vibrations continue to rise that you will have more and more feelings of wonderful feelings, joyful feelings. Everything is wonderful. All the aches and pains will all be gone. That is what you are looking forward to here. Can you imagine especially those of you that consider yourself a little bit older in your older age, in your decrepit older age, we use that word purposefully here because some of you feel that way. As you get older then you feel like oh, we are getting older now so we must our bodies must be failing and we must have this symptom and that thing. And go to the doctor for this and a doctor for that. Poppycock! You don’t need any of that! You are going to find that more and more. And again the more that you believe it, the more that you will see it. This is what you must come to understand that everything is going to shift and change as you shift and change. Okay?


Q:  It is a question about the acclamation. I felt like I acclimated from a higher perspective down to the lower perspective. I know now happened to me why my body felt like that. And I feel it because, and I want you to tell me if I’ve got this right — in 1998 I went to sleep and in what I perceived as a dream was two beings, one by each side of me. And when I woke up out of this dream my whole body, down the right side of me, completely collapsed. I fell onto the floor and I was dragging myself along the floor. My whole body felt so heavy. I felt like I was dropping in frequency and vibration. And then I felt physically sick and shaken. A lot of people said it’s sleep paralysis or it was a dream. On the contrary I believe I was taken in 1998 and what my body was doing was adjusting from being in the higher realms in my physical form and then put back into this three-dimensional paradigm. And my body was really struggling with that even though I was a young 18-year-old. Can you confirm this?

OWS:  You are absolutely correct. In terms of, as you came back from those higher vibrations and you came back into the denseness of your physical body, it was something that a part of you certainly did not want to come back to. And it brought you into a lower vibration … from a higher vibration to a lower vibration. Think about what it is for those of us and those of the Galactics to be in the higher vibrations that they are in and then to find themselves here in your vibration, your three dimensional vibration and how difficult that is for them. You see? That is why we have said many times that you want to make contact with those of us and those from the ships and from Inner Earth and all of this then you have to raise your vibration to meet them. They are not going to come down and meet you in that sense. They will come down but not in vibration. Okay?


Q:  Yes I felt that. And I was a young whippersnapper at 18 but my body did not want to come back. I guess I was really fighting up there saying I don’t want to come back. But I guess obviously because of the situation where I am now bringing in the light and where we are now I had to come back. My body was struggling with acclimating to come back down to this density of this third.

OWS:  Yes. But it was not your physical body that struggled to come back, it was your consciousness that struggled to come back to the spirit you.


Q:  [Emailed question] This questioner said he asked these questions before but he didn’t get the answer he was expecting. What ET races are on the dark side of the moon? Why are they there? Are they good or evil? And what is their purpose of having structures on the moon?

OWS:  Those that are on the dark side of the moon, the shadow side of the moon, the part of the moon that is not available to the public here on the planet to be able to see, are there for various purposes. Some nefarious and some not so nefarious. Some that are there to work with the light and some that are there to work in darkness. And there are various civilizations that are there including Earth’s civilizations, including the Secret Space Program that have bases there. And they are doing what they have been accustomed to doing, what they have been programmed to do, to create the processes that they thought were necessary to continue beyond once the Earth had gone through the various calamities that they have planned for it. Not so much the planet herself but the population here. They were planning to leave the planet in their ships and go to other places that they had prepared, those of the cabal, those of the elite here you might say. They were the ones that were planning this. But all of that is over. They can no longer do any of these plans. They have been forbidden and kept from leaving the system here. They cannot, they can leave the Earth or portion of the Earth but they cannot go to their planets and things that they had planned up to this point. A force field or a … what is your word here? Not coming up with the right word but basically a force field or a [Quarantine] … a quarantine yes. A quarantine has been created by those of the higher Galactics here that those of the Blue Avians and such that have created a quarantine or a force field that is keeping them from leaving the planet and even coming to the planet. So all of that has been stopped.


Q: [Emailed question] There have been many bright lights flashing between clouds during both nighttime and daytime in different places of the world.

Please mute your phones! We know it is not the sun. What can you tell us about these flashing lights?

OWS:  There are many flashing lights as you are seeing because again it is for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear. So as you are looking up at the clouds, at the sky and you are seeing these flashing lights or illuminations of different kinds, or seeing an outline of a ship, or whatever it might be, this is what you are seeing because they are coming and they are coming in droves. And they are going to be showing themselves more and more and more. They are pushing the envelope you might say. Pushing so that if the governments themselves will not create disclosure, will not disclose, then they are pushing it so they have to disclose so that there can be no more doubt by everyone. If you would do a poll now through much of the population of the planet, much of the population, those that are aware of any of this, those that are aware would now say there is no question that there is life out there. So all of that thinking that the governments have done previously that they could not share this because the public was not ready for it and all of this, that is all gone. All done.


Okay we need to release channel now.

Before we do so we just say again — and this is a different One Who Serves in case you did not know. The other one has left the building here, you might say, but will be back in your Advance. — and is all geared up. Is going to be the master of ceremonies so to speak and is going to have a great wonderful time with you. But as this one shared and we share also now it is going to be a very serious time as well. You are going to have the experiences that are going to at times shock you and literally may even feel a sense of shock within your body. That is for those that are there in person especially, but also those of you that are on the phone if you believe it enough that you are there with us there — with them there that are there in person just as we are there with them. That is how you must look at this.

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the one.

 Channeled by James McConnell

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“Believing is seeing!”