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“Aligned” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – May 29, 2017

“Aligned” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – May 29, 2017


From all Intel corners and sovereign client accounts, the NPTB have everything settled with those few remaining massive historic asset deals as final terms were found agreeable earlier today.

This means all T1, T2, T3 historic assets have been settled and are now considered on the new financial system books so that T4-T5 can legally begin per treaty.

That should cover all tiered segments of the financial system old and new per se, so hang in there My Venezuelan and Columbian brothers and Sisters.

Christ has already won. Be still in Esu.

Everything else ever printed or issued, sold or assigned by a government no longer has any monetary value and should be considered worthless.

Holy guacamole!

These deals were a separate negotiation versus the Trump hunting that is currently ongoing by Mossad and a second cabal military-for-hire faction with US contractor roots.

No names.

Dangerous place operating in this sovereign finance world, eh?

Redemption center staff is still on standby and far away from family without any direct contact.

They’re all just waiting like us.

Everyone worldwide is waiting.
Every country is waiting.
Every bank is waiting.
Every government is waiting.
Every military is waiting.
Every hungry child & mother just waiting,

When is shit gonna finally hit da fan?

Can you imagine holding the power to set the world free, permanently?
Can you imagine what goes into that decision?
Obama and Ryan can’t.
Xi and Putin can’t.
Macron and May can’t.
But Quan Yin can, as she is the only One who unlocks heaven on earth.

Only she knows when the rhythms of the earth are ready to hold that kind of pure frequency to endlessly manage such an amazing grace.

Russia has 9/11 truth prepared and ready to be hard launched on their network (RT) if there’s any problem during the roll out once released.

Saudi Arabia and Israel want no part of that day. Bush’s and Cheney’s want no part of that day. Nearly every incumbent member of Congress wants no part of that day.

Trump is sweating the Comey memos and Kushner / Flynn / Russia report this week. Netanyahu is sweating the German submarine bribe evidence just calmly awaiting to convict him. Even Hillary and Bill are being held in check with old Clinton Foundation evidence of pay-for-play treason.

Everything good has been put into motion to overcome everyone bad. All have been chalked as God or not God and accounted for. No detail has been overlooked.

As a species we appear ready.

Yet only Quan Yin decides when, where and how. And even the Elders must wait on Original Grandmother.

Hey, we all have a boss.

Is tonight finally our night? Do we actually get to honor the fallen by rising up and healing the world? Are we the chosen few who answered Yahweh’s bell when He rang for His angles?

Everything in form and spirit feels aligned, so yes, I believe we are aligned with the divine Will of God.

Let us pray together that the Mother Mary i.e. Quan Yin shares this vibration.

It’s just time.

God is with us.