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Alrhoniah and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO | February 24, 2022

Alrhoniah and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | February 24, 2022

Alrhoniah & Alisheryia 2/24/2022


I Alrhoniah step forth. (I am seeing a massive spiky silver dragon that glows.) I speak for the whole of my dragon brothers and sisters tonight. We are ancient, we are wise. We have seen humanity from its birth to its maturity. We have seen many wanderings and misguided steps, many misadventures. We have seen, we have studied. We have observed. This one was asking for a message of bravery. We see no reason for this, for your very presence upon Gaia is an act of bravery. We do not wonder of your greatness, we know of its truth. We instead wonder why you do not believe in your power. The human collective is gathering momentum, like a mighty hurricane that cannot be stopped, and changes all in its wake. Humanity is changing, just as the storms change and evolve. The storm of humanity is growing, and you lightwarriors – and we dragons say warriors with respect – you are leading the charge. You are shining your light and assimilating the upgrades with grace. This pleases us and has yet garnered more attention for yourselves as all of your brothers and sisters in all dimensional realities take notice of the mighty roaring human collective.

I Alrhoniah am speaking. Alisheryia is my sister by birth, we were hatchings together and have grown older and wiser together. Many of you will be reunited with your dragon selves, your dragon families and it causes a catch in your throat like it does in ours. (I am seeing a tear that becomes steam from his eyes). The time has arrived for you to speak your truth and to shine like the sun. There is no waiting for tomorrow for today is all you have in front of you. Tomorrows are for dreamers. Todays are for doers. You are on the forefront. We see this. We honor you. Your light holding is creating the calm in the storm. (He is showing me the eye of a hurricane). A wise dragon listens more than he talks. You too will have to remind yourselves there is silence in the eye. There is silence and great strength. We see you are worthy and most capable. Do not be dismayed. We dragons are with you in the eye. We are holding light with you. We have been working with the grid keepers and the crystal weavers. We have been harnessing our dragon light with the light of humanity. We have ascended and are helping in our own way for in times past and present you have been and are helping us. We learn, we observe. We see with the dragon sight that cannot be fooled. We know with the dragons heart of pure intention. We know it to be true that Gaia will ascend, for it is happening now. We know for we see with our third eye and we think it is high time for humanity to know who they are. (The colorful ascended dragons are roaring all around me, all around Gaia.)

I Alisheryia am speaking. Thank you, brother. (They touch snoots). I am sending you my blue light. I am covering you with my blue wings. All is about to change. The invasion, the propaganda, the skirmishes of pain and blood on your realm are to end. But this current unfolding – do you see – do you see it is the only way to keep people from complacency? To unite themselves and collectively roar? The time has come to stand, dragon tall. And you are tall. To stand dragon proud. Be proud. Be proud of the Source beings that you are, be proud of your tenacity to make it to this moment. Be assured of your victory and be assured it will not be easy. Be we think you would be disappointed a bit if it was. The dark will not relinquish easily. Just as they ravaged other worlds they are deeply trying to keep their talons deep into Gaia’s flesh. But it is not to be. Gaia has spoken and she will be honored.

I Alisheryia am speaking. In the times ahead there may appear to be only darkness. And that is when a candle burns brightest yes, in a darkened room. And yet you are not alone. You are more than one candle. We see the beauty of Gaia’s light workers lighting up the grids in meditation and it brings us great joy and hope. We have much hope for you. There is only hope, solid faith, and then the light will come. The light will occur when you are all lit and the tuning fork frequencies of alignment with Source are ready. A great mystery. We dragons are not privy to the inner workings of the Creator’s mind. But we know the Creator’s heart. And we know of the love that surrounds this moment.

I Alisheryia give you my love, and we dragons lend you our strength. We encourage you to stay calm in the eye of the storm, or fly above it. Do not let yourselves be thrown by the winds. We will be flying alongside you in the storm. You are not alone. You are tremendously watched over and guarded. We are with you. I blast my blue fire of strength, healing, protection and light. Be emboldened for now is a time of great change. Now is the moment of great change. We fly alongside you now. See with dragon sight, from high above, with a higher viewpoint. Feel the dragon fire of your inner kundalini, of your own glowing inner sun. You are powerful beings. It is good to shine brightly now, and most needed. I am Alisheryia.

~ galaxygirl