Love is our new reality

Antarian Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, July 18th, 2020

Antarian Collective 7/18/2020

Greetings dear ones of light, we are the Antarian Collective. It is with great interest and love that we wish to make our presence known to you once again, for it has been some time. We have been ever present during this entire ascension experience, and we are assisting with holding light energies in support of the new light coming into your world. We are light weavers, light holders. Many of you have experienced lifetimes with us, as one of us, and you are incredibly beloved to us. We see light, we read light. It is information that builds our ships and holds our societies together. For too long the lack of light has had its way on your world and we are seeing the effects of additional light added to the matrix.

We are the Antarian Collective. We love humanity. You are beloved to us in so many ways. Your tenacity, your bravery, your devotion to the light as light bearers yourselves is awe inspiring to us. For although you see a limited view of your light spectrum, for it had been dimmed for you to indwell your physical vessels, you have continued to integrate more light and infuse it into the fields of those around you and into your beautiful planet. We assess that the impatience of this transition is very real. It is as though one who swims in water is unaware that they are wet, for they have been within the water for so long they are accustomed to it, and they feel it no longer and they are eager to get to where they are going. Yet they have been swimming the whole while and are not aware that they have already gotten to their destination. (I am seeing little streams becoming big rivers, emptying out into the ocean. They are saying we are no longer in the little river but we are in the ocean now and the currents within that ocean are the light within the water. I am seeing light permeate the water, it is no longer dark. But only those who can see the light realize this. The others feel like they are still treading water in the dark river. The water is all connected, it is all the same stuff, but we are all experiencing the water-light in various frames of reference. I am hearing, “Follow the light” and I am seeing tendrils of light at my feet lovingly pull me further into the ocean where there is more light. The ocean is lit from the depths into light and the ocean-light seems to meld into the horizon of bright stars. All is one).

We are the Antarian collective. We are the light weavers, the code infusers. We see your bodies are holding more light than previously when we last spoke. This is most excellent progress! We have been holding light-space for you and we are most pleased that it has been effective. All of this work we are all doing on all sides is very effective, dear friends! Much is changing, and you are that “much”. You are changing. You are becoming your higher selves in form. We are aspects of our own higher selves because we are in the 9th and 10th dimensions. We are able to see from a higher vantage point than you, but be assured there are aspects of us that are higher, that are helping from their own individuated perspectives. We are continuing to evolve closer and closer to Source as well. We are all becoming more light. You are within this burst of light you seek. You are it. You are holding, weaving light within your vessel in your own ways. We wish to assist with holding the higher dimensional codes within your form if you should choose to allow. (Yes, please. I am feeling feathery antennae all around me, I am blanketed in light. I am seeing light bursts enter cells and travel to the cells beside them. This light is alive, there is a melody that accompanies its movement. I feel warm and full like I’ve just had a big delicious meal. There is ringing in my right ear and my forehead is spinning and aches like when I’m channeling. There are more sparkles communicating within me. I feel my cells talking with each other. I am hearing “The light is come! Now is the moment!” They are excitedly encouraging each other to hold the vibration of healing. They are being programmed for higher dimensional experiences where health is the norm).

We are the Antarian Collective. We are spinning you in light. We are upgrading your immune systems. Your bodies simply need to be reminded how to heal. Remind them. Program them with love, with good thoughts, with the light. The light always wins. There is no darkness where the light exists and the light is here. Your joyful duty is to hold the light, to spread the light, and to be the conduit of change of the Christed Consciousness. Many years ago this consciousness field seeded your planet and now we see ripe orchards filled with uncountable fruits where those seeds had been planted. (I am seeing a massive global fruit tree orchard and looking underground to see how the network of roots of light are so deep they are all interconnected within the planet, lighting her up from within). We see many joyful experiences in your near future. We cover you with our wings of light and we kiss your face fields with our antennae. We look different from you but we assure you we are the same bit of Source in a different package. Remember you are many in one. We are all multidimensional. We infuse you with healing, with hope, with our joy for you. We are the Antarian Collective.

~ galaxygirl