Love is our new reality

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ÄÄ Gabrielle via Cheryl Jacobson, April 15th, 2017

The Messenger: You Have The Power to End All The Negative Conditions

148960075289026God bless you.  It is I, Gabrielle and Julia who speak to you today.  We come as always with love to uplift all of you and because we want to tell you that there are good times to come.  Of course you will have the ups and downs of your earth life but I wish you to look forward to a new future that the Light of The Great, Great Creator of All has designed for us.  It is not all gloom.  We ask that you look forward to the Light that is coming.  This great Light will uplift you.  Now there is another who wishes to speak to you.

*   *   *   *   *

The Messenger:  I bring to you this day the Light of The Jesus Christ and to tell you that He says not to despair with regard to all the negative happenings in the world, especially those that may be close to you.  I want you to lift your hearts.  Each one of you is here for the purpose of learning, developing yourselves to be finer human beings, Spirit Divine, because you are Spirit.  You are Spirit living in a body that has been made for you.  The truth is that you are Divine Spirit and for a long time we have been preparing you for the new world that is now heralded to come in.  The joy that you will feel because you are prepared for it….  You will find that life will never be the same.  The world will be more joyous.  There will be a great happiness that will seep through each of you but, and there is a but, learn to control your thoughts and your feelings.  Send out that glorious Light that you have within you.  That Light spreads through Mother Earth, joining other Lights.  Don’t you see, your great Light joining with others makes a huge flame that burns away the negative because it cannot bear the Light.  Do this.  It is your duty to do this – to cleanse the world.  You can help to do this.  Before this new world can really make itself felt by all of you, this is what you must do.  You yourself can help to rid the earth of the negative conditions that hurt you, surprise you, shock you.  You are here to send out Light, this glorious Light that the negative conditions, no matter what they are or how horrible they are, cannot stand against.  The Light is glorious, victorious and you will find that those who harbour deep, deep negative conditions cannot bear it.  They will begin to fade away until they are nothing until we take them away.  When they get to a certain stage, we will take them away and help them to reform and take a different attitude of mind.  But you, my children, you have a duty.  You know now what this duty is.  How many prayers have gone out, how many prayers have told you how important the Light is?  You have that Light and the power of that Light.  Do you not realise how powerful it is when you pray, when you pray to God asking for help?  Don’t you realise that God is helping you?  God will help you but you have to play your part by turning to the Light, lifting yourself up and knowing that the power within will go out to join that of others on the same level as yourself.  You will then find that the darkness and the atrocities that are happening will disappear with God’s love and with the help of all those angels who have come down to help you do this.

Just think what it means to the planets above when they can see the earth, when they see the sparks of despondency that come from the earth.  They, too, are affected.  They, too, want the earth to overcome and they help in many ways.  Those from different planets are still on this earth working hard to change minds and to help people realise who and what they are.  You don’t live in a box with a small window.  You live in a heavenly body with a wide, wide window.  That wide window enables you to look out and helps you to realise that you have such power.  Know that your thoughts build tremendous power so if they are negative and fearful, that is what the lower forces work on.  They love fear and your fear feeds that negativity.

On the other side of the coin, I must say to you, there are many, many people upon the earth who are loving and kind and who follow the path of goodness.  They send out wonderful, warm thoughts and these lovely thoughts rise up to contribute to the lovely, glorious Light.  It is upon the Light of these wonderful, loving, kind people that we depend.  So you who are asleep, you who are aslumber in your minds who cannot accept… you will, you know, or you will be left behind and I can assure you, you must now be awake to see what is happening.  Do not have fear as soon as something dreadful happens.  Yes, you may be shocked but bring out from yourself the Light.  Send out Light.  Be Light and know that nothing negative can win, ever, because the Light is the power of God.  The power of God is within you and therefore you can send out warm, glowing, positive thoughts to the planets, which are indeed endeavouring to help.

Don’t you see, it is Light against darkness and the Light will win.  I ask you today to think carefully about what I have said.  You have the power to overcome.  I speak in the name of The Christ, Jesus and it is my honour to serve Him.  It is my honour that I send words through many mediums until I come to this little one to give the message of hope, love.  Look forward to your future and remember each one of you – you have the power to end all the negative conditions that are in the world today.  Good things are coming, children of the Light.  Good things are coming and it is with God’s blessing, through Jesus Christ our Lord, that I say, as The Messenger, Amen.  As I say this, my hand is raised for a great, great blessing upon the world, a blessing upon the world and upon you, children of the Light.  Amen.

*   *   *   *   *

I am Julia and Gabrielle is with me.  There is nothing further to say, only to bless you all and to ask you to think about what has been said.  I say, in the name of love, in the name of the glorious love, Amen.  Amen.

» Posted per request via Email – Channel: Cheryl Jacobson