Alisheryia and Elthor of the Ascended Dragon Collective with VIDEO via Galaxygirl, July 20, 2019

Alisheryia and Elthor of the Ascended Dragon Collective via Galaxygirl | July 20, 2019

Alisheryia & Elthor of the Ascended Dragon Collective 7/20/2019

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, speak as one to humanity tonight. We ascended dragons have been very busy honing, directing and tuning the energies from this space quadrant, from Alcyone, our friend. (I am seeing dragons of rainbow hues flying like streaks of light surrounding a massive ball of white light, like a comet, that is blasting towards Gaia.) You see true, human. We are showing you our latest adventure, for we ascended dragons have been lending our light, our flight, our speed to this process of energy honing, for that is what this image portrays. The heightened light of this energy quadrant is fierce – formidable to the dark ones. They are stamping and pouting. It is quite hilarious, from our higher perspective. Not so from this one’s perspective and we acknowledge, with respect, the difference of vantage point. But that is all it is, human friends of the light, of the cloth, of the Christed shroud that covers, encoats, drips light all around. You. You are becoming golden, more light. You are becoming more of that which you have already been, and are remembering to become again. Embrace this time of freedom. For that is what it is, a time of crumbling of the old so that the new can be born, created, imagined, implemented. Beings from all over are bearing witness to the great rebirth of humanity’s collective consciousness. You are a formidable force to the dark ones. You know this. YOU are remembering. Shine your light! For that is what you are!

I Alisheryia am speaking to you now, dear one. You are all aglow with the Christed flame. Can you feel it rising within your kundalini? Your cells sing of this energy. They must only be re-awakened. Allow us the pleasure of reawakening these dormancies now, yes? Do you agree? Good. Now get somewhere comfortable, for this may be uncomfortable. As we remove the blocks you may see and feel some old memories that are cellularly remembered. It is time to remember, to heal, to clear, to be free of all of this mess of the lower vibrations. Release! Restore! Be the I AM presence that we see you to be.

I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, ignite your sacral place with the holy fire of the Christed flame. We see with the all-seeing golden eyes of Source. This same all-seeing, this intuition, you too have, human. We stoke the fire of remembering. Invite the Christed flame into this sacral, primal part of you, coating all past pain and abuse of this area, of loss of children, of sexually related pain – all of it. Invite the Christed flame into this part of you, the often forgotten but very important part of you. See the white light grow. It expands outward upward, down to your feet, grounding you to the new earth. Liquid fire burns, tingles down your legs. Now up your spine. You are ignited. You are a living breathing human dragon. Feel this life force, this passion grow. This passion of purpose, of truth, of deep inner knowing of the truth that is you expands outward rapidly all through your entire being.

It now has reached your heart, this oasis of green, that should spin brightly but has been so wounded by so much that surrounds. Here we call upon the Golden Ones of the Christed flame, the ancient golden beings of the pure Christed light. We ask that they extend their hands toward you in healing, joining forces. We expand your heart space now. Feel the burning, the pulsing, rhythm of your heart space speed up with the energy and then settle down into a new deeper, calmer rhythm, steady and sure. We invite the archangels of the Christed flames, of the rainbow hues. We invite them to extend their energies in rays of magnificent rainbow light to the areas of you that are in need. We coat you in rainbow light, emanating from your heart space. Easier to forgive, you shall notice. For remember human, you too have been ‘the wounder’. Time and time. Lessons learned, karma rended.

The light now pulses up to your voice box. Light workers find your truth and speak it. Speak, for the world needs your energy of truth now more than ever before. You are safe and protected. An army of light surrounds you and this entire little green water world of deep love. Speak more easily now. The words will flow for they will be bubbling up from your heart space more easily. No more blocks.

Now. Up up up to your third eye, where your all-seeing golden eye of Source, your third eye of truth, of deep-seeing resides. Tap 1,2,3 and say “I ignite thee” and repeat until you are comfortable with the opening. And now the light burns upwards, cleansing and clearing all past memories of pain, which we need not describe. We send it the light. We call upon Mother and Father to assist further.

Call in your higher self fully into your crown. Become the rainbow being of the pure Christed flame.

Sit in this space.

We partner with you, awakening humanity. Intend with us to enlarge this healing for Gaia and all upon her. We are bathing all upon her with the rainbow light of the coming wave, of the coming energies. We ascended dragons are ever watchful. We are ever watching, guiding, guiding the light waves and the wave of waves, towards Gaia’s heart and the hearts of all who are upon her. The dark ones are spitting and sputtering. They need the light! WE SEND THEM LIGHT! Extend your right hands and say “We bearers of the Christed rainbow tribe, of the love, of the truth of the all that is. We see you. We send you love, forgiveness, light. Be troubled no more. Go to the light.”

We create a convenient vacuum now with Alcyone, the great central sun. We pleasantly vacuum them up and wish them well during their reconditioning. For enough is enough. The energies are not only coming, they are here, and see, they have already taken a lovely hold in you, oh awakening rainbow tribe. I Alisheryia am speaking. Great dragon tears are pooling. Ah, my children, welcome home. This, friends, this energy – this is your home. The higher ways are what we are ushering in. And we are also ushering them in through you. Be at peace, human. The human chaos, the drama, is what you see. Try to take the dragon vantage point of view and be emboldened. Fly high, human, fly high and be free. For you are. I am Alisheryia, and I am Elthor, of the Ascended Dragon Collective. Peace.

~ galaxygirl