Love is our new reality

Archangel Gabriel via Genoveva Coyle, March 3, 2019


You have remembered that excitement, that adventurous spirit of your sweet selves, that spark of the original budding you. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Gabrielle, Trumpet of the Truth, Lily of Love, your sister, your family and so much more.

I come here today, as I come every day, to beam the love, to bring the joy, and to anchor it more deeply into your hearts. I come to remind you of who you are…innate love beings, daughters and sons of the Mother/Father /One. You are God’s children, dearest hearts, but not in the sense of being immature or vulnerable in the ways of the old world and paradigm. Have you, in fact, recovered and rediscovered that innocence and that purity of a child? Oh yes you have, but at the same time, you have remembered that excitement, that adventurous spirit of your sweet selves, that spark of the original budding you.

You have reignited the intensity of the emergent life, and that loving and unique intent that was placed by the Mother directly into your souls, just before you had emerged into that individuated you. You had an extraordinary passion for living a sacred life, full of purpose and beauty, full of the uncontainable desire to experience, to be the love, and to give, to offer, and to share with everyone that gift which only you can give.

You knew how special and unique you were. You wanted to bestow your gifts on everyone, knowing that you are a gift unto yourself, giving the golden and pure gift that you are, without any reservation or fears, and knowing that you are open and quite willing to receive, in awe and admiration, the offerings of your beloved brothers and sisters, all flowing in perfect and divine balance.

All the work that you have done has had the effect of polishing and allowing that new, but in fact, the original you, to emerge and break through the hardness, through the maze, the entanglement, and the harshness of the old paradigm. And not as a vulnerable and weak New You – a newly created child – but as a pure sparkling wise New You fully anchored into your divine knowing, and connected, in heart, strongly, fully, and permanently with your I AM Presence and with the Source, the All that there is.

Is there still need for tender care, nurturing, and protection? Yes, dear hearts! But not from outsiders or from intruders. No, those by definition have much lower vibrations that will be no match for your extremely high energy and vibration. It is absolutely impossible for you to be harmed in any way because your love and energy can and will create the most perfect shield there is.

But when we talk about sheltering this beautiful and excited, full of energy, and rambunctious New You, we talk of protecting you from the old, from you inadvertently slipping into the previous paths of suffering and limitation, by returning to the previous patterns of placing others first while neglecting yourselves, your journeys and your sacred purpose. Let’s not go back into the drama of the old.

I am with you, dearest hearts, blowing bubbles of love and joy, paving the golden path in front of you all!

I will leave you now with my love and gratitude for your commitment and service. Farewell.

By permission.

© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.