Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabrial via Marlene Swetlishoff, January 7th

January 7, 2016

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as immortality. Most people in today’s world are aware and believe that one’s soul is immortal and eternal. In these current times there is a growing earnest desire amongst humanity to live a longer, healthier and more prosperous life in a unity of spirit and matter. Many people are now creating a new wave of consciousness that sees greater possibilities for a longer and more perfect physical life. There is a growing conviction that a physical body can be retained as long as one’s divine essence desires its use. They are becoming aware that they can change their experience of life and the extension of it by creating the changes within themselves. They know that they have the power to create whatever they desire. They know that it all depends on their personal choices, their present level of consciousness and the actions that they take. As they become aware of and are opening to this exciting possibility, their physical body begins to reflect this desired outcome by gradually evolving itself through a series of ongoing physical transformations. These transformations further refine the body so that it can readily embrace its more sentient spiritual essence. One’s aim is to reconstruct the physical body first by cleansing it of old toxins and elements in order to be able to successfully receive new and more refined elements of a higher nature. 

All processes of physical change in one’s body begin on the spiritual level.
Physical immortality is the essential legacy of life that prevails in one’s spiritual nature. The philosophy of physical immortality permits love and divine energy to express more fully through one’s personality. This impetus to ever renewing form has always been operating in one’s system. It has only required the attention, knowledge and awareness of each individual in order to begin the self responsible implementation of the practices that work in unison with their divine self. These practices when performed over time initiate the transformation of their physical body into a more healthy and youthful physical form. Through the implementation of simple spiritual purification practices such as eating a more natural and raw diet, doing conscious energy breathing and the exercises that keep the physical body flexible and supple, these become part of their normal daily routine. The creation of a peaceful environment with harmonious and loving relationships with others is also one of the basic requirements of mastering immortality within the human form, as well as the daily practice of going within in stillness, contemplation, prayer and meditation.

Humanity and the Earth are entering into the next phase of their personal journey into union with the divine. One’s physical body is constantly and continually changing its elements in accordance with the condition of one’s mind. One’s thoughts and beliefs manifest themselves in one’s physical reality. Taking charge of the quality of one’s thoughts of eternal life eventually produces body mastery and the extension of physical life. Clearing one’s mind every day to raise the quality of their thoughts and feelings by focusing on the purity and holiness of the Creator is most helpful. This activity fosters a belief in the possibility of everlasting life and requires a following through on one’s actions to do their part in the process to gradually bring about physical immortality. They come to the understanding that their divine essence wants to keep a physical body that can be continuously used and refined until spirit and matter become unified as a perfect whole. By attaining wholeness, one experiences more harmony, peace, wisdom, prosperity and greater longevity in their physical vehicle. 

Everlasting life has no value or joy without loving relationships. Love is the secret of eternal life. Choosing physical immortality involves building a complete philosophy of life from the physical immortality perspective. Such thoughts moves one in the right direction, but they must produce the right actions to create results. In this evolving process, all resistance to union with the divine is cleansed from the physical body. This cleansing is known as the process of the ‘christing’ or refining of the flesh in a alchemical marriage of body and spirit that is consummated through harmonious integration with one’s divine essence. Every cell of one’s body is renewed and restored in harmony with one’s divine essence. When one has removed all resistance to giving and receiving from their minds, hearts, and bodies then the treasures of true union begins to be experienced in every situation. 

Each day one is travelling upon the high path of divine life. Each stage along their journey is experienced at a deeper, more creative and more expansive level. Their triumph of life is victorious as complete union with the divine occurs and all dualities and illusions vanish from their personal experience. One abides in the eternal joy of radiant truth and wisdom knowing that this union is about personal choice and change that is in harmony with one’s unique and authentic will. One becomes aware that the divine knows all one’s needs before they even ask, but the universal law of free will requires that they ask. Through the immortal transformation of matter, they become a co-creator with the divine. Their way of life is filled with love, goodness, beauty and truth. Through their ongoing persistence and dedication to the light of the divine within them, they have anchored heaven on Earth.

May your interaction and union with the divine within you create illuminating change, wonderful synchronicities and an ever expansive and deepening experience of individual liberty.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

2009-2016 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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