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Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, October 20, 2020

Alisheryia and Elthor via Galaxygirl | October 20, 2020

Alisheryia and Elthor 10/20/2020

I Alisheryia am speaking. Greetings, little human. We dragons have been working tirelessly for the ascension of Gaia and those upon her who choose it. (I am seeing dark bases being cleaned out deep within snow capped mountain peaks). We are working, clearing, cleaning, honing the energy streams and continually blessing Gaia with our light, as are you. Little one, you are not little, you are Source in form, a great mystery to one who has been dwelling in the underbelly of dimensions. Dimension walkers you are, you have been. And now you will be dimension climbers. We are dimension flyers. You will notice that your abilities will improve as you ascend and you will feel like you have never felt before, but of course, you are just remembering your home in the higher dimensional pathways of light.

I Alisheryia am speaking. I am folding my blue wings around you, filling your form with electric blue light. The divine feminine has returned and it is within you. The masculine and feminine is within every human form but for those who are out of balance it may not feel that way. Feel the blue energy on equal sides of your forms, flowing equally. Utilize the imagery of the infinity symbol and move the energy equally to your dominant and non-dominant side. For the sexual energies must be balanced, the divine feminine and masculine are to be equally cherished, honored, healed and utilized. Trust must be restored within the sexes. It is time. In so healing you are healing the others, and you are calling the divine protection and blessing of your own twin flame reunion closer to your immediate reality. (I see Elthor is flying in, joining Alisheryia. He looks happy today, I’ve never seen a dragon smile before. It’s toothy!)

I Elthor am joining with permission of the divine feminine. I am offering healing masculine energies to the collective. We represent the balance, we are here to restore it in our own way. Each must offer their healing. (He is putting his red wings around Alisheryia’s blue wings that have been around me). Feel the melding of the energies of perfect balance and safety. You feel safe here, do you not, with my wings around my beloved. (Yes, I do). There is no dominance. There is protection, harmony, balance, love. Women long to feel truly embraced by one who adores her as a true protecter, defender. This feeling of home is what we wish to allow you to feel, for you can do this in your meditations. It is imperative that the lightworker community at large be balanced with the masculine and feminine energies. (They are filling this space with blue and red fire). Sit and be still. Breathe the fire deeply into your core. Start at the base. The carnal must be transmuted first. (I see that which is being transmuted become purple fire and the rest is blue and red). We are balancing your energy fields. The masculine must be healed, the feminine must learn to trust again. (I feel they mean this is true for both sexes). Send this fire deep into Gaia for further planetary healing. Whatever clearing you have with this exercise, feel less the experience and move onward. Do not lose momentum.

I Alisheryia am speaking. Thank you Elthor (they are rubbing noses). I feel divinely supported and safe with my protector. (I am seeing Alisheryia is a fierce protector herself, a mighty warrior as are all dragons, but they are stronger together). A healed self always is, little one. Be healed. Be renewed. Be balanced. We breathe our light and love onto your crowns now. Be ignited, be whole, be complete in your healing. The world needs light workers who are unafraid to shine their light. Shine brightly.

I Alisheryia and I Elthor are speaking. We speak as one voice now for we are one in energy. This is what is awaiting for you on the other side of the time matrix. But you must first master your own energy before merging with another. This is rare in your realm. It will not remain so. Everyone is rising, including interactions quality between the sexes, this we see improving greatly in the near future. Little humans, be of good cheer. Much good ahead we see for humanity, for Gaia. You are surrounded in our love. We send you energy now. (My head feels expansive and buzzy. There is more space in me somehow as the column of fire descends through my body. My eyes sting with heat and my body aches). Little human, you are so much more than you know. Gaia supports you with every footstep and we support you with every wing beat. Breathe the fire. Shine your light. The time of cowering and timidity of ones own light is the old energy. We are truly rising on the dawn of the new energies and you are divinely supported. Feel the dragon wings beat strongly within you. That aspect need not be so dormant. We are angels in dragon form. We are Source in form, as are you. (They are blazing fire in a circle around Gaia and I am seeing the smoke of the lower dimensional beings be removed and replaced with sparkle light in their absence). The dark ones are shivering in their boots. They have nowhere to flee. (Again I am seeing the Alps underground bases that their fire permeates. Dark caverns are being filled with fire-light. Large spider beings are being evaporated, people in nazi-like uniforms that are a dull gray, and seeing tall grays as well). All is revealed in the light. All is light. You are a part of this light this fabric, cosmic-breath of the All. You work with us on many levels. You are strong enough for the tediousness of your current reality. Feel our fire with you and realize it is your own. Feel your own inner light. Stoke the fire, fan the flame. Love is now firmly anchored and we see the dark ones are very uncomfortable. We send them light – it is their mercy. We are here for you just are you have been here for us. Peace little human, peace. Peace in this moment and in the moments to come. Fire brings change, renewal. ALL is being renewed!

We are Alisheryia and Elthor, divine in union and steadfast in our service to the light. The light has come. It is your home. It is your safety. Feel safe and protected. (They are covering me with their wings again). Feel our embrace. (I am crying). Little human, little human. You are so tremendously loved and appreciated. Peace little hatching. Your time to fly is at hand. Do not fear the precipice. Do not look down for looking down is looking back. There is no back for that is the old ways. There is only one and the future you will create as the founders of Nova Gaia, a land of infinite beauty balance and creativity. Fly strongly for the winds will be rough, but you are ready. You are chosen. You are LIGHT in form. (I see everyone is pulsing with light. I see the mountains of Nova Gaia gleaming towering and strong outlined in radiant auras. Everyone is brighter, colors are more brilliant). This same light is within you, little one. Be of good courage. Dragons fly best in the wind. You are no different. Peace.

~ galaxygirl