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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young, February 21st, 2018

Archangel Gabriel ~ Judgement and Observation

By Shelley Young

Judgment is looking at something with a focus towards what is wrong with it and using that assessment to perpetuate separation. Observation is looking at something and seeing it as an opportunity for your own expansion while staying in a place of connection.

Judgment is an act of resistance or rejection, while observation is an act of inclusion and acceptance. As judgment is the precursor to separation, many human beings will go out of their way to avoid judgment, often denying themselves their own preferences in order to please others.

Dear Ones, if someone is judging you, the fact that they are judging you tells you they are not qualified to do so. They do not know your soul’s agenda, your path, your purpose, or the bigger picture of what you are wishing to experience. All they know is that whatever they are judging about you would not be their individual preference.

Beings that have the ability to see the entire picture of you and your soul’s journey, would not have any interest in judging you at all. They would only see your divine perfection exactly as you are, and would be operating from a place of complete acceptance and unconditional love. So to be clear, the only beings who would be qualified to judge you would have no interest to do so at all.

Judgment is a practice that perpetuates itself. You fear judgment so you are on high alert for judgment from others. This will only keep you in a cycle that is contrary to what your soul is truly seeking – inclusion, acceptance, and unconditional love.

So we urge you to start to shift that old habit. Can you simply observe others and honour them as being masters in their own right, regardless of where they are on their individual paths? Can you use your observation as an informational tool to further define and grow yourself, rather than as a means of making others wrong? Can you expand into the idea that other’s struggles can be service to you if you can learn from their experiences?

Can you love and include people even if they are making choices you would not make? Can you trust that they have their own team of guides and helpers that are there to assist and guide them? Can you step back from telling people what to do and trying to fix and control them into being a loving support that is always there for them should they reach out for your help and advice in a way that is safe, accepting, and empowering?

Can you break out of the habit of judging yourself and finally let yourself off the hook for what you consider to be your mistakes and simply and lovingly appreciate the gifts that came from the experiences you had to further help you define yourself? Can you give yourself, and others, the very essence of what you are all yearning for – the safety of acceptance however you choose to express yourself that matches what your soul wishes to experience?

Be easy with yourselves, Dear Ones, and be easy with others, for you are all doing the best that you can at any given moment, and you are all glorious, magnificent souls wherever you of are on your journey.

Surrender and acceptance allow you to both untether yourself from what is holding you back and stay open to receiving what supports you and best matches who you are. They work together beautifully to keep you out of resistance and in flow, which is the fastest way to move forward with the greatest amount of help and comfort possible.

While they may seem simplistic, we urge you to not underestimate the ability of these two powerful aspects to lead and transform your life experience in the most empowering ways. The best way to fully comprehend what these elements can do for you, Dear Ones, is to consciously start to experiment with them and feel the magic for yourselves. You can’t turn a concept into a reality if you don’t give it a fair try. 

~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young