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André: Current and Future Initiatives via Christine Preston, July 5th

André: Current and Future Initiatives

curent-affairs-questionsChristine: This is a special message from my Ascended twin flame, André, a dictation on the period of events we are entering into.

André: Hi Lightworkers! The world seems to be in turmoil at the moment but the appearances are deceptive. I will demonstrate to you what is happening. We are on the verge of an enormous amount of changes at a very speedy rate which will result with the promised disclosures, though some have already taken place and caused consternation. We, the Forces of the Light, who are opposing those of Darkness, have just had a great victory, as a majority of people in Britain have seen the Light, come to their senses, and rejected the side of the sinister ones, in the process of exercising their right to vote and of their own freewill, and have said ‘No’ to the European Union. They said:

People: ‘We want Brexit’ and we want out because we recognize it represents a power, the political interference of which was not part of the deal. We joined the common market in Europe for trade, not to be controlled.’

André: These people who have voted ‘Out’ have been able to perceive the truth that the sinister forces have attempted to conceal behind the world dramas they fabricate. The dark forces counted on the peoples’ reduced spectrum of consciousness but they had been awakened in the process of Ascension and Campaigners had outlined the reasons and advantages to reject the European Union especially as its leadership has never been elected. So a majority of people in Britain have taken their stand against an anti-democratic organization that is linked to the Obama administration as well as the neo—con policy makers governed by the Elite, the Cabal and its servants, the Bankers, who own 95% of the wealth of the world and yet obtained to be bailed out with the peoples’ tax monies some years ago. So you get the picture. It is scandalous. The European Union has tried to widen its web of captivity like a black widow spider, to gain complete control and continue creating chaos and tyranny in the world, to continue causing a diminution of mankind’s population till its numbers are easier for them to manage.

This dark force is directly and indirectly responsible for the pollution of the world and they never hesitate to use cruel methods to achieve their ends as well as serve the ultimate agenda of their overlords, the Illuminati upon the Astral plane, who, as a matter of fact, are anything but enlightened, and still in a fog of illusion, but now either are bewildered, or in a state of panic, because something happened during the night of June 23 to 24 when the votes were being counted. They were led to believe that it was in the bag, so to speak, and that the final result would be a vote for Britain to remain with the European Union, but before morning, as the sun rose over the land, it became clear that it was not the case, and by that time some betting had already been done. The rich would have made money from it but instead they lost their fortune. This is not being disclosed on your TV programs, or very little of it, such as on the controversial Keiser Report on RT (Russia Today for those who are not familiar with this channel). The fact that the Pound appears to have lost value is being portrayed as something bad in the media when it has been purposely kept high against other currencies to create an economic problem that has been affecting this nation. This lower value actually is the solution to attract trade because to other countries the products they may be interested to import will be cheaper. When the nation wishes to manufacture material and increase its exports, it will find that more exports will enrich people to a prodigious extent that will also create a lot of new jobs. Then with more money in their pockets people will spend and the shops will benefit. More money in the country will results with spending and building as well as better services. Tourism will also benefit. Britain will be able to trade with countries outside the European Union in a measure that was not possible because of some insane rules and restrictions stipulated in some contracts years ago. Brexit is the way to prosperity by opposition to austerity. This policy of Austerity was a devise to impoverish Europe. The idea of a European Union would have been alright had not its leadership been infiltrated by the dark forces that are linked to their counterpart on the other side of the Atlantic with their War Industries and policies of interference to destabilize some countries as part of an ulterior design of conquest that is very reminiscent of the Atlantean agenda of control more than 13,000 years ago.

What has been going on behind the veil, and behind the scenes of the political events, is a battle against the Establishment and its forces of control. Mankind has indeed existed for thousands of years in a captivity which the divine plan will liberate it from. As this was caused by an entanglement that is karmic, you have lived through a time of clearance with an Armageddon of the psyche. In other words, the psyche had to be purified and liberated. It is also what we call a transcendental process. The Lower Astral Realm has now been dismantled after centuries and decades of work by the Angelic forces. The Astral level has also been raided by the Forces of the Light to liberate and disentangle the souls of Light from their own shackles of creation, as well as from the dark forces. The latter have constantly been losing power but they have continued playing a game as if they did not realize that they have lost the battle and should surrender to the Light. We have allowed the situation to continue to some extent because they sometime change and see the Light, and stop opposing it.

