Archangel Gabriel via Genoveva Coyle, November 29th, 2018


There is balance within the balance, and many levels within your selves where you need to keep your awareness sharp, and then shift into the highest and most joyful balance you are capable of.  Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest hearts! I AM Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Archangel, and Lily of Love, Messenger of the One, Bringer of the news and joy to all of you! I come today to speak to you about this issue of maintaining your peaceful and joyful balance, and to tell you what this really implies.

Many times you find yourselves stretched too much in every direction, whether known or unknown to you, in attempts to assist everyone you meet on your path. And you accept it all and jump in, in the belief that this is somehow accelerating your process of learning and/or solidifying your ascended position.

What you need to understand is that your journeys and missions are constantly changing and evolving, and at the same time you need to remain stable and sturdy in your stance and power. The more you expand into your beingness, by bringing more of who you are into this physical vessel, the wider and bigger your energy fields become and therefore so does your awareness regarding the energies and intentions of others.

And we are not talking about just a linear and superficial expansion of your fields, we are also talking of the deepened understanding of the truth of where are others coming from, including seeing real intention to harm by intruding and invading the sacred space of the innocent ones.

But, just because now you can sense farther away from your centers into other beings’ energy fields, that doesn’t mean that you have to intervene right away, nor to sit too long with all of your might in that space beyond yourselves, away from your homes and centers. To do so, beloved friends is not of balance, and the decisions you make might be quite skewed and not always for the greatest good.

There are times when you need to stay put and do nothing but just observe and allow others the space for proper processing and learning. And there are times when you are to actively assist by intervening and clearing their fields, posting ‘no trespassing’ signs, or sending loving energy and support to those in need, including the ones that have forgotten the ways of love.

This is done properly and most effectively from the comfort of your heart centers and not from that part of yourselves that has bi-located to be in close proximity to the ones in need of assistance. It is imperative that you bring yourselves and your focus to your homes, to your hearts and power centers, so you can access the wisdom, the true knowing that resides within your hearts, and then choose the type of action that is for the highest good of all concerned.

All of you here have, if not earthly close families…children, parents, and partners…then lots of your soul families that are coming and gathering together with you at a faster and faster pace. And part of your job is to assist them – for you have promised to do so – by transmuting the disturbing energies around them and then uplifting them, mostly energetically, until they become more aware and cognizant of this process and can then do it for themselves.

Be assured that this is not taking their lessons away, that this is only a temporary service on your part, just as we offered service in love to you until you became more aware and strong enough to fend for yourselves.

We wish that you would recognize and see this as an upgrade, and as an honor and great achievement in your mastery, sensing how much your own legions, entrusted to you, are being expanded. As you know already, it comes with greater and greater responsibilities! First, to your dear selves, dear ones, for you are required to maintain your clarity, integrity and intact boundaries so you may hold on constantly to the highest vibration possible.

This might be looked at in a similar way with your inter-dimensional travels. I know how much you love to explore and sometimes wander at length into those different dimensional parts of yourselves, and this is a great and recommended daily exercise. But, you do need to bring yourselves back along with the essence of love that you had found while day-dreaming and searching within yourselves.

Everything you find has tremendous value for your soul expansion and enrichment, but there is no need to stay scattered “away” for too long. All has to be brought back into your heart centers, so it can be sorted, filed, and then utilized appropriately when the right time arrives.

As you see, there is balance within the balance, and there are many levels and spaces within your magnificent selves where you need to keep your awareness sharp, ready to take action, and then, gracefully, to shift into the highest and most joyful balance you are capable for. Never settle for the old ones dearest ones!

I am with you in love and joy! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.