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Anna Von Reitz Update, March 22, 2016

Anna Von Reitz Update – March 22, 2016

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To Patriots, We The People, Concerned Americans, in all States of the Republic – The idea/s that we will restore our republic by: complaining to the corporation government (including Congress), or by filing lawsuits in the federal corporation courts as a PLAINTIFF or a DEFENDANT, or by armed occupation, or by becoming promise keepers, or by 2nd or 10th amendment and 3% organization membership, or by voting in a better president, representative, or political party, or by Constitutional Sheriff organization or by organizing grand juries and courts, etc, etc, etc…are but dreams at best and at worst, the failures of these activities cause severe depression and anxiety. Things (Problems) continue to get worse and worse and worse. Although these activities are seriously good intentioned and patriotic, they have not and are not working to solve “The Problem/s”.

It is time to face the sad reality that what has been tried by many patriots and we the people, individuals and organizations, to fix the US corporation government, “The Cause” has not worked. It is time to find “The Solution” to our problems that are caused by the federal corporation government.a, we must restore the land jurisdiction, common law, unincorporated county and state government. This is “The Solution”. In order for common law grand juries and courts to have any authority, they must be supported with unincorporated, common law, county government. From what I can see, this “Solution” has never been attempted on a country wide scale for over 150 years. Now is the time to establish common law, unincorporated county government that will actually begin the restoration of our Republic.The handbook “FROM DE FACTO TO DE JURE HANDBOOK FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE PEACEFUL SOVEREIGN STATES OF AMERICA” provides us with “The Solution” Please read the handbook, share it, educate your friends, neighbors, and community Begin organizing your county. We the people can govern ourselves! We the people can restore our republic!!! 

The handbook is available at the following address: