Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel, August 21st

Shanta Gabriel ~ AA Gabriel ~ Bask in the wonder of life — go deep, soar high, follow your love, and the joy of fulfillment is yours.

Dear One,

Life is a special gift from God, filled with infinite beauty. Your appreciation and gratitude for this beauty brings forth a new dimension of love within you. Take the time to pursue beauty. Find one flower and look with wondrous eyes upon this divine miracle. Notice the grace of a tree, the strength of its trunk, the power of the root system diving deep into the ground, and the play of the leaves in the sunlight. Put your arms around a tree and take a moment to sense the life force pulsing inside. This slow, steady pulse will soothe and calm you in times of upset. Try sitting with your back against a tree and feel the peace grow within you. Listen to the songs of birds. They sing for the pure joy of it. This is nature in all its glory, and nature will always remind you of the beauty and wonder of Spirit.

Nature is one of the easiest ways to bask in the wonder of life. Just being aware of the miraculous occurrences in nature will stir the life force within you. There will be a reminder of times when you were a child and wonder lived at the forefront of your awareness. When you do this, your life takes on new meaning, a spacious quality of Grace.

Go deep within the feelings that connect you with Spirit. Be aware that you are a child of a benevolent Universe. Know that you are guided and protected by the Angels, and that who you are has great value to the world.

Soar high, and experience the incredible possibilities available to you at every moment. Anything is possible. Miracles are the natural state of being in the universe. Do not limit yourself by thinking you can’t do what is important to you. Take the time to let your guardian Angel show you how you can accomplish all your dreams. In your meditation, ask for this. You deserve to have that which makes you happy in your life.

Life is not meant to be a painful struggle without hope. Allowing new possibilities to play on the perimeters of your consciousness will begin the process of opening to full miracles. It is a process of allowing. It takes willingness to have your life be happier and more satisfying, even if you don’t know how to do it. This willingness allows the forces of the universe to work for you. Allow yourself to open to miracles and to wondrous joy and gratitude for all that is available to you right now. Call on your Angelic presence to open the way to the miracles you deserve.

That is why we say:

Bask in the wonder of life — go deep, soar high, follow your love, and the joy of fulfillment will be yours.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
August 21, 2016


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