Angels of the Womb of Gaia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, May 20, 2020

Angels of the Womb of Gaia via Galaxygirl | May 20, 2020


Angels of the Womb of Gaia 5/20/2020

Hello, dear humankind. Ascending ones, we see you from the womb of our mother. We monitor her frequencies. She is ascending quite rapidly. Many levels of realities already exist. We see many timelines shriveling into mist. We see the fog clearing for humanity as a new day dawns.

We are the Angels of the Womb of the Mother. We are preparing for her to give birth. We see the ring of fire as fully dilated. We see this as a necessary realignment for Gaia’s transformation. For her chakras are spinning so fast now, dear ones, as are yours. We see much interchange between the dimensions and realities. We see great fluidity of upcoming change. As a pregnant mother cannot hold back the final push, so too your planetary Mother Gaia cannot hold back any longer. This is the pregnant pause before the final contraction. We are her handmaidens of energetic and vibrational change. We offer our talents, our energies of balance, of love and of great support. This one has not talked with us before but we are reassuring that we play an active role in this now.

We are the Angels of the Womb of the Mother. The fire is cooled by the deep waters. The union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine is at hand. (I am seeing underwater volcanoes forming within the deep womb of the undersea beds. I am seeing steam from this expression of union).

We are the Angels of the Womb of the Mother. We see the lower chakras of humanity as holding the remaining vestiges of grief and pain, of trauma that has been continually and repetitively sustained over the eons of cycles of rebirth. We see it as a wise time to release from the lower chakras of humanity all of the pain and loss, all of the children lost, so that endless receiving of all good things can then begin to flow continually into your fields. The mother is joyful, expectant! So too should you be, human children, human warriors of the light. We see the great rising of humanity from homo sapiens to homo spiritus. We see this as imminent. For we are the angels of the inner womb of the hidden places of Gaia where all the cellular memories of pain and love, of rebirth and hopeful expectation are. Of course you are of the same substance as Gaia and so her release, her blessings are extended, with love, to you.

We surround the ring of fire of your planetary mother’s womb. We ignite the fire. We light the codes. We invite for you, oh wounded ones of the way, who continue to shine your light faithfully, relentlessly, with great love and purpose and fulfilling joy. You are our joy. You have been holding the light so that our work as midwives is balanced. We see imminent change energetically upon the ring of fire. Energetically this will be key for the shift. For as the darkness of loss is released through the lower planetary chakras the light blazes in full glory of newness of change.

We extend our hands, our wings to you. We surround you, with your permission, wing tip to wing tip. We ignite your chakras with newness of change, removing any stored pain of rape or incest or babies lost or labors gone wrong. We fill these memories with light now. There is yet more light in the womb of Gaia now. We have expanded it further. We send this light to the hearts and wombs of humanity, filling them with hope and promise of all good things to come. We see balance. We see divine union of flames reunited in blissful expectations completely met.

We are the Angles of the Womb of Gaia. We seldom speak for we balance the energies with our light, our love and our intentions. We surround your field with hope, with extreme joy of newness of rebirth. For you are all being reborn. You are all in process of the great transformation. As Gaia’s womb gives birth to Nova Gaia, so too shall you be completely, transformatively changed. Energetically you will be able to see clearly for the mist is receding / has receded. Your heart-mind is expanding rapidly. Your solar plexus where the old energies were stored is filled with further light of confidence and deep inner peace. We extend this light to the base of your core now to where the sexual energies mix and spin. We send our fire of purpose, of balance into the hidden places of you where traumas once resided, there is now only light. Light of promise, of change, of deep healing. Sexuality shall be cherished once again. There is no shame. The divinity of the healed masculine and the restored feminine is to be once more. We see paradise birthing as a beautiful garden in the hearts and wombs and hidden places of the Nova Gaians. We see peace. We send deep peace to your sexual organs imbuing them with healing, balance and safety. As the deep waters are penetrated by the volcanoes so too is there total peace.

We are the Angels of the Womb of Gaia. We realize this is perhaps a steamier message than one is used to receiving. But creation propagates. Such is the way of the balance and the perpetual desire for love in form expanding continually. The Creator is passionate. You see it all around you, as the animals, the creatures of all shapes and sizes mate, as they propagate their species, they are furthering their own genetic contribution with loving intention. Do not be ashamed. Your bodies are such gifts, dear ones.

We are the Angels of the Womb of Gaia. We offer you our support of balance of the sexual energies of rebirth. We fill your wombs, your minds, your hearts with light of the angelic octave. Our eyes are brimming with tears. We have awaited for so long, this moment of planetary rebirth. Feel our blessing of healing and please be at peace. Please know you are tremendously loved and are exceedingly safe. You are safe enough to have your sacral chakra realigned and in-line with Gaia’s. You will rise as one. We surround you in our light and love. Feel the wholeness of this energetic transmission and be at peace. Call to your twin and pull that energy of balance to you, and embrace the other part of you that you seek. In so doing you will always feel connected to your twin across time and space, or dimensional rift, for the balance of deep inner healing has been reached. Such a joyous time for humanity!

We are the Angels of the Womb of Gaia. You are such an important part of this cosmic dance of regeneration and rebirth. Thank you. Thank you. We see you, we honor you. Watch with us as we see the planetary birth of Nova Gaia in form. Peace. You are loved beyond measure.

~ galaxygirl