Love is our new reality

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Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Swetlishoff, September 24

Archangel Gabriel

Channel: Marlene Swetlishoff

September 24, 2015


Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the quality of love known as reverence. This quality manifests as a deep appreciation for the splendour and beauty of the world around one. It is also an inner longing to connect to something greater than oneself. It is a quality of the heart that leads one to look for the good in all things. The feeling of reverence gives voice to one’s desire for a connection to the divine, to find fulfillment beyond oneself in the mystery of life and the sacredness of all things.Embodying this quality brings one closer to other people and to the world around them. It is the experience of transcending oneself and opening to something greater. It is feeling a sense of wonder that the beauty and glory that they experience in the world was brought forth from the Creator for their sheer enjoyment of it. These feelings are sacred moments which encompass a disposition of the heart that acknowledges the beauty, goodness and wonder of every creation. It fills their heart with praise and gratitude to the Creator for the beauty, the wonder, and the mystery of creation. They celebrate the Creator as the source and foundation of all things, seen, unseen and felt.  

Reverence is experienced as awe and amazement at the vastness of silence when one gazes up at the night sky which is filled with the sparkle of worlds without end.  It is a deep appreciation of the expansiveness of the gift that is freely bestowed, bringing a sense of oneness within each soul. It is a natural response to the marvels of divine creation. Reverence is the movement within one’s heart that comes through hearing a piece of music or a song, through a work of art or writing, through the birth of a child, or through contemplating and simply feeling the exquisite beauty in the composition of all things great and small. Reverence felt within one’s heart is a force which draws their focus inward and fortifies and invigorates their soul. They acknowledge this life force within them by holding reverence and respect for self and others in all ways. They hold reverence and respect for the Earth and all of her creations by using the gifts of Earth’s intelligence, creativity and loving compassion in replenishing ways that restore, sustain, and regenerate all life. 

Reverence is the sacred cup that holds the nourishment of wonder, wholeness and a celebration of life. Living a reverent life is fuelled by a compassionate heart and generous spirit. It is a life that embraces the qualities of joy, peace, hope and beauty. When one values their life in a heartfelt way, they find a way to generously value others in order to enhance the well being and ecology of Earth, all of nature and humanity. They treat everyone and everything with respect, courtesy, gratitude, and reverence. As a steward of the Earth they have reverence for their partnership with nature. They feel loving compassion for the Earth as the source and foundation of their human life experience, as their home, their security, their peace, their past, present and future. They appreciate and value nature’s vast diversity of resources and its inherent beauty and do everything in their power to protect all life. They see the world through a lens of what is meaningful and what is beautiful and revere the spirit of beauty that is all around them at all times.

They are kind to nature and endeavor to enhance and sustain forests, oceans, fresh water systems and fragile ecosystems for future generations. They see their planet as a sacred sanctuary in the universe, one that is filled with diversity and abundance for all life upon it. When they are in the midst of nature, they feel it as sacred, to be revered and preserved in all its intricate and fragile beauty. They connect to the universe with love, humility, reverence, celebration and a search for deeper understanding of their place in it. They have a sense of enchantment with the world, and feel that life on Earth is special and is the natural and divinely intended state of humanity. 

When people recognize the sacred in all things and focus their attention on seeing the divine in everything, their spirit lives from a place of reverence for all that exists. Reverence embraces many of the positive spiritual qualities and values about life that people aspire to in their heart of hearts. It awakens them to the divine presence in all things and brings purpose and meaning to their life. By developing their inner life, they grow in wisdom and love and have a deep reverence for the divine. They find themselves moved to express gratitude and experience moments of spontaneous worship in communion with the divine. They are more aware and involved with the world around them and naturally affect others around them and the world itself in more life affirming and enhancing ways.

May you revere the divine in yourselves and others and trust that in all things love is the answer and always prevails. 

I AM Archangel Gabriel

2009-2015 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace

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