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Andromeda of Venus via Galaxygirl, June 5, 2021

Andromeda of Venus via Galaxygirl | June 5, 2021

Andromeda of Venus 6/5/2021

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner light that burns brightly through whatever darkness may present itself. Darkness has been upon your realm for eons. We Venusians have been quietly shining our lights, our friendly energy signatures to our sister planet steadfastly. We had some internal skirmishes but that was long ago and we have easily ascended beyond them. It has not been so easy for you light workers, light bearers upon Gaia, for you are bearing the burden for many energetically and it has cost you in more ways than one.

I am Andromeda, water bearer of lights, keeper of the flame of the inner light of truth to those who seek it. I am currently embodied on Venus, your sister planet, from whom you could learn much, and you will. Venus is filled with love, with light. (I am seeing purple oceans with yellow skies. The air is crystal clear and has a zing in it, full of energy and vitality. It feels so good to be there. I am seeing a beautiful white marble structure with columns by the purple ocean on a cliff. There are winding steps with alabaster railings descending gently down the cliff. The sea spray is comforting, cooling but not cold. Beings here dress elegantly and have more Grecian like garb, white or lavender robes, flowing and shimmery. Metal and crystal brooches pin the robes at the shoulders. Everyone is tall and stunning.)

I am Andromeda of Venus. I am currently on Venus but I have had many sojourns, as have you, dear travelers of the many into the one. I am showing this one some of our council members. We meet and discuss those of our beloved families who are experiencing earth in its density towards its rising star form. Many of us have aspects upon your planet. You are not alone. You may come here to this place and recharge your energies when you slumber at night. We have many healing modalities here. It is a beautiful place. New Earth will also be one of exquisite beauty, but more blues and greens will be present while here is more a scenery of purples, pinks and yellows. All colors have healing frequencies within them and one can benefit from all. Nova Gaia will be blues and greens to represent the heart of the universe, and the opened third eye of the awakened human collective of one who has seen clearly through the mist and shadow. Shadows and mists will be vanished and vanquished from this realm of illusion and all will be brought into clarity of sight of the heart. The heart-sight is returning to Gaians and it is a glorious time indeed.

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner flame. I see clearly the amount of pain that separation has wrought upon your realm. Unity is returning. Unity of inner conflict resolved, unity with star brethren, unity with Creator and abundance for all will be experienced. You will find your way. Do not be dismayed by the news reports of lack, of internal strife. The dark ones are losing their grip. We Venusians send our light of internal healing, strength and internal fortitude. We are united in planetary and cosmic consciousness. Soon too will Gaia be united. The light bearers are bringing this cord of unbreakable truth to the realm where you are currently embodied and you are bringing it, grounding it from all of the places that you have traveled, from the higher dimensional travels that you have experience and from your planetary homes and kingdoms from the stars. We are truly a family of light and I wish for you to feel this connection with us. (I am seeing a beautiful woman dressed in a purple robe with draped fabric and golden brooches on the shoulders that are shaped in lotus blossoms with diamonds encrusted on them. She is lighting a white candle and singing. Her shining hair is piled high upon her head. She is lighting a single small white candle and handing it to me).

I am Andromeda. I send you this frequency of a light from a single candle. Place it within your heart space and illuminate your inner chamber so that you can see clearly. (We are in a cave of white walls with hieroglyphs and cave drawings, some are primitive, others are glowing light language letters depicted vertically, like columns of codes.) We are showing you your inner chambers. You have so much information to unpack and remember. This candle of illumination from Venus will assist in your guided rememberings. It is our gift to you. The cave drawings of your early experiences into density are all wrapped in light of the light language that surrounds. (I am seeing that the light language is embedded in the totality of the white cave walls and they are the structure coding of the cave itself. I am hearing the om tuning fork frequency and feeling that the cave is now an egg and I am in a healing chamber.) Yes, we are bringing up inner healing for all of humanity in this time. Those who read will ground and expand the inner lights of the others. (I am seeing single candles lighting other candles and there is no more darkness now, just a sea of light.) Your body is like this cave, galaxygirl. All hidden memories are within. Your bones remember. They are attuned to the healing frequencies of light that we offer this day. State, “I welcome and allow these codes of Venusian frequencies to further amplify and embody my ascending form into the crystalline matrices of eternal lights that fill me now. I am one with Source and myself. I am full and complete with this earthly sojourn into the lower realms and I deem my experiences wrapped with the violet flame of the highest dimensional lights. I extend healing to all around me and deep into the heart of Gaia. I am that I am. And so it is.”

I am Andromeda. (She is wiping away a tear from my eye and tucking a wisp of hair behind my ear.) Galaxygirl, what do you see? (I look into her purple eyes and I am seeing the galaxies, she is eternal, whole and complete.) So too are you eternal, whole and complete, dear ones reading. Feel the love extended to you in this moment of now. Feel your completeness of this earthly experience. Feel your wholeness of self. Claim your power and divinity and be healed. You are welcome to come to this place. I will meet you. (I look down and there is a small stream on the cave floor that is glowing with light, gurgling softly. I didn’t notice it before. My feet are wet, it is cool and refreshing to stand in.) You were not aware because it was not manifested. A small soothing stream is now flowing through this space, through Gaia’s inner heart as you extend your light to the many the more will flow. Water finds water. Light finds light. You will find what you seek, for it is already within you, the great mystery revealed.

I am Andromeda of Venus, keeper of the inner lights. The inner flame is now lit for humanity. I decree it is so. I am Andromeda, offering my love and service in this simple guided meditation this day. Claim this experience as real and it will be. I am Andromeda.

~ galaxygirl