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“Answers” – Veritas Report, November 10th


“Answers” – Veritas Report – 11.10.1

Entry Submitted by Veritas at 10:56 AM EST on November 10, 2016


Thank you for such intelligent questions and your supportive remarks.

1. Was Trump always involved (puppet or otherwise) with the release of the RV funds, or is this a fresh Intel source (the staffer), that only came into play, today, due to Trump becoming President-elect?

ANSWER: Always involved. Selected for his ability to bring together many diverse groups, IMO. Everything is always thought out way ahead; months and years at times. The recent meeting, I suspect, is more like a coordination or ev.en a negotiation prior to release. That is what is usually involved when timing changes.

2. Of course it makes sense for Trump to push the release forwards, but I assume he would only do it when the American people will give him the credit for this. But that would not take place until after he is inaugurated on January 20, 2017, wouldn’t you think? Of course he knows about everything, but he really has no influence over the timing of this does he? ie He is just a BIG mouth, in this instance.

ANSWER: I hear that he will get credit even if it happens before–his influence as the incoming Administration perhaps. Getting credit has never been what it is about. It is orchestrating events to achieve the end result. Trump understands the bigger picture and supports it for various reasons. His role is useful. A mouthpiece, yes, and certainly not in total control, in cooperation would better describe it.

3. To your knowledge, is the ‘Paul Ryan/Gen. Joseph Dunford Jr.’ WWF tag team still the main US-based power, that is accepting orders from the higher powers, managing the GCR/RV/NESARA process on behalf of the United States?

ANSWER: Absolutely. They have been for a long time. True thanks go to the Grandfather, Elders and White Dragon family, expert programmers from BOC who have pulled off an entire new technology in banking software and cloud implementation, security, etc. Ryan and Dunford have a significant role, though I feel they are overly cautious on public response and promote that circle of repetition Yosef was referring to in his Election Lie post. Of course, I am a die hard fan of the New Republic and want to see it “out there” in full sight. I want my grandchildren to have the truth.

4. What about Obama, where does he now fit in to this structure, after there were several Intel providers informing us that Obama was delaying the release process on behalf of the dark cabal? No idea of course if this is reality. Has all his powers been fully removed at this stage of the game?

ANSWER: Who? If there is evil evident in any one person, he is at the top of that list. His power has been stripped long ago as a President. That makes it confusing, doesn’t it? Here you have Ryan/Dunford signing docs on behalf of America at the G20 instead of Obama yet Obama is holding up the release for us. What gives? Well, it is not about executive power now nearly so much as the process of negotiation on Obama’s part for himself, personally, and those that he represents. He is the black mail representative. He personally wants glory (by staying in office and completing the first black President term), money (absurd, never-ending requests to have control of enormous amounts of funding like a percentage off all releases, etc.), and safety (housing an political asylum in Dubai). Because his power was stripped, and under the direction of his puppet masters, Obama has used the Fed Reserve (old one) to thwart funds movement in the U.S. This is the gridlock. The tricky part is realizing that it is a decreasingly effective ploy. At some point Obama risks being forced out early if he causes things to go too far. He skirts this line now. So we stand in the shadow of his ego and the increasing power of the good guys to take away what he wants. Once we finally have our release, Reno becomes the center and greatly lessens his ability to influence. I don’t know it all, but I can tell you that his ability to stop this has been stated as decreasing and our chances of success in releasing as increasing. His power is fully removed when he leaves office. I do not believe that the release is going to wait until then. In fact, we stand in the doorway and will soon be discussing our project implementations. It is here.

Thanks to all that are interacting, particularly at this level and in this manner. We have so very much to be grateful for. If your attitude and behavior in the next 24 hours influenced your ability to participate, could you stay positive? Step up to calm and orderly preparation for the release. We should all commend Yosef and others like him who have maintained communication with us. You can’t imagine that role until you are in it. Thank you for all the support and remarks. Hug your kids today, would you? Or a homeless person? Give. It’s the future.


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