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Albert Einstein via Inger Noren, 6 Jan 2021

Albert Einstein, via Inger Noren 6 Jan 2021


Hi Inger, thanks for letting me talk to you. There are many different people who have talked to you before, both scientists and other famous people, but now I think it’s my turn. I have seen how much the Universe means to you, both at work and in other media. It was fun to watch and I am very impressed by your great and difficult work in the Universe. As you know, I also worked with research regarding the theory of relativity.

There are many scientists on Earth who have my theory as the foremost so far, but it will not be long before they have gained knowledge and insights into what the Universe is. What I would like to give to the scientists on Earth is that in the theory of relativity, so much more can be developed infinitely. The calculation that many people make today to measure time and space which is part of the great void between the time that is in space and which can also be regarded as a theory of time and constant existence in the time that has been, is and comes. This state is so firmly attached to the higher dimension, but it can become a reality even for those on Earth. Humans and other beings are working hard to prepare the people of Earth for an incredible shift for the planet soon, and when humans have risen to the fifth dimension, my theory of relativity becomes very real.

Researchers today have a long way to go in understanding how the calculations are structured. I had come a bit on the way, but it takes a little more knowledge from the Universe for it to be completely understandable. When this mathematical knowledge becomes available, the Earth will be very similar to the highly evolved beings that come from other star systems and become multidimensional. I have had the opportunity to continue my research here on the other side of the web and we are quite a few researchers working together. We have all gained a different understanding of how creation takes place in, for example, planets. It’s very interesting.

It is very exciting to follow the people on their way to ascension and I see that after all the turbulence that will prevail for a while, it will be a fantastic life for you people. You are lucky.

Albert Einstein



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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