Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabriel via Genoveva Coyle, September 29t, 2017

You are bringing joy and hope to the ones that can’t see the light any longer

Greetings my bright ones! I am Archangel Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel and Lily of Love, Trumpet of the Truth, bringer and announcer of the news, in service to the Mother and to you all.

Yes, I am using the term bright and sparkling ones, because you are that in every sense of the word…you are be-dazzling. The light and love shines through you and you are indeed lighting up the world and opening others hearts with your kindness and compassion. You are bringing joy and hope to the ones that can’t see the light any longer and believe there is nothing else left to this life of changes and turmoil but pain and suffering.

You are bringing peace and reassurance everywhere you go.

It can get pretty dark out there whenever the sun is covered by the dense clouds, by the sand storm or by the tornados, and similarly by the negative energies swirling around everybody in the 3D world.

But everyone can see you and they can feel your strength and your confident demeanor, and feel attracted to thee, for this is what you are intending to do…to be of service to the ones that desperately need your warm embrace and love.

When you do speak, you are asking to have your higher self deliver to them only the truths and the information that will be easily grasped and understood. In your humble approach to any situation and in the understanding that you are a vessel for the Divine Will and love, you bring serenity and clarity in every interaction with others and in every relationship.

Of course, you do understand that you are not a passive vessel and channel, you are the indwelling spirit. Most of you have achieved that stage when your spirit works through and with you in your physical form. No, you do not have to get out of the way, you just intend and are willing, and you are consciously being and doing only that which is of the truth and love.

Since you have declared it as such, even when some of your doings are not completely of love and truth, then you are being shown clearly that there are some conditions you have set and that there are some hidden fears behind the actions you have taken. Now you are more than willing to remove them and to change your course of action. And that is admirable and is extremely honoring to the magnificent you that had placed his/hers trust in you.

You have said, “No more excuses and no more hiding in the shadows behind your fears and doubts!”

You are willing to be seen as you are. You are willing to take responsibility for the human mistakes and/or misunderstandings you have made. You are willing to let go of everything that is not pure love. You are willing to regain your freedom, no matter what.

As a result, there is more peace around you, there is more love and energy that you can spend in creation of the new and in assisting the ones in need. Your children feel more at peace around you and as you already have noticed they seem to throw fewer “tantrums”  of disagreement. In the past in their innocence and love for you, they were trying to bring to your attention the inconsistencies of your human teachings, to show you that it is scary to fall farther and farther from their heart, truth, and love. They were quite uneasy closing and shutting off their soul’s voice, while following the world of pretense that all is fine and dandy. As you know the children can spot the big as well as the small lies and even the white ones before you are finished talking.

They are SO proud of you now, they feel SO safe with thee, for they can see the support and light in their own home, so they can make some sense of the chaos present in the world, while getting ready and more confident in their abilities to bring in the even bigger changes and restructuring of the Nova Earth. As you already know, your family and children are your true and best spiritual work, the fastest and the most rewarding way to come back home to the purest love there is.

And yes, you are bright and smart, you have been tapping continuously into your knowing and into the universal wisdom. You can see the truth and the lesson in every meeting you have, for whomsoever comes to you is bringing you a message of love.

Some, and let me announce it loud and clear, in fact most of them are showing you your magnificence and brilliance, because this is who you really are. Yes indeed, this is the result of your diligence in being awake and aware, and being truthful to yourselves, and so, you have been able to bring most of your higher selves aspects into your physical form.

Some people, and there are less and less of those, are showing you the debris of core issues that need to be cleared and removed from your cellular memories. Even the ones that are not challenging you in any way, even they have a message for you…so you can let go of boredom and complacency and instead choose to fill your every moment with joy and laughter.

You have been extremely mindful and receptive of the gentle way of introduction to your multidimensional self, and you have been embracing happily the workings within and with so many different levels of Self. You find yourself directing the astral body, shielding and protecting it, while working with your emotional and mental ones to convey the right answer through your physical form to the ones in front of you.

At the same time you can be with another aspect of self, assisting “briefly” a loved one with mundane issues and questions, or setting boundaries and shielding your precious children when in need, and being present with distant relatives, friends or clients. Concomitantly, you are very much aware of and in our presence, love and guidance.

This is only the beginning of an exhilarating journey, a journey that you have designed yourselves for yourselves so beautifully.

Congratulations my beautiful, bright and brave brothers and sisters! Be proud in your humbleness. Be joyful and playful. Be the love that you are!

I will leave you now with my most effervescent and uplifting bubbles of joyful and abundant love!

Until next time, farewell.


» Source – Channel: Genoveva Coyle