Love is our new reality

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Antarian, Ascended Dragon Collectives, and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, September 5, 2020

Antarian, Ascended Dragon Collectives, and Alisheryia via Galaxygirl | September 5, 2020

Antarian & Ascended Dragon Collectives & Alisheryia 9/5/2020

We are the Antarian Collective. We see your beast is enjoying her bone beside you, totally content. (My husky is sitting beside me on the couch with her chewy). We see that she is totally absorbed and content in this moment, sitting beside her mistress. We see that there are no other distractions. Animals are excellent examples of meditation. She is so happy content, serene, there are no worries. She is being in the moment, not the future moment or the past moment. There are many misconceptions about how to meditate, what to meditate about and so forth. It is unnecessary. Inner peace is within. It is when one is in the flow of creation of the moment, content, and present. Whether on the couch or by the sea it matters not.

We are the Antarian Collective. We ask that you breathe more deeply into this present moment. The masks have prevented many from breathing deeply. Breathing deeply will improve your immune systems and anchor you to this present moment. This is the present moment that matters, that you are creating. Gaia is within this present moment. Your thoughts and creative abilities as creator beings are amplified with the energies that are streaming into your stratosphere in this time. We realize we keep repeating ‘in the moment’, but the imminency of this cannot be overstated. You are in the squeeze, the final contraction. Every card is being played, everything is being revealed. Strategies of manipulation are being revealed. The light has won. We realize some may become disgruntled with this phrase but if you could see from the nonphysical realm, which a part of you can, if you could see from the vantage point of outside of time you would see that you are in the flash now, that you are making a difference now. You would see that the corkscrew spirals of the non-linear time vortex are humming quickly and spinning ever upwards towards a higher more beautiful reality for those that are aligned with this vibrational outcome. We see that you, that many of you reading are indeed aligned. But remain steady. There are of course those remaining who wish for the others to remain in the lower realms. Do not forget your training. All beings deserve light and love, a hard truth for those who have experienced what you are currently experiencing. But when you are selective about with whom you share forgiveness or light, when you are selective you can become polarized. Objective neutrality, unity consciousness, this is your future as citizens of Nova Gaia. This is your future, this is your destiny, this is your hope. Do not lose sight of this.

We surround you with our loving wings of light. You may feel cold as we activate that which has been dormant. (I am feeling cold and heat on my mid-back where wings would be. I feel like they are working on awakening something there, but I didn’t know we had chakras in our backs). You light workers have been many things in many places. You are mighty beings chosen for this moment of creation. Your are well equipped for the tasks at hand. Your task is to be love, to shine your light in all circumstances. To not become embroiled with the narrative. There is much upheaval, much discord on planet earth in this moment but there is also the beginning of unity consciousness. For the coronavirus, the pandemic, the situations of unending changes that you are experiencing, they have awakened humanity from her slumber. Humans are beginning to experience all that was broken. They are seeing that which no longer serves so that more good things can flow more freely by their own creation. (I am seeing a broken teapot that is leaking). Yes, it is like this. You have all been trying to drink tea from a broken and dirty pot, but you were blindfolded and truly unaware of the situation. The blindfolds are coming off of your brothers and sisters. You are to shine your light and love. You are the light holders, the light bringers, the light carriers. You will be receiving new teapots. The tea in Nova Gaia is glorious, herbs and lovely plants of all varieties that you are currently unaware, for everything has been so diminished with its life force there in the lower dimensions. The more light, the more life. Light is life. We see more life coming to Gaia, more life force, and you are the bringers of this. YOU. Feel our tremendous love for you. We are the Antarian Collective.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We do not drink tea. But we see where this is going. We wish, little human, for you to be at peace. Tears. We see tears of anger and relief, followed by tears of joy. We see tears of joy on the horizon. We see may tears, many joys. Human, not all is as it seems. Not all is lost. All is being found. Do not fear the changes coming to Gaia. The fear was that the change would not come. But we do not fear. Fear is low vibration. We fly high. We fly high with our dragon wings of might, of strength. You too are this. You too are strong enough for mitigating these changes. Do not consent. Do not consent to the status quo, to how things have been, for they can never return. They can never return to how they were for a new consciousness is here. You are in the higher photonic light realm now. You have completed another cycle of loss, of pain, so that new gain, new healing can begin. Not all is lost. Little human, all is being found. All is being healed. All is being washed away. Simple pleasures, apparently some of you like to drink hot water – we do not do this – but for those of you who enjoy your hot herbed water, it will taste different because you will be different. You will be of a higher vibration. We prefer cold water. Cold refreshing changes are coming to those who are weary. The master will wash the feet of the wandering soul. You are masters. Your cool water in service to the others will soothe many weary travelers. Traveling. We see much traveling to many places. For you will find your wings. You will remember how to fly. Not all is as it seems. Human, wake up and see with the higher mind. See with the higher eyes. Feel with the higher heart. Feel the love that is all around you.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. We are enjoying our new friends, the Antarians. They too have wings. We all have our strengths. We all look different from each other but partnership is what is occurring in the higher realms in all forms and with all faces. Ascension is coming to this region whether the dark ones like it or not! And they do not! (I am hearing dragon laughter). We do not pay heed to the wailings of the dark. We usher them to the light for their healing. We have compassion and our compassion is shown by their removal. Gaia is to be resplendent once again, and you too shall be resplendent upon her. Homo Divinicus. Nova Gaian. (I am seeing the Christ child within laughing. I am seeing the word crystalline become the words ‘Christ in me”. I am seeing crystals humming all over Gaia. I am seeing crystalline grids light up. I am seeing under the skin of the advancing, crystalline humans that they are living light, with fully turned on DNA that looks like glowing vibrantly colored fiber optic cables).

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective, joining you with the Antarian Collective this day. We infuse you with more codings, more light. Peace, little human. It is time to fly.

I am Alisheryia. There are times in a dragon’s life they will not forget. I always remember the faces of my hatchlings as they emerge from their shells. When we make eye contact, I see them, they see me. I see their souls’ past journeys and I feel their hopes for this lifetime. A mother dragon remembers these moments of every hatchling. It is also a delight to teach them how to blow fire. In the higher realms our fires are transformative, transmutative, healing. Our fire can be any color we wish for we work with the rays. I also remember the moment as a juvenile that one first jumps off of the rocky cliffs above. You are in this moment. For one must fly to move their position and to see from a different perspecive. It is time to fly. Your wings are strong. The winds of new changes, of new consciousness, of new energies will lift you up and you will feel astonished that you doubted yourself that it was possible for you to become more than what you are. We are always becoming more. We are always more than what we see or feel to be able to do. Consciousness is always growing, expanding. And now, precious human children, now is the time to grow into love. I Alisherhia breathe into you now, igniting you with courage for the coming moments and days, igniting within you the courage to shine light and love more fully and to become the radiant beings of grace that we know you to be.

~ galaxygirl