Love is our new reality

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Andrew via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, November 2, 2020

Andrew via Galaxygirl | November 2, 2020

Andrew 11/2/2020


Hello dear friends, this is Andrew the Magdalene speaking. I am trying to think of the most apt way to describe this time, but I cannot, for this time of total planetary realignment has not happened in such a way before. During the Roman Empire there were pockets of chaos, while largely there were pockets of peace. We see little peace now from the higher realms as the governments are feeling the pressures of the higher dimensional energy rays that wait for no one. There will be no more waiting, this is the pressure squeeze that you are feeling now, beloveds. I do see peace within the hearts of those who chose it, and we Magdalenes highly recommend those who are reading and absorbing our loving energies to ground the peace deep within your own psyches and your own communities, and of course deeply into your planetary mother, Gaia. She will appreciate it and so will those around you. There will be massive chaos of change, but this is what is necessary to propel you further as a planetary body embracing the higher dimensions. I repeat, there will be massive changes. You will be safe and protected. Use common sense, don’t “tempt fate” and know that all is being divinely orchestrated down to the tiniest of details. However, the free will factor is always a wild card, and so wrap yourselves in light and create your energy shields for extra protection. There is no harm in doing this, we Magdalenes would do this frequently. We could bend the energies around our villages and create a gentle fog such that our enemies could not see us. We were elusive like your stories of Avalon, a gem hidden in the mist. From our perspective we see things are humming along quite nicely. The status quo has broken. Those who are uncomfortable with change are going to struggle, they will have choices of exit points or be forced a hard and fast change of their own personal advancement. This will be a year to remember for certain, although not one to be feared, but treasured. Your light quotients are increasing which increases your capacities to understand further the hidden mysteries of the higher dimensional lights. Higher dimensional energies are continually bombarding your energy fields now. Intend for them to comfort you. Intend for your healing to affect the whole.

I am your brother Andrew, the Magdalene. I am your spiritual brother, your friend. I am a guide to those who wish and I am deeply involved with the Magdalene energies from this side of the Veil. We were strongly involved with the anchoring of the Christ seed during Yeshua’s time and we have had the privilege and honor of watching this seed become deeply rooted. We see the Christ lights of you all who resonate lighting up the darkness. It is a joy to behold and a true honor to have been playing a part in this original seeding chapter. You are in the harvest chapter of this story. The seed has now come to harvest. The fruit is ripe and ready to eat. Good things are coming to humanity. Children, look away from the ones who would wish to rile you up and create discord. Inner peace will assist you with vibrating higher. Align with the Christed energies. The Christ light burns deeply and brightly within you. (I am seeing deep roots filled with light extending all over Gaia. I am seeing a tree of white light within Gaia filling her entire center). You are seeing the fruition of millions of prayers and lives devoted to the way of truth. You are seeing the inner energy workings of your planet. May I suggest that when you ground to your Mother Gaia, you envision roots of light from your feet to connect deep within this tree of Christed light. Become one with this energy Source, the ultimate source of love. Claim your divinity as the Christ-spark that you are. You are the beneficiaries of this time, this moment of total upheaval. Now is the time to shine brilliantly, to use caution and the deep internal wisdom of your heart. Listen to your heart. It will tell you what you need to hear. We are surrounding you now with the light of the Christed rays from this side. We offer you the cloak of the Magdalene. In it you will feel our prayers and tremendous support for you and your journey. You are not walking alone. Sandy footsteps are beside your own. We have walked many a mile together in form and in spirit. Now is a time of prudence and wisdom. Now is the time of the great gathering and harvest of light that is permeating your realm. Be not afraid of this change. Embrace it and be embraced fully by the light. Those that fully align with the light shall have a most satisfying journey through it. Those that align with the darkness shall struggle and seek their exit. We offer them our own compassion from our own trials with the darkness for we understand their misery. The light heals all things. (I am seeing an olive leaf branch). Now is the time for peace to fully anchor.

I am your brother Andrew, the Magdalene. Thank you for allowing me to come through and thank you for continuing to anchor the light. You are all mighty branches to this Christ-light tree that we have been showing this one. Our roots from our lifetimes of work and study are paying off and we are in awe of your efforts to continue to hold space for planetary cleansing and healing. Thank you for your time. I am available for consultation and as a monk, I am an excellent listener, which is why it is sometimes challenging for me to have the opportunity to say this much! (He is laughing). I am an aspect of the divine masculine. I balance the feminine with my own love and light. The divine masculine will rise. Men, it is time to rise without the aggression of past wounds resurfacing. There has been such aggression for so long upon this realm. We look forward to better days ahead for you to experience. The great rebalancing is nigh. Peace brothers and sisters. Peace in this storm. Remember how Yeshua walked on the waters. Walk on these waters of energetic chaos. Walk above them and pay them no mind. You are not rooted in this realm. You are not rooted in this world. Remember you are a part of the Christed light energies, that consist of unconditional love and divine spark. This is your reality. This is what you are bringing to harvest. This is your family tree. This is your home. Breathe in this comfort, become one with the Christed light. That is your main objective. All the other noise is passing away. Observe from the heart of this tree, firmly rooted, neutral, holding space and wisdom. You will not be shaken in this storm. You are not alone. This tree has millions of roots and branches. You are closely entertwined with in this giant organism of light, in close proximity to all of us, to your brothers and sisters of the light in body or out of body. It makes no difference. Truly. You are energy and light just as we are.

I am your brother Andrew, the Magdalene. My decades and lifetimes of quiet contemplation have not prepared me for what we are witnessing. The beauty of this story’s fulfillment is astounding. Source is such a mystery. To be connected to the ever expanding mysteries of infinite love and possibilities is such a tremendous honor and joy. When the Romans marched through and burned all that we could see, perhaps we felt as you feel. Everything changed in that moment for us. But those fires of misguided male domination created opportunity to further the light, and ultimately created even more fertile soil for the Christed light seed to be planted. (I am seeing green new growth after a fire). This moment is such a joy to behold. I am your brother Andrew. Peace. Again, thank you for listening to an old monk.

~ galaxygirl