The present situation of the Solar System is that it is relentlessly moving within the Stargate towards its final destination, the Constellation of Sirius. It will take its place, as recently stated by Lord Sanat Kumara, as the 8th system that will orbit Sirius A. We are moving towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. We are also crossing the Photon belt, the concentrated Light of which is having an effect of awakening upon the psyche of mankind. The Lightbody which is a blueprint for the soul to mirror and express Christ consciousness is also being integrated by the groups of souls that are more sensitive and are responding to this Light. So, that is taking place as explained in previous messages. There were two previous peaks of activities which have been named Wave 1 and Wave 2 with the result that two groups of souls have been anchored in the perspective, or consciousness, of the 5th dimension, and a third group is also due to be caught up in this heavenly net. You may have noticed that the opponents in the battles that were waged under the guise of campaigns for the Vote of either ‘In’ or ‘Out’ of the European Union, acted in a different way. I can tell you that those who had the vision and the understanding of what has been going on behind the scene, and of what is due to be exposed, were dwelling in the perspective of the reality of the 5th dimension. And their opponents, who were still blinded by the cotton wool upon their eyes put in place by the specialists in indoctrination, had not yet responded to the Light of the Ascension, nor awakened in consciousness, and were still dwelling in the lower dimension. They had not come apart from the mainstream perception. They resorted to the method of accusation and attacked the opponent in a personal way. fortunately the Prime Minister made it clear that the democratic vote should be respected. This was a victory for the Light. The government is well capable of forming policies and stirring the Nation in the waters of Brexit towards order and prosperity, but the media still attempts to present an image of chaos as the Elite hopes to make that symbolic ship sink.

In the United States of America the battle that represents the other side of the same coin, so to speak, with the presidential Elections, also is one against the same Establishment that has one foot over the new continent and the other over Europe. There also are other battles being fought in other countries for the recovery of control and they will all lead to the period of Transition that we have previously been talking about. The removal of the interference of Darkness that has been prophesied here, as well as since the year 2014 by SaLuSa, is now underway and it was Brexit that represented the fall of that first domino which will trigger a chain reaction leading to an intense activity of Disclosure, together with interactions with your Galactic family, as well as your Higher Selves or Mentors. This  is because during this difficult time, you, the Star seeds, the Light workers, you, the incarnations who have come to change the systems, who have come to trigger the harvest and separation of realities, you have done your work well and  have risen yourselves to higher levels of consciousness, with the help of your angelic and Galactic guardians. You have gained a momentum of Light and are winning! The Light has caused your DNA to mutate and in some cases you are now able to communicate telepathically with the higher beings with whom you have a connection. You have become more sensitive to the Tube of Light of your Spirit Within or I Am Presence. If you have not reached that stage yet, you certainly are experiencing an intuitive guidance from your Higher Selves and we are imparting to you a wondrous feeling of love and connection because we are interconnected. We are One, and with you Always. The Divine Plan is manifesting and you are living historic moments as you are progressing upon the Path of Ascension and taking one step after another on the best of all timelines possible, for we are in control and Ashtar Command, as well as other fleets, are assisting and on standby.

We are slowly unveiling new truths to you and Earth is entering this time of Transition which you will discover more surely at the end of this year. In a way we have entered an even more tumultuous time of events where politics and the economies of the world are concerned. But they lead to Victory over the forces of darkness. During these coming months what is hidden in the subconscious will be stirred up and will be pulled up to the surface of the psyche to be dealt with, to be forgiven and be eradicated by the Power of the Violet Flame that erases the cause and effects, as well as the core and memory of all that is less than Christ consciousness. You can walk the Path of Ascension and of your initiations on the faster lane by using the spiritual tools that the Ascended Masters and the Archangels have taught you recently, as well as in past decades through their messengers. They consist in the Power of the Spoken word and of rituals of calls, invocations and visualizations, which bring to you the solutions to all problems. With these tools you can transform your reality as well as the world around you. As the ripples spread out you bring heaven to earth as a whole. You manifest healing and your rejuvenation. Then you create New Gaia out of your own 5th kingdom. You are the 5th kingdom which is about to be manifested as your are physical angels in incarnation, and you know that the 4th kingdom is the human one, and that the 3rd kingdom is that of the animals, the 2nd is that of the vegetal realm, and the 1st kingdom is that of the mineral world. Mankind has fallen into the 3rd dimension corresponding to the 3rd kingdom of the animals. You were meant to exist upon the 5th dimension and it was after Lemuria and Atlantis that mankind fell into the lower dimensions. At the same time the Divine Will never intended for the 3rd kingdom, the place of evolution for the animals, to become desecrated with corruption and pollution. This was the work of the dark forces and the decline began in the days of Maldek. Remember that the descent into the 3rd dimension and corruption was an accident due to the interference of the Reptilians, the forces of darkness, as well as the Galactic wars that were necessary to liberate the Galaxy. Millions of years ago the Galactic Federation of Light did not operate in the same way as in its more recent history, or after the Lemurian era. We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System, Ascended Masters, as well as our Angelic Higher Selves, and Galactic families, do not operate as humans do, and for this reason it has been difficult for our ‘boots on the ground’ to gain understanding of what has been happening in this Armageddon. It was predicted in religious books but misunderstood. The message has always been that mankind would reach a time when evil would end. We have been working for millions of years and have reached this time now. We do have a first Victory but are still climbing the Mountain, to make you reach the Summit of being, regain full consciousness.

