Love is our new reality

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AA Gabriel June 11, Channel: Madeleine Swetlishoff

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse on the quality of love that is known as enlightenment. An enlightened person knows that all of Earth’s inhabitants depend on each other for their survival. This individual sees the interconnected nature of all existence and knows their own place in the universe. They are loving, compassionate, kind, and genuinely care about other people. An enlightened person remains spiritually open to everyone, understanding that other people give them spiritual nourishment, meaning, sustenance and growth. They are insightful, and see the world with a clarity of vision and no longer have a need for the power struggles that humanity currently still engages in. These individuals have learned healthy and positive ways of relating with other people and are connected with their own Divine guidance and inner strength. They have met the challenges of becoming an aware and enlightened person, knowing that it requires the letting go of many things previously held dear to them. These individuals are aware that they are already on their most perfect spiritual path and follow their greatest passion towards the realization of their dreams.


An enlightened person has great tolerance, patience and understanding for the missteps of others. They are emotionally stable and understand that it takes awareness, commitment, effort and dedication to walk the spiritual path. It is an effort that one makes because it is well worth the personal spiritual reward that it brings to them. One is aware that they need to replenish their spiritual strength on a daily basis. Those who achieve any measure of enlightenment do so through some form of daily meditation or prayer practice. They have a loving and detached commitment to helping others achieve personal enlightenment and the freedom that it brings. Their lives are rich, rewarding and filled with endless possibilities for growth and expansion in all aspects of their life experience. They are happy and have a cheerful and loving disposition. This helps them embody an optimistic and accepting attitude to the vagaries of life. They are peaceful, serene and have achieved freedom from worry and fear. They see the human condition from the higher perspective of their eternal spirit which reaches beyond their physical existence and are free from the illusions of the material world.


They know without a doubt that they themselves are the key to freedom and that there are as many paths to perfect enlightenment as there are beings in the universe. They understand that everyone has the freedom to choose the kind of reality they wish to experience. To find and experience enlightenment, they accept the daily rhythms of expansion and contraction, knowing that all in their world is well. These individuals have a deeper understanding that they are eternal beings beyond their physical body and their temporal mind. They see their life as a celebration of being intimately connected to the entire universe knowing that it is a living, breathing, conscious intelligence that loves them unconditionally. They personally embody and accept this truth wherever they walk upon the Earth.


By learning how to be still inside, to quiet their mind and their emotions as they pray and meditate, they focus on who they are as a spiritual being. As they do this, they gradually achieve inner bliss and constantly live in a world of wonder and amazement. They comprehend that success in one’s life is defined by how fulfilled they are as a spiritual human being rather than by their worldly achievements. The secrets of the universe are discovered by simply being in the here and now. They experience being at one with the infinite, all powerful and omniscient universal Divine force, and it is a daily constant in their lives. Their actions are motivated and experienced out of an inner sense of completeness, a feeling that one is truly cared for by the universe and is always held in its loving embrace and this brings them peace and contentment. They have a knowing that all of their needs are always met and that they are always provided for.



Spiritual enlightenment conveys a level of wisdom and knowledge about life and the universe that is unparalleled with any other worldly experience. There is a merging with a supernal intelligence with a love so profoundly overwhelming it literally changes a person’s life and grants them deep wisdom and understanding of life and the universe. This experience is usually accompanied by a detachment from all things impermanent and there is a complete awareness of everything that is, at the moment that it is. Enlightenment is available in each moment to each individual, it is eternally shining and radiating like the Sun and the feeling of joy and freedom that it brings is one of the greatest rewards that one could ever imagine experiencing. It is the ultimate experience in life that everyone is seeking.


May your life experiences bring you greater enlightenment and awareness of your connection to all that is.


I AM Archangel Gabriel


 ©2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah)