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Ancestors via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 13, 2020

Ancestors 9/13/2020
Greetings beloved aspects of Source. We are the Ancestors of Human Consciousness, of humanity. We are the ancestors holding onto the memories experienced as a human collective. As such, we are aspects of you, just as you are aspects of us. You are our memory bank. For memories are stored in the bones. Within your bones of course is your DNA and within that DNA are the blessings and curses that you have inherited from us. We too seek release from the memories of the dark times. From our vantage point from outside of the time loops and programming, with ascended vision we can see. We can see what we have experienced, what has been inflicted and what has healed, and what remains to be healed. There is currently so much discord upon your planet, Gaia. She is our planetary mother as well. We send cooling rains, cooling waters to the fires upon her. The great cleansing, the great cleansing has begun. Wounds must first be found, then cleansed, in order for them to be healed. The wounds within the collective consciousness of humanity have been substantial. We are here to provide healing and to request your own intentions of healing. For when you heal yourselves, dear ones, you heal us. You heal the memories of atrocities, of programmings far in your ancient past, for you are deeply connected with us.
We are the Ancestors. You delight us with your tenacity, your courage. You are like the young warrior with full headdress on the mountain top peering over the valley filled with unknowns and dangers, unaware of his family and tribe behind him supporting. They are there supporting him, covering him with feathers of protection, just as we are supporting you from the ethers of memories, of energetics of consciousness. Each wave that hits the shore creates upturned sand. Gaia is experiencing this in this now. The waves of light are upturning, stirring up the sand. It will settle again, the sand will smooth again. But for now, you see turmoil. This is the turmoil that has been entombed within the veil, within the hearts of humanity.
(I am hearing chanting. They are surrounding us in a circle of light, of sound. I sense it is a dance of healing). We are calling the waters to heal the earth. We are calling the waters to heal the hearts of those who run hot and are full of sorrow or fear. We ask a joint partnership with our awakened ones and warriors. You are light warriors. You command the light, within you. The brave one on the mountain feels alone, and yet if he listens he hears his friend Wind, he feels the presence of his animal guides. He feels Mother’s love beneath his feet and he is embraced by Father Sky. He is not alone. YOU are not alone. (They are singing and dancing in a circle around the light workers of Gaia. The circle expands. I see the light workers hop up and join in the circle of light that is spinning counter-clockwise around Gaia).
We are chanting and dancing in the tribe circle claiming: We usher in the age of Aquarius, the water bearers. We bear the water of healing, we bear the light of change. We are the light. We are the love in human form. We send light and love to all of our aspects. We claim healing of the ancestral lines. We claim love for the wounds deep within the ancestral matrix. We fill the wounds with light. We see diamonds form from the light and heat where the wounds have been, creating a crystalline line of our own genetics from where we are now to where we were as ancestors. (I am seeing crystalline diamond threads extend from the branches of a tree down deep into the roots, like banyan trees. The tree of human consciousness is alive, it is glowing. I am feeling this is our ancestral heritage and we by our own light work are healing it and filling it with light. I am feeling the animal spirit energies joint in. Eagles are flying high above, now the dragons are joining. It is a spiral of light, of laughter, of song, of deep friendship and healing, true camaraderie).
We are the ancestors. Our time of healing is is complete. (I am seeing we are all extending our hands towards the center of the circle and a massive light beam is created going deep into Gaia). This light beam is of balance, of water. It cools the fire of the past and present. It restores the balance. (I am seeing green all around me. I am smelling wet grass). The time of the peacemaker is at hand. The goddess calls. Whom will answer? (Gaia is calling us to a higher frequency now. I hear a beautiful woman’s voice, a light lilting melody). Claim your healing. We do. We are the Ancestors. Peace.
~ galaxygirl