Towards the end of this year of overcomings and enlightenment, when the new governance is in place as prophesied, you will experience another change. You have already ascended many of you, in the sense of being anchored in consciousness upon the 5th dimension. You have the perspective of the higher dimension and are already creating New Gaia. The seeds have been planted into the ground of this work. Now this will be different because when your atoms of physicality are lifted up to the next position on the chart of the ladder of frequencies and you shift to 4th density, you will experience benefits of a physical nature which will be greatly beneficial to your survival. The Astral Level has been modified for this shift. What was the Astral Plane will now be the level of your physical atoms. Everything else which normally exists upon the higher realms, such as the mental and etheric vehicles, will also be shifted up higher. In a sense this move is taking place gradually until you get very close to the line, then when you cross it, some of you will not notice too much differences and others a lot. After this you will notice that your visualizations and creations are more powerful and that they manifest faster into physical or material precipitations, just as magic. This will permit you to obtain results with healing and rejuvenation in preparation for the help that you will receive from the technology of the higher realms, such as the Light Chambers. The Secret Space Program, with its Alliances and organizations, which have broken away from Earth, also have a similar technology but although what you have heard about it seems miraculous, it is not as advanced as the healing technology we will bring to you from the higher realms.

The Time of Transition will bring the mentors who will connect with you by telepathic communication as well as, eventually, by means of what has been called ‘First Contact’ although more in the sense of an informal meeting than an official one as in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ movie. Disclosure about all that has been suppressed concerning the fact Earth is not alone in supporting sentient life, will eventually take place. Many methods of Reunion will be used including the creation of bodies at Will to make them possible. This, as we have said before, is a method that has been used in the Atlantean era for Initiators to carry out some interventions, and has been used by the Count of Saint Germain with the result that he acquired a reputation as ‘the man who never dies,’ only a few centuries ago after he frequented the French Court. So, this is another Broad Vision that I bring to you in this message so you understand what is happening.

The Victory won by this planet will be one for the Galaxy, as well as many galaxies, and you will cease to perceive a flow of time as you still do, with the frustrations that a lack of it causes. We are so close to a greater ease and existence in the bliss of a new Golden Age, in oneness and love, that I would like to urge you to persist with your visualizations and spiritual practices, to uplift yourselves into an atunement in the Light of your I Am Presence, as it is really important and raises your vibrations. Also remember your Archangel Michael, who will protect you and help you and cut you free with his Sword of Blue Flame so that you may be imbued with the great virtues of Christ consciousness, the doorway to the 5th dimension. I am André, your friend in service of the Great White Brotherhood for the manifestation of the Divine Will.

Christine: Thank you André for this message dictated yesterday on July 1st. This morning I have received a communication from Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s divine complement. She said that what was left of the Reptilian mafia on earth is now being removed and that we will be able to notice an improvement in the political affairs of the world from now on. A message previously received about the Mafia being abolished [published as a video] was concerning the galactic reptilian mafia, the one in space. She also said that all the nuclear missiles and armament have now been deactivated and are worthless. There were some left although this had been announced in the past few years. Some leaders of nations may however still be testing missiles because they have not understood the obvious that the Ufologists are aware of, the fact that the Powers of the Light, Extraterrestrials and our Galactic Family, have been busy deactivating these weapons because Heaven has decreed what is being prohibited. Archeia Faith also said that the beings who will create bodies to come among us will do so in ‘resurrection garments.’ We are being reminded that we should understand the miracle of Resurrection, as for instance, that of the Master Jesus which was misunderstood, as one from mentality and from a Dead Consciousness. This is what we are resurrecting from as we walk the Path of Ascension and this resurrection does lead to eternal life. The recovery of full consciousness is, and will be, a Resurrection! Food for thought! Love, Light and Namaste to all, Christine.

Channel: Christine Preston