Adamu of Pleiades on Brexit via Zingdad, June 24th

Adamu on Brexit: The Significance of the Moment


A momentous occasion, my friends!

I greet you. I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation speaking to you through Zingdad.

Today I wish to address the British vote to leave the EU. Those of you who know me might find this odd as I have never before felt the need to address specific current affairs or political issues. But what occurs now is different and notable. Allow me to explain.

My friends, this group of people whom we usually call “the Illuminati,” this group who collectively own the world’s banking system and therefore collectively own the world’s money supply and therefore collectively own the world’s resources is not a group who is used to not getting their way.

When they come to internal agreement on something, IT HAPPENS. When they disagree internally there is strife all across the globe as they vie with each other for control, until one group wins out over another and there is once again internal agreement. And then IT HAPPENS.

What I am trying to say is that this group, collectively, is like the emperor of this world. When they decide upon a decree, IT HAPPENS.

Or so it has been for a very long time. Going back to the ages of kings and emperors and to the god-kings before them. Going back, in fact, to the times of Babylon and Sumeria.

Until today.

You see, this group has many internal disagreements over many things right now. They struggle with each other over many things, which is why the world seems to be at a constant pre-World War III simmer. But amongst all their many disagreements, the one thing they all agreed upon was that the EU should remain intact.

You see, the Illuminati’s great plan is to slowly unify the whole planet into one nation, which they would rule and own. They wished to expand the EU. They wished to create other similar multi-national blocs. They wished to provide administrative control over these blocs that ordinary people could not vote for, just as they had with the EU.

This would allow unprecedented power and control over these vast multi-national blocs. And then the final act would be to unify the blocs into one world nation. Their world, belonging politically, economically and religiously to them.

That was the plan. And, though it has not been all plain sailing, their plan has been unfolding in accordance with their will.

Until today.

Today the Emperor declared to Britain that they would remain in the EU and the British people just showed him a rude sign and shuffled off.

This is a massive strategic win for the side of the Light.

A Delicate Operation

The process of obtaining this win against the Illuminati has been quite exciting to observe. I have been privileged to be able to see all the action from behind the scenes as an impartial observer. And what I have seen is the 4D and 5D forces of the Light playing the most nuanced and delicate game. They knew this was a truly pivotal moment for bringing as graceful as possible an end to the Illuminati hegemony. And so the first thing they did is to make it appear as if this was not an issue that they were contesting at all.

Many of the agents of the Light were even encouraged to play for the Remain side. Some were even convinced to believe that Remain served the interests of the Light. A necessary ploy. It permitted the Illuminati to believe that they were not being opposed by a unified Light side on this issue, which allowed them to lower their guard, which reduced their efforts, which allowed for less coercive psychological action upon the public. And less effort to fraudulently control the vote.

And the Illuminati were themselves also played. The agents of the Light convinced them that a near win (rather than a landslide) for Remain was the best option for them. They were shown that most people were aware of the massive support for Exit. So if they were going to win, it would have to be a close one or else it would not be believed.

And these kinds of operations allowed a game to be played in which only at the very last when it was too late to counter did the Illuminati become aware that their will had been thwarted.

The Emperor declared “Remain”. The people flipped him the bird and turned to Exit.

Do you see what this means? There is another good analogy involving emperors but this time without clothes.

Or wizards and curtains. (1)

The bottom line is, friends, when the normal person sees that the super-powerful, world-ruling elite are just a gathering of secretive, obsessively greedy psychopathic old cronies in their twilight years… the whole system begins to dismantle itself.

And THAT is why the world economy hit a wobble with the vote to exit. Every player in the world of high finance and economics KNEW that the biggest players of them all (the ones we call the Illuminati) wanted Britain to stay. They all assumed it would therefore go that way. And then it seemed it might not. And they began to panic. And then it went the other way. And now they are rudderless.

If the emperor’s decrees are not obeyed, then their world has lost all direction. As far as they are concerned, anyway.

But for the rest of you. For those not embroiled in the world of corporate executive leadership, high finance or macro-economics. For the massive majority of you. I wish you to know that this is good news.

I don’t promise that this will not bring any measure of hardship to anyone. When economies wobble people do get hurt. The jobs market shrinks and things get tough. But you have been warned for a very long time that tough times were coming. And we continue to warn you. Because a certain quotient of tough times is necessary to effect the change that is now underway.

And what is underway is the changing of the guard. Because you, ordinary Earth humans, you are changing. You are choosing what is really good for you rather than what you are told is good for you by people who do not have your best interests at heart. You are individually and collectively beginning to find your own truth to be more valid than that which is shovelled down your throats by so-called experts.

And that changes everything. You stand up from your victimhood and begin to claim creatorship.

My friends, it is a very small step in the right direction. But it IS in the right direction.

And now there is much to do to bring the glorious new age of humanity to fruition. And I will be updating you upon this… upon what YOU can do to bring your life into a state of blessed, joyful abundance and to support the rest of humanity in doing the same thing too. This information will follow the next time I speak with you.

Until then, I wish you a steady heart.

I am Adamu of the Monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been speaking to you through Zingdad.


Zingdad: Adamu, I wish to ask you a question or two, if I may?

Adamu: I welcome that!

Z: Well, firstly, you say you are an impartial observer. Are you not on the side of the Light?

A: As a being of true unity consciousness, I know myself to include all polarities, including both the Light and the Dark. I have total acceptance of all of myself. I don’t love one part of myself more than another. And as a being of unity consciousness, I also know all others to be “another Self.”  So, I am truly impartial in this battle. Or at least, I would be if divine will was not, at this time, on the side of the Light.

