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A Message from JFK via Losha, August 3d, 2018

A Message from JFK (8/3/18) | Losha

Channeled by Losha

August 3, 2018

Message from JFK

Greetings, my dearest Patriots. This one heard me in her mind, and she was correct that I am desiring to give you a “rah rah!” speech at this time.

I can see that you are all having a challenging time right now. Even though life on Earth has always been challenging, it is exceedingly so, at this particular moment in time. I send you all my thoughts for Love, Light and Peace, on Earth.

The energy waves that are originating from the galaxy around you, are indeed very strong right now…they are tossing each of you around as if you are a ship on a stormy sea. I am hesitant to say this, but it is better to be forthright than to ignore such situations, is it not? Well, I need to say that there are going to still be very challenging moments, for a bit longer.

I am so very pleased to see however, that you are all learning to stay in a neutral spot, within your mind, as you hear about any current events that are happening…events which, when they are full of negative portrayals, are primarily planned, financed, and “coached” by those dark ones at the top. Let it be said, however, here and now, that these ones will not be at the top, much longer…in fact, they have already plunged down a “rung or two” on that ladder! Glory Be, and Hallelujah!

Hence, I suppose I should begin my rah, rah speech, eh? Let me begin by saying that I am so very blessed to be able to put my eyes upon all of the good that you Truth Keepers are doing…it is so very humbling and energizing at the same time. Please continue to follow your heart, as your heart is your true compass in life…your “north star”, if you will, to guide you home… just as the saying, “home is where the heart is”…well, that statement just came full circle, did it not? (smiling)

However, there is so much more that I have learned about our hearts since I left the Earth for some “higher” learning(!). First and foremost, our hearts are much more than a physical muscle, as most of you already know…it is truly our “brain”…and it “knows” much more than our brains actually do…that is why I have been trying to convince the beloved one receiving this message, that she should not worry about her “limited” brain power, and instead, listen to her heart. She is slowly beginning to listen to me! (eyes twinkling)

I intended to make this message short and sweet, and so it shall be. Please know that you have a multitude of guiding angels, galactic family, and higher beings who are always available to you, should you ever ask. I too, am always listening and watching over you all…please remember that. You are loved more than you know, and your hearts are guiding you, always, in the right direction.

You are in MY heart, for ever and ever.

Your beloved, JFK.

A note from Losha: This was my fourth channeled message from JFK. After receiving this message, I apologized to him because I felt I wasn’t “hearing” the more formal words he usually uses…and he said that was because he isn’t using them as much, now. He felt very lighthearted and joyful, today. It was a wonderful feeling I received from him!