You see behind you lies the long epoch during which darkness had to prevail. It was in accordance with divine will that this might be so. This is the only way for the deep forgetting to occur which has allowed for all the expressions of separation that were necessary for the divine to be fully expressed into duality.

It’s a complex thing to understand in all of its magnificent glory. But in principal, what I am saying is that what lies behind you is a period during which life moved into ever deeper states of forgetting, separation and individuation. The time of darkness.

This time now is the time of the turning of the tide. Or, if we adhere to the analogy of light and dark, then this is the time of the dawning of the Light. From here on out there is a flowering of consciousness. Remembering, healing, reunification and expansion into Oneness.

And since universal will is aligned with this, it is an inevitability that the forces of the Light will now begin to obtain victories. And, I must admit, that it is a little difficult not to find satisfaction in that fact.

It is often easier, is it not, to love the Light within ourselves than the Darkness. It is easier to enjoy a time of awakening than a time of forgetting. A time of healing than a time of hurting. And so, while I reiterate that I am inherently impartial I can also freely admit that I am enjoying seeing the dawn finally come.

A final word. The use of the words Light and Dark is an analogy. A way of understanding the polarities that are at play. There is nothing objectively darker about that which lies behind – or those players that have actively sought to create greater separation and forgetting. There are not less photons present. And the night time is not less good than the day. Or anything like that. There are always those that take this analogy altogether too literally.

Z: You have indicated that this vote is a turning of the tide. That we, Earth Humans, are now choosing for our own power. Why would all of Earth’s humans put that choice in the hands of the British?

A: Oh no, you misunderstand! This is the time of transition. There is a window of time during which humanity needs to come to certain crucial decisions about itself. That window began to open a few decades ago. The centre of the window was 2012. That was the real meaning of the importance of that date, that it is the time of choosing.

The Illuminati have a powerfully vested interest in keeping the vast majority of humanity in a state of “choosing not to choose.” As long as you do that, you give them your power. They remain the planet’s de-facto owners as they further expand and entrench their power and control.

But that is not what divine will has decreed. This is a time of awakening. But it is not for anyone other than you, Earth humans, to decide for yourself how you will awaken, when you will awaken, and what you will awaken to, when you do awaken. You must choose all of these things.

And so we have been encouraging you, supporting you, offering input and guidance. And the 4th and 5th density beings who are themselves still within polarity have been in the trenches with you. But we have no foreknowledge of when you will decide it is time to awaken, how you will decide to do so, and what you will decide when you do.

There have been opportunities before now to begin to declare for yourselves that you have passed up. But these opportunities were HEAVILY contested by the Illuminati. And they continue to do battle to control opinion on these issues.

Z: An example?

A: I could offer you many. An obvious one is the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center. It served the Illuminati interest to perpetrate this attack upon humanity. Because, yes, the whole of humanity was attacked on that day. So much hatred was spawned. So much division. So much willingness to go out and kill people that had exactly NOTHING to do with the attack but that could, by the Illuminati propaganda machine, be tenuously and fallaciously linked with it.

And so much hatred in return. The groups and nations that felt unfairly targeted by the war-machine response have been riled into a rage of animosity. I could go on and on about the wound inflicted on the psyche of humanity upon that day.

But in order for that attack to bear the fruits the Illuminati wished it to bear, you had to swallow a story about what happened there. A falsely concocted pack of lies. And to make things worse, the lies were poorly thought out and full of obvious logical holes.

But they threw their weight behind those lies and conducted a campaign to enforce agreement amongst those that mattered, which was quite sufficiently successful. Still, today, you will get no traction if you decide to do something about those lies. You will be branded a conspiracy theorist and pushed to the fringe and your calls for transparency will not be heard.

But for all that, there was a time when it was a near thing. Humanity COULD at that time, have chosen to awaken. Many in the Light thought that was their moment. They worked feverishly to cause an awakening around that event. But it was too hotly contested by any enemy with too much entrenched power. That battle is all but over and lost now.

And the Illuminati have been toasting their victory thinking that the Light will never win. And today, they lost a battle that they didn’t even know they were fighting. Suddenly they are on the ropes.

But it didn’t have to be today. It could have come before now. And if this battle was also lost it could have come at a future date.

Z: So it’s not predetermined?

A: Absolutely not. What is predetermined is that there is a long epoch of forgetting. And then a turning. And then a long epoch of remembering.

There are fluctuations in both directions. There are mini-awakenings heading into forgetting and there are mini-forgettings heading into awakening. But the general trend is unmistakeable. From the moment of the Big Bang until now has been, largely, the time of forgetting. From now until universal singularity is, largely, the time of awakening.

That is foreordained.

But that is what occurs on a universal scale. What occurs on a planetary scale is open to such a vast range of possibility.

But these are complex issues. And I will keep addressing them so that you can come to complete understanding. Right now it was important just to let you understand the significance of this moment.

In a following transmission,  I will talk about the choices before you. And then I will teach you how to make a choice from the core of your soul and how to bring that choice to fruition. And after that I will take the time to tell you the WHOLE STORY. How life came to this galaxy. How humanity was born. How humanity came to Earth. How humanity struggled for its right to exist on other planets in this galaxy. And why the choices you make upon Earth now impacts the rest of the galaxy.

It’s a great story! And it will allow you profound comprehension of your own place in the universe. But it’s going to take some time to tell.

In the meantime I would invite our readers to view my previous communiqués:
An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds, and,
An Open Letter to the Illuminati Bloodline Families
to gain an understanding of the present situation.

I would also invite readers to sign up for our newsletter if they wish to be informed we release new transmissions.


(1) A reference to the Wizard of Oz